True Happiness

Heaven and Hell Within
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SukhRam lived in a far away village with his family. He used to make items of pottery from clay and sell them for his bread and butter. He was a very good artist of clay and the pieces of pottery made by him were much appreciated in the nearby regions as he made some special artistic designs on his pieces of pottery. With the passage of time, his art even got better and so did his income as the pieces of pottery made by him had now started going to other villages and nearby places also.

One day while SukhRam was making items of pottery, a visitor came to meet him. SukhRam greeted him, served him tea and asked the reason for his visit. The visitor told SukhRam that he was a press reporter from a big city and he had come to interview SukhRam as someone had gifted a piece of his pottery to the owner of his News Paper who was deeply touched by his art and hence the owner sent him to interview the great artist who made such wonderful artistic items of pottery.

The reporter then started asking questions to SukhRam and over the course of his Interview, the reporter asked him as for how much did he sell each piece of his pottery to which SukhRam replied that he sold each piece for Rs. 10. The reporter was surprised to hear this and he told SukhRam that he was wasting his talent in this far away village and that he should come to the city. Hearing this, SukhRam asked the reporter, ” What will happen if I come to the City.”

” You will be able to sell your pieces of Pottery at far higher prices like Rs. 100 per piece or even more”, said the reporter.

” And then “, asked SukhRam.

” Then very soon you will become a Rich man and you can have your team of people who can make many more pieces of pottery for you, under your supervision “, Replied the reporter.

” And then “, asked SukhRam again.

” Then you will become even Richer and you will be able to buy a big house, cars and other things of luxury for you “, Replied the reporter.

” And then “, asked SukhRam once again.

” Then you will become a renowned artist in the town and people will start respecting you “, replied the reporter.

” And then “, asked SukhRam once again.

” Then what, Sir. You will be a Happy Man “, said the reporter with excitement.

” But I am already very Happy, then why should I do all these things and become Happy again “, replied SukhRam with a smile on his face.

Moral : Goals are good, ambitions are good and even achievements are good but it is not always good to keep on chasing goal after goal and keep on bagging achievement after achievement. If you want true Happiness, you will have to settle at some point of time and start enjoying what you have already achieved instead of running after even more achievements. The more you run after more achievements, the less time you will have to enjoy what you have already achieved and less happy you will be. Remember that there is a difference between Success and Happiness as Success is achieving something and Happiness is enjoying that achievement. That success is seldom good which comes at the cost of Happiness itself as you may have to sacrifice your happiness in your pursuit for success.


Himanshu Shangari