Keep the Faith

Heaven and Hell Within

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There was a female rabbit who lived in a jungle which was full of dangerous predators and a mighty lion ruled that jungle as its king. Once this rabbit gave birth to its kits ( baby rabbits ) and started raising them. Within a passage of few months, these kits got bigger and they started going with their mother, in search of food and other adventures.

One day when this rabbit was on her way in search of food, along with her kits, suddenly a big tree branch fell and it injured one of her kits in such a way that the kit was unable to move as the branch had broken one of his legs. The rabbit did her best but could not do anything for her kit. She had to move from there as she knew that she cannot stay in an open place with her kits, for a long time but she did not want to leave her kit to death. She thought a lot and she looked here and there and she found a clear footprint of the king lion nearby. On seeing that footprint, an idea came to her mind. She put her kit right next to the footprint of king lion and she then said to her kit.

” Look, I am going to get some help for you and in the meantime, you sit right here close to this footprint and if any predator comes and tries to eat you, tell him that you are under the protection of the bearer of this footprint and he has left this footprint as a symbol of protection and whoever tries to eat you, will have to bear his rage. ” The kit even though fearful, agreed to it and mother rabbit moved on her way to fetch some help.

In a short while, a Jackal came there and he saw the kit. He found him an easy meal and as he was about to jump on him, the kid who was very much afraid of being eaten, drew the attention of the jackal towards the footprint of king lion and said in a fearful voice, ” I am under his protection and he has left his mark as a sign of protection. If you eat me, you will have to face his rage. ” The jackal saw the footprint of king lion and in less than a second, he ran away in fear.

The kit did not understand much but he felt happy and his confidence grew. After sometime, a wolf passed from there and upon seeing the kit, as he was about to jump at the kit for making him a meal, the kit drew his attention to the footprint and again said with somewhat confidant voice, ” I am under his protection, do you still want to eat me. ” The wolf hesitated for a moment and then walked away.

The kit was now finding it a good muse even though he did not understand much. With the passage of time, many predators came along and each time he said in an even more confidant voice, ” I am under his protection, do you still want to eat me “, and each time the result was the same as no one dared defy king lion’s seal of protection. This kept on going and ultimately, the king lion himself came to the scene. He saw a small kit which looked like a very easy meal to him and he started walking towards him.

The kit who by this time had God like faith in the protection of that footprint and was roaring with confidence, drew the attention of king lion to the footprint and said in a challenging voice, ” I am under his protection and he has left his symbol of protection here, do you still want to eat me and defy his protection. “…. King lion recognized his own footprint and reacted.

” Well if you are under his protection, then I will sit here and see who can dare defy his protection and eat you.” said the smiling king lion, deeply moved by the undivided faith of kit, and sat beside the kit for his protection.

Moral : Faith is a wonderful thing and it can make you achieve miraculous results in all walks of your life. Just like the kit had faith in the protection of that footprint and he was saved from all the predators including the king lion himself, likewise the people who have such faith in their God, will always be saved from the biggest of troubles and they will finally be shown a path which leads to the destination where the God himself sits with them. So whatever you wish to do or achieve, Just keep the faith and you will be in a much better position to achieve it.


Himanshu Shangari