How to Maintain Gemstones

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How to Maintain Gemstones

Many people wear gemstones and then forget about them altogether. Gemstones require maintenance on regular basis or the results produced by them may diminish over time.

Based on durability, gemstones fall into two categories. The first category includes Ruby, Sapphires, Emerald, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye whereas the second one includes Pearl and Red Coral. Gemstones in the first category last very long, like they can easily last for decades if not damaged otherwise. Pearl and Red Coral have shorter lifespans and they erode away with time; primarily due to the action of sweat, water and soaps.

Looking at the first category, as you keep wearing a gemstone, layers of greasy deposits start forming on it; due to collective action of heat, sweat and oils. The upper and visible surface of such gemstone may not have thick deposits, since it is exposed most of the time it may get cleaned whenever you wash your hands with soap.

On the other hand, the bottom surface which touches your skin is hidden and it may not benefit much from exposure or cleaning. As a result, layers of greasy material may start forming over the bottom surface. Over a period of time, the deposits may get thick enough to significantly reduce the effects produced by the gemstone. The upper surface of a gemstone catches rays of energy from its corresponding planet and the gemstone tries to transfer them into your body through the bottom surface. Since the bottom surface may be significantly or seriously blocked due to deposits; not much energy may be transferred into your body.

Hence you need to clean your gemstones on regular basis, in order to get rid of such deposits. Depending on the geographical locations, job profiles and lifestyles; different natives may feel this need at different intervals. People living in cold regions or people who don’t engage in much physical work may not need to clean their gemstones as often as people living in hot regions or people who engage in manual work. People in the second category may be more exposed to sweat, dust and body oils. Hence their gemstones may form greasy deposits, relatively soon.

In general, it is a good idea to clean your gemstones once every 3 to 6 months; depending on the time taken by them to have greasy deposits on them. In order to do so, take a mixture of lukewarm water and liquid soap. Put your gemstone in it and let it be there for 15 to 30 minutes. After that, gently scrub it using a soft toothbrush and the deposits should go away. Rinse with clean water and dry it with a piece of lint-free cloth. Your gemstone is as good as new again. Keep repeating this process, once every 3 to 6 months; depending on your requirement.

Looking at Pearl and Red Coral; they are different and hence they need different type of care. These gemstones erode away due to the action of sweat, water, soaps and detergents. Hence the first thing you need to do is keep them away from as many of these things as you can. Remove your ring before washing hands and put it back after drying your hands. Likewise, remove it before taking bath and wear it after that. The idea is to keep it away from water and soaps; especially soaps, as much as you can; though not much may be done when it comes to sweat.

Since these gemstones erode away with time; they generally don’t form deposits. This is because the skin or material of their outer surfaces keeps going away, to be replaced by that of inner surfaces. As these gemstones keep shedding the layers on their outer surfaces; any deposits formed on such layers also go away with them. Hence these gemstones may not form greasy deposits in most cases.

However, if they still do; due to one reason or another, you should clean them. The process is different in this case. Don’t put Pearl or Red Coral in soap-water. Simply make a solution of lukewarm water and soap or detergent. The solution should be mild in this case. Dip a soft cleaning cloth in it and wipe the surface of your gemstone. Don’t put the gemstone in the solution and don’t rub it as that may cause damage to the gemstone. After wiping, simply dry it with the help of a soft, dry and clean cloth; and you’re done.

Cleaning your gemstones on regular basis ensures that they keep performing at their optimum levels.


Himanshu Shangari