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Heaven and Hell Within - 03

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As a result, he may not be born as a beautiful person but as soon as he collects the remaining amount of positive energy in his next life as a scientist, he may hit an important invention or discovery. You see, though this native may also have wanted to be beautiful, his desire for a significant invention or discovery may have almost destroyed the former desire. This is the true power of desire element. Hence if you really wish to achieve something, keep desiring for it more and more. The day when this desire becomes your primary desire, the chances of it being fulfilled are the highest, provided other conditions are satisfied.

The term other conditions mean positive energy, circumstance and the free will of another soul, if one such soul is a part of your desire. It has already been explained in the first part of this book that in case your desire involves things or rewards, all you need is the desire, the effort and sufficient positive energy to achieve this thing. However, if your desire involves a person like if you want to marry someone, it is altogether a different equation.

The system of nature has granted free will to all human beings and this free will is of supreme importance. Accordingly, in order for two souls to engage in a relationship with each other, both of them should do so by virtue of their own free will. If any one of the two souls is not willing, the relationship doesn’t happen. Hence if you wish to marry a girl and this becomes your primary desire, this is what may happen.

If the girl is not willing to marry you, you may not be able to fulfill this desire even if you have huge amounts of positive energy in your aura. This is because the fulfillment of this desire primarily depends on the consent of this soul and not on the amount of positive energy you have. Hence you may collect more and more positive energy but this desire may remain unfulfilled.

The job of nature in this case is to create opportunities for your interactions and nothing more than that. It means if you’re not able to fulfill this desire in this life and it becomes your most intense desire which is unfulfilled, here is what the system of nature may do for you. During your next life, you’ll be born when this girl is born again and you’ll get a chance to interact with her in that life also. This girl may become your neighbor or classmate and you two may live in close proximity to each other for a long period of time, like for many years.

However, whether you’ll marry this girl or not is once again dependent on the free will of this girl. As you like this girl a lot from this life, you’ll quickly develop strong attraction for her in next life, as and when you two meet. This is because your subconscious mind recognizes the aura of this girl and it will send you strong signals of liking, which come from this life. Hence you’ll start liking or even loving this girl and this is what may happen after that.

If you interact with this girl and if the girl also likes you, you two may develop a relationship and your desire may get fulfilled. Hence it will be deleted and another desire will come on top of the list of unfulfilled desires. However, if this girl doesn’t like you in next life also, the desire may once again remain pending and it may become even stronger. This is because you have desired for this girl continuously for two lives and hence this desire gains even more strength.

This sequence of being born in the same times may continue for as many lives as it takes for this girl to like you. Hence it may even take twenty lives for this girl to get attracted to you and if that happens, you’ll keep having this desire pending. You see, how long you may have to wait if your desire happens to be a soul instead of a thing.

Coming to the main topic, though most of us may have the desire to be beautiful, not all of us have this desire as our primary desire and this is what can make all the difference. Taking a look at one more example, a native may wish to become very successful as a boxer or a wrestler and he may not care much about the beauty of the face. Accordingly, he may become a successful boxer in his next life, if he has sufficient positive energy to achieve this goal and he may or may not be beautiful, depending on the factors already explained.

Even if being beautiful is your primary desire, it may still not happen as there are other reasons also, which can change this equation. One of these reasons may be the fact that you may not have sufficient positive energy to fulfill this desire and hence you may not be able to do so. Another reason is the fact that you may have engaged in certain specific types of negative karmas which may result in keeping you away from being beautiful in your next life. If that happens, there are two forces acting on your physical form in next life.

The first factor is your desire to be beautiful and the second factor is the negative energy of your specific bad karmas which wants to prevent you from being beautiful. The chances are high in such a case that you may not be born beautiful in next life and on the contrary, you may have an ugly physical form according to the standards of beauty set by society; especially facial features (though I don’t believe anyone or anything is ugly in reality).

Looking at some of these specific bad karmas which can create this effect, if you keep mocking and hurting other people for being not so beautiful or for being ugly, you may create problems for yourself. The chances are high that you may be born as an ugly person in your next life and this is why it may happen. Of all the people you mock or hurt on account of their physical forms, some of them may consciously or subconsciously curse you for doing so and they may wish for you to be ugly so that you may also go through this experience of being mocked on account of being ugly.

It means when you mock or hurt someone for being ugly, he may wish in his mind that god should put you in same situation and other people should mock you so that you may feel the pain he’s going through. Hence you’ve earned negative energy of a specific type by hurting or mocking this person on account of his ugly physical form. The negative energy generated by this person is not general type of negative energy and it is targeted negative energy.

Let’s try to understand the difference between general negative energy and specific negative energy. If you mock a person on the basis of his ugly physical form and he feels bad, two things may happen. This person may feel bad and he may even send negative energy to you through such feelings, but he may not wish something specific to be done to you. It means this person gets hurt, he dislikes you and through his dislike, negative energy gets added to your aura. This is general type of negative energy as no specific wish has been attached to it. Very likely, this negative energy will become the cause of an insult in future, though it may not be related to ugly physical form.

Hence this type of negative energy may make you suffer from insult but such insult may not necessarily demand you to be ugly. Therefore, you may not become ugly due to this type of negative energy and you may suffer in other ways. This is called general type of negative energy where the suffering person sends negative energy to you either consciously or subconsciously, but he doesn’t attach any specific negative wishes to this energy.

The difference between conscious and subconscious negative energy is that in case of conscious type of negative energy, the other person is hurt and he consciously wishes for something bad to happen to you though that bad may or may not be defined by him. In case of subconscious type of negative energy, the other person gets hurt and he feels something is seriously wrong with you, though he may not even wish for something bad to happen to you on conscious level.

In this case, the negative energy rises from his subconscious mind as you’ve hurt him and he feels something is wrong with you. This negative energy is forwarded to you with the code that such wrong in you should be fixed. As a result, you may suffer in future due to this negative energy and the suffering may be such that it may make you think about not hurting other people.

Looking at the trickiest type of negative energy generated as a response by a person hurt by you, it is conscious negative energy with a wish for something specific to happen to you. It means when you mock or hurt a person on the basis of his physical form, this person may generate a conscious negative wish that you should also become ugly and you should feel exactly how he’s feeling. This is the most difficult to handle type of negative energy as it has a defined target and it may not settle for anything else. Hence it may stick to your aura and it may keep residing there until it has served its purpose. This is why you should think twice when trying to mock someone on the basis of his physical form as he may get hurt and he may send such conscious and specific type of negative energy to you.

However, your aura is a mixture of millions of positive and negative energies generated as results of your positive as well as your negative karmas. Hence in most cases, the negative wish of a single person may not be able to bring about a concrete result, and it has to be supported by other negative energies of the same type. It means if you don’t receive such specific negative energies from a number of people where all of them wish you to become ugly and you also have strong desire of being beautiful, you may not be ugly in your next life.

As you may have a strong desire to be beautiful and at the same time, you may have sufficient positive energy to fulfill this desire, you may in fact be beautiful. However, the impact of those negative energies may make you come across an accident at a point in your life, which may distort your physical form and especially your face. If the sum total of all these negative energies is not much, you may receive a scar on your face in an accident, at a point in your life. Though you may otherwise be beautiful, this scar may keep making you sad for the rest of your life.

But this is what happens when you’re lucky and this is not the worse. If you keep hurting other people on the basis of their looks and a significant number of people send conscious negative energy to you, where this negative energy demands you to be ugly and be insulted, you may land in real trouble. The collective effect of these negative energies generated through the wishes of these people you have hurt can make you become ugly in your next life and you may have to bear insult many times in that life, on account of being ugly.

When that happens, you may feel again and again that people should not mock someone on the basis of their physical form and though you may become a beautiful person in your life after that, this Samskara of not mocking people on the basis of their physical forms may remain strongly present in your subconscious mind. It means you may be beautiful in that life and at the same time, you may not want to mock people who are not beautiful. This is because there is pain inside your subconscious mind from past life experiences and that pain may tell you how bad it feels when someone mocks you on the basis of physical form.

Since this feeling is coming from your subconscious mind, the conscious effect of this process is a type of intuition which encourages you not to engage in such acts. If this Samskara is strong in your subconscious mind, you may even dislike it when other people mock someone who’s not beautiful, as you can feel their pain in the best possible way, through the experiences of your past lives. You see, when you’re punished for certain bad karmas, the whole point is to make you realize through such punishment, the pain suffered by the targets of your bad karmas.

Hence you may suffer similar type of pain many times and this pain marks a Samskara on your subconscious mind that no one should suffer from this type of pain. Though the punishment gets over once the negative energy is balanced out through it, the Samskara may remain strong on your subconscious mind. This Samskara travels with you in your next lives also and it helps you stay away from the type of bad karmas which created this problem to start with. This is nature’s way of teaching you how to stay away from bad karmas, through punishment for your bad karmas.

You may have heard that in old times, a specific person cursed someone and that curse came true. Though some people may think such curses are not logical and hence they don’t exist, it is not so. The curses are duly logical and if they fulfill certain conditions, they do come true. When you hurt someone and that person curses you in return, this is what happens.

A curse is an extreme type of conscious action of wishing something specific bad for you. The person engaging in this practice concentrates a lot of his energy on this curse and he sends it to you. Whether this curse will come true partly or completely; and whether it will come true sooner or later, depends on the overall strength of the aura of the person cursing you.

It should be noted that curses or bad wishes operate on the theory of transfer of energy from one person to another. The person who curses you needs positive energy in order to strengthen his curse and the amount of positive energy so required depends on the intensity of his curse. It should be noted that when someone hurts you, you don’t have the need to wish bad for him on conscious basis. The system of nature takes a note of this action and it acts on your behalf. It means even if you don’t wish anything bad for this person, nature will take care and this person will be punished at proper time and in proper manner.

However, if you want to wish something specific bad for him as he hurts you, positive energy is needed for this action to get completed. The amount of positive energy required for such wish to come true depends on how extreme or intense such wish is. It means if you’re wishing something very bad for someone and you don’t have sufficient positive energy to make this wish come true, it won’t come true. In this case, your negative wish will draw positive energy from your aura, this energy will convert into negative energy and it will stick to other person’s aura.

Over the course of time, if other people wish similar type of bad things for him or if his aura gets very weak or very negative, your specific wish may come true even though it may take 20 years or it may even take 2-3 lives. However, one thing is sure and that is the fact that if a negative wish carrying negative energy sticks to an aura once, it may keep sticking there until it has done some damage of the type it wants. This is why you should stay away from hurting other people as many of them send specific types of negative energies to you and these energies stick to your aura in order to trouble you in future.

When it comes to a person who has large amounts of positive energy in his aura and who at the same time knows the art of focusing such energy in a particular direction, this is when the most troublesome results may happen. For example, if you hurt a hermit who qualifies both these conditions, this is how you may land in trouble in the near future. This hermit has lots of positive energy and he also knows the art of focusing this energy, which means he knows how to attach large amount of energy to his words or wishes.

Hence this hermit has conscious control over the act of wishing, whether it is good or bad. It means whenever he blesses someone, he consciously attaches the required amount of energy to his wish and this energy is sufficient to make his blessing come true. For example, if you want to become a successful movie star, you need million units of positive energy to achieve this task and you only have five hundred thousand units, this is what may happen if one such hermit blesses you.

If a hermit with large amount of positive energy blesses you truly, he transfers the remaining five hundred thousand units of positive energy from his aura to your aura, through this blessing. As you receive this energy, you aura now has one million units of positive energy and hence you now qualify for being a successful movie star. This is why in ancient times, people used to take blessings from saints and hermits, in order to fulfill certain specific and unfulfilled wishes. For example, blessings of saints were sought in order to have children, as the natives asking for such blessings did not have sufficient positive energy to witness child birth.

As a saint transferred the required amount of positive energy to one such native through his blessing in a conscious way, this native was able to have a child. Such hermits and saints had proper knowledge about the working principle of energy and they used it as and when needed. Many other such blessings can be explained on the same basis, including the ones where some saints revived some almost dead people. This act needed big amounts of positive energy, these hermits had this energy and they knew how to transfer it to the needy people and hence they were able to do so.

In the same way, when a person has big amounts of positive energy in his aura and he knows the art of focusing this energy on his wishes, he can curse you in a way that it comes true at the earliest. This means such person can attach the required amount of negative energy which is needed to fulfill his curse, through conscious focus. As this specifically targeted negative energy gets attached to your aura, it makes his curse come true as it has all the energy required for that curse to come true. Hence you may suffer in a way mentioned by this person. This is why people used to respect as well as fear hermits and saints a lot, as they had the ability to create good or bad as and when they wanted.

It should be noted that even if such a person curses you, there are a couple of ways out of such curse. The first way is that if the same person knows how to take his energy back, he can do so and he can relieve you of this curse, partly or completely. This is the procedure through which a hermit can take his energy back from your aura and hence your aura gets free from this energy. Since this energy is removed, you don’t suffer.

The second way is to get this energy cancelled by someone who has lot more positive energy in his aura and who at the same time has even better command over how to control energy. The souls which fit this description are generally called gods. These gods have extreme amounts of positive energy in their auras and they also have the authority to remove negative energy sent by someone to your aura, though they may do so only if they find it worthy of doing.

This is why some people cursed by someone; worshiped certain gods in order to get rid of those curses as these gods were in positions to remove the negative energies carried by such curses from the auras of these people. Isn’t it surprising to know how advanced was the science of transfer of energy in ancient times? In today’s world, we have put more focus on material objects and hence we seem to have lost control over finer but more effective things like energy.

Coming to the topic, a hermit can make you become ugly with his curse as he attaches large amount of energy to his wish. People in general don’t have such type of energy and hence their wishes can create such effect only when they are supported by other wishes of the same kind. It means when more and more people keep wishing for you to be ugly; they all keep sending specific type of negative energy to your aura.

If this energy becomes sufficient to make you ugly, you may be born ugly in your next life or you may even become ugly in this life, by means of an accident which may destroy your physical beauty. I know it may sound scary but this is the whole point of being aware about the results of your karmas. If you’re aware in advance, you may not need to learn such lessons through pain. However, if you’re not aware or if you don’t care, you may have to learn such lessons through sufferings which may be of extreme quantum at times.

For instance, you can learn and agree that fire burns anyone who touches it and you may not wish to enter it in order to agree to this fact. However, if you’re not the aware type and you don’t pay attention to what experienced people say, you may refuse to believe that fire burns anyone who touches it. Hence you may try to touch fire in order to see for yourself and as obvious, you may get burnt and you may learn your lesson. Therefore, you can either learn your lessons through awareness or through experiences.

Awareness means knowing through other people’s experiences or learning through your experiences at the earliest and hence it puts you in a position of advantage. It means you see someone getting burnt by fire and you accept that fire burns, you see someone falling into a pit and you avoid that pit in future. When it comes to learn through your experiences using awareness; you may accidently touch something very hot and you may learn this fact at once that all hot things should not be touched directly. Through this awareness, you learn to avoid directly touching all hot things and as fire is the mother of all hot things; you learn to stay away from it though you’ve never touched it.

This is how awareness can help you through your own experiences as you face smaller problems, you realize their causes and you stay away from creating those causes for those problems as well as for all other problems which are basically caused due to the same reasons; but they’re higher in magnitude. For instance, if you fall into a six feet deep pit and you hurt your foot; your awareness helps you understand that if this pit is twenty feet deep, you may break your foot and if it is two hundred feet deep; you may even die. This awareness saves you time as well as trouble and hence the evolution of your soul becomes faster. Applying it to the domain of karma, you see people suffering because of their bad karmas and you learn that engaging in bad karmas should be avoided.

Similarly, you see people getting rewarded for their good karmas and you learn that good karmas are worthy of doing. On the other hand, if you don’t have such awareness, you may keep engaging in bad karmas, you may keep getting punished and you may then learn your lessons through such punishments. In this case, you can learn your lessons fast if you’re an aware type of soul whereas you may not be able to do so; if you’re not an aware type of soul. Hence you may have to fall into a number of different pits in order to understand that all pits work on the same principal. This can slow down your spiritual growth significantly as you may have to fall into each one of the million or even billion pits in order to understand that they should be avoided.

The advantage of being an aware type of person is that you may once fall into a pit which may be created by a bad karma of yours, you may suffer and you may learn the art of staying away from other pits also. It means you may suffer on account of a type of bad karma and you may learn to stay away from all types of bad karmas. An aware person understands that falling into one pit is sufficient to learn that each pit is a pit. Hence he experiences something bad once or twice and he avoids all other experiences which are of the similar type. An unaware person has to fall into each pit separately, in order to realize that it is also a pit. As it takes a lot more time, it slows the journey of his soul.

Coming to your physical form, it is decided by your desire, your karmas and also by the type of negative or even positive energies sent by other people, sticking to your aura. Whatever may be the resultant of such interactions is given to you. It means if the resultant says beautiful physical form, you may achieve it whereas if the resultant says ugly physical form, you may receive it. Looking into the positive energies sent by other people to your aura to the effect that you should be beautiful, they also work on similar lines.

For example, if you’re not beautiful in this life and you keep doing good things to other people, some of them may wish for you to be beautiful and these wishes stick to your aura. Even if you’re beautiful in this life and you serve a number of people or you make them happy, some of them may wish for your beauty to last. All such wishes carry specific type of positive energy in the form of blessings and the goal of this energy is to make you beautiful. Hence this factor is also taken into consideration while assigning a new physical form to you in your next life. If a number of people bless you to be beautiful and another number of people curse you to be ugly; these energies may balance out and the remaining amount of positive or negative energy may stick to your aura in order to influence your physical form in a positive or negative manner.

The exact physical form you get in every life is the resultant of all these factors and hence all of them matter. Isn’t it amazing how even our physical forms may be controlled by our desires as well as by our karmas. This is why you should desire to be beautiful and you should also avoid receiving specific types of negative energies which may curse you to be ugly, if you want to be beautiful in your next life.

It doesn’t mean everyone has to desire for a beautiful physical form and it only means if you want a beautiful physical form in your next life, this is what you should do. All your physical attributes can be explained on the basis of this theory and hence, each and every part of your body is the result of a number of factors; desire and karmas being the most important ones.

In the next chapter, we’re going to discuss the working of the intellect which operates on mental plane. Take a break if you want now and come right back : )

Himanshu Shangari