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The human body contains 12 energy centers inside it. These energy centers are super microscopic, which means they are so small that they can’t be seen even through the best of our microscopes. The job of these energy centers is to register, store and then transmit or radiate energy. Energy here means different types of positive, negative and mixed energies which may have different strengths, different natures and different levels of activity. You’ll be surprised to know that all the things we do, our nature, our actions, our successes, our failures and all other things related to us are nothing but the resultants of the interactions of these different energies within us.

At the time of birth of a human, different energies are registered in these centers lying inside the individual. These energies may be called planetary energies and various other types of energies and these energies are spread and active on the horizon at the time and place of birth of a human. As soon as a baby comes out, these energies instantly get registered with different energy centers within the body of this individual. These energies are registered in various energy centers in different ways, depending on the strength, position and level of activities of these energies at the time and place of birth of this individual. These combinations may be made in such a way that some energy centers may register more than one type of energy, whereas other energy centers may remain empty, which means no energy is registered with these energy centers in our body.

This is where the game starts for us in any particular life, for example say in the present life. As soon as these energies are registered with different energy centers of our bodies at the times of our birth, they start interacting with other energies in the same energy centers and other energy centers. How many strong and how many weak, how many positive and how many negative energies are registered with various energy centers of our bodies is not a coincidence and it is decided on the basis of our past life karmas. Whatever positive and negative energies we carried in the last times of our past lives, come to us in this lifetime.

So when you hear enlightened people saying that death is nothing but sleep, it is true. Whatever energies we carry in this life don’t go away with death and they come back in the next life with the same positive or negative strength which they had at the time of death in the our present life. So death is indeed a sleep and you get all the same abilities and disabilities that you had in your recent past life and it just continues from there. This validates another theory of the enlightened ones – that the journey of the soul is continuous and death is nothing but one of many stoppages on the way.

For this reason, the problem with a negative mindset is not temporary. It has been there in the past lives and it will be there in the next lives as well. It won’t go away on its own and will stay until you start putting in constant efforts to remove and replace it with positive mindset. Then the positive mindset will take its place and start being there for the rest of this life as well as for the coming lives.

Coming back to the main topic, the net amount of positive or negative energies registered with different energy centers of a human is decided according to the past life energy equation. A question may come to mind that how the exact same equation of energy from the past life is transferred to a human, which he carried at the time of his death in his previous life? The answer to this question comes in the form of date, month, year and place of birth of the same human or to be precise, of the same soul. A person who carried an equation of energy at the time of his death in his past life will take his next birth only when the skies over the place of his birth reflect the exact same equation of energy and this equation will be transferred to him through energies in various energy centers in his body.

Since the net equation of energy over the skies of a particular place keeps changing, this is why even twins separated by a minute are somewhat different from each other. This is because the net equation of energy changed in that minute and the person coming a minute late gets a different type of energy than the one coming a minute earlier. This validates the need for a soul to take birth at the exact decided place and at the exact decided time, because this soul has to carry the exact same energy equation which he carried at the end of his past life and that exact same energy equation will be there; only at a certain specific place and at a certain specific date and time, once in many years.

For this reason, our next birth is fixed in terms of place and time as soon as we die in this lifetime, as the net energy equation at the time of our death has been calculated and accordingly, the next possible location and time for that energy equation to appear on the horizon has also been calculated. This obviously becomes our time and place of birth. You might wonder why the best type of people like saints and gods as well as the worst types of people take births separated by comparatively longer periods of time or in simple words, why are these people few in numbers than the average people?

This is due to the reason that such souls whether positive or negative, carry rare patterns of energy equation and once they leave a physical body, the next occurrence for the same energy equation doesn’t come soon as they carry the rarest of the rare energy equations. For this reason, these souls are not as many in numbers as others are, because they have to wait for their exact energy equation to appear on skies, in order to be born.

By now we know that we started with the same energy equation in this life that we finished with, in our previous life. We also know that the journey of the soul and the equation of energy, whether positive or negative, are continuous. Moving on, as different types of weak and strong, positive and negative energies have been registered in our body in various energy centers, they start interacting with each other. Accordingly we are able to see various shades of behaviors in a single individual, because sometimes the negative energies dominate the positive energies and accordingly, our behavior becomes comparatively negative. At other times, positive energies start dominating the negative energies and we start behaving more positively.

The net resultant of these energies as well as the net pattern of these energies within our bodies comes out as a collection of energy which is called aura. An aura is the final imprint of an individual’s energy equation during the journey of his soul. This aura brings all the good and bad things to us and so it becomes the most important and the most relevant factor in determining success and failure. This aura can be changed with specific techniques and activities, and this is the point where we can start changing the game to our advantage.

The aura of each individual contains the net energy equation of that individual. It is a collection of positive and negative energies, continuously interacting with each other. The aura of any person at any point in time is the most important factor in deciding his gains or losses, fame or defame and other important aspects of life. The energies contained in our auras interact with the energies present in the auras of various other entities of this universe and accordingly; various outcomes may appear, depending on the final outcome of the interactions of auras of different people and entities.

It should be noted that an aura is a collection of energies and hence the term interaction with the auras of others doesn’t means physical interaction. It means that for the aura of one person to interact with the auras of other people, a physical interaction is not necessary since energy can travel to energy and can interact with other energies in many ways. For example, when you talk to someone over the phone, your aura interacts with their aura though you are not physically interacting with each other. When you listen to music or dialogues of a movie or speech of a person, the auras of those in the song, dialogue or movie interacts with your aura, through the medium of voice which has carried their auras and they are interacting with your aura.

Similarly when you read something, like you are reading this book for instance, the aura of the author or writer of these thoughts will start interacting with yours. The energy in this case is carried through the words of the author. The types of interactions of the aura such as listening to speech, song, dialogues or reading text are one-way aura interactions in most cases. It means that through such interactions, the aura of the author, singer or actor can influence your aura, since it has influenced you through a medium, but your aura can’t influence them, since you are only at the receiving end.

In simple words, the aura of the author, the singer or the actor has a medium to connect to your aura; but your aura doesn’t have any medium to influence their aura in a strong manner. On the other hand, when two or more people talk to or interact with each other in any other form, the auras of all these individuals start interacting with one another.

Now that we know this much, the time has come to know that your aura is the final authority of your success or failure, gain or loss, and here is how. Let’s say that you want a job and you appear for an interview. As soon as you present yourself before the person conducting the interview, your aura starts interacting with the other’s aura. When auras of different people interact with each other, various outcomes are possible. If both these auras carry more or less similar positive or negative energy equations, the outcome is favorable as a person carrying a net negative aura generally tends to be impressed by another person carrying a net negative aura and likewise a person with a net positive aura tends to be influenced by another person carrying a net positive aura.

Many of you must have heard the saying, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. This is true in case of auras also; as a net positive aura prefers other positive auras, whereas a net negative aura prefers other negative auras. If the aura of the person conducting the interview and that of the person appearing for the interview are both on similar grounds, the aura of the interviewer is favorably influenced. It means that he is convinced and this works for the candidate. If the aura of the interviewer is in opposition to the aura of the candidate, the aura of the candidate repels the aura of the interviewer and the candidate fails.

This equation of a job interview may seem very easy to understand, so let’s complicate it a bit. Let’s assume that 20 candidates have appeared for the same job, of which nine have auras in accordance with the aura of the interviewer and 11 have auras that repel the aura of the interviewer. It means that the interviewer is impressed by 9 out of 20 people and doesn’t like 11 candidates. It’s an easy guess that these 11 candidates will be given no consideration and accordingly they don’t stand any chance for that job. The equation this far is simple enough to understand.

However, there is only one job and there are 9 candidates in accordance with the aura of the interviewer or in other words; the interviewer is impressed by all nine candidates. Now who will get the job out of these nine candidates? This is the time to know that apart from having net positivity or negativity; the auras have strength, just like energies from which they are made of. Hence it now becomes simple: though nine candidates have convinced the interviewer, the one whose aura is the strongest out of these nine candidates will influence the interviewer the most. Accordingly, he is the one who will get the job.

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