Mechanism of Gemstones

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Mechanism of Gemstones

Gemstones are among the most powerful devices used for remedies in astrology. Their use can be confirmed with the help of ancient history of so many civilizations and countries. Kings, Queens and rich people from different times used to wear gemstones to get benefits and cast away evils. Even in the present times, many rich and famous people are wearing them. A good number of people believe that gemstones are capable of bringing them magical results though they don’t know how these gemstones bring about such magical results.

So what is the force working behind these gemstones? Are they magic or are they purely scientific devices? Let’s try and find out. Gemstones are absolutely scientific devices and they work on the basis of transfer of energy from a planet to the body of the wearer. In this chapter, we will try to find out the mechanism behind the working of these gemstones and see how these gemstones actually work? In order to understand this concept in the best possible manner, we will have a look at this concept right from the birth of a native.

There are 12 signs in Vedic astrology where the first sign is called Aries, the last sign is called Pisces and the rest of the signs come between these two signs. These 12 signs follow each other in a cyclic pattern, which means the second sign Taurus starts as the first sign ends and the third sign Gemini starts at the end of the second sign. This process goes on like this till we reach the twelfth sign called Pisces which starts as the eleventh sign ends. As the sign of Pisces ends, the first sign called Aries appears once again and the process repeats itself.

Looking at this whole equation from a different angle, these 12 signs include within them an angle of 360 degrees distributed equally among them. It means that each sign contains an angle of 30 degrees and hence 12 signs collectively contain or cover an angle of 360 degrees. The first sign Aries covers 0 to 30 degrees, the second sign Taurus covers 30 to 60 degrees and moving on like this, the eleventh sign Aquarius covers 300 to 330 degrees and the twelfth sign Pisces covers 330 to 360 degrees. As the 360th degree is reached, the energy enters into the first degree once again, which means Aries starts once again.

Looking at the motion or movement of energy associated with these signs, there are broadly three types of energy equations that these 12 signs engage in. In the first equation, all 12 signs appear and disappear on the sky of a particular place for an average time of two hours, one after the other. It means that at a particular time, the sign Aries appears on the sky of your place, it remains effective for about two hours and then it is replaced by the next sign Taurus which also remains effective for two hours and it is then replaced by the next sign Gemini.

This process continues and once the twelfth sign Pisces disappears after being effective for the duration of time allowed, the next sign Aries appears once again. This way, these 12 signs keep appearing and disappearing on the sky of your place, one after the other, completing one cycle in about 24 hours, which is one day. Hence all 12 signs appear on the sky of your place once every day and this process goes on.

Let’s now look at the relevance of the appearance of these signs. Each sign is associated with a specific type of energy as well as with certain specific characteristics which are mentioned in the literatures of Vedic astrology. As one of these signs appears on the sky of your place, each and every native born during that time is under the effect of this energy. For example, if Aries rises today on the sky of your place from 9 AM to 11 AM, every native born during this time will be under the effect of Aries rising. It means these natives are likely to possess characteristics associated with this sign.

Human body has 12 energy centers which are so small that they are invisible even to the microscopes. These energy centers are graphically represented by 12 houses of a horoscope. As the sign Aries is rising at the time of birth of a native, this sign is written in the first house while drawing the birth chart of this native. After this, the sign Taurus is written in the second house, the sign Gemini is written in the third house and this way, the sign Pisces is written in the twelfth house.

This is a classic example where the first house coincides with the first sign. However, if a native is born while another one of these signs is rising on the sky of his place like Virgo, this equation changes. The sign of Virgo is written in the first house of his birth horoscope, the sign of Libra is written in the second house and this way, the sign of Leo is written in the twelfth house. It means that the energy of the sixth sign Virgo has registered itself in the first energy center of this native’s body whereas the sign of Leo has registered in the twelfth energy center of this native’s body.

Continuing with the example, as Aries is the sign rising at the time of your birth, it is written in the first house and it is called your ascendant. In astrological language, the first house is called your ascendant and hence any sign falling in this house becomes your ascendant. It means you’re an Aries ascendant or simply an Aries now. Each one of these 12 signs is ruled by a planet among navagraha. Sun and Moon rule one sign each whereas Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn rule two signs each. The lordships of different planets over different signs are mentioned in Vedic astrology and they can be easily learnt.

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, Aries becomes your ascendant and Mars becomes the lord of your ascendant. Looking at the second type of energy equation, each sign contains nakshatras within it. There are 27 nakshatras in Vedic astrology and each one of them has four parts called quarters. This way, we have 108 quarters of 27 nakshatras which fit into 12 signs, distributed equally among them. It means, each sign contains 9 quarters of different nakshatras, making it a total of 108 quarters contained in 12 signs.

Looking at it from another angle, each nakshatra contains an angle of 13 degrees 20 minutes and each one of its quarter contains an angle of 3 degrees and 20 minutes. It should be noted that a degree contains 60 minutes and hence, all 4 quarters of each nakshatra contain an equal angle. Adding these angles covered by 108 quarters of these nakshatras, we get 360 degrees, which is exactly the angle covered by 12 signs. Hence these 108 quarters fit into these 12 signs perfectly.

The first nakshatra Ashwini starts with the start of the first sign Aries and all 4 quarters of this nakshatra lie within the sign of Aries. All 4 quarters of the second nakshatra Bharani also lie in the sign of Aries which is now left with the capacity to adjust one more quarter. Hence the first quarter of third nakshatra Krittika lies in Aries and the remaining three quarters of Krittika lie in the next sign called Taurus. This process goes on until we reach a point where all 4 quarters of 27th nakshatra Revati lie in the sign of Pisces in a way that the fourth quarter of this nakshatra ends with the end of Pisces. It means the fourth quarter of Revati nakshatra covers an angle of 356 degrees 40 minutes to 360 degrees. From here, the first sign and the first nakshatra appear again and the process keeps repeating itself.

Moving on to the third equation of energy; all nine planets among navagraha travel or transit through these 12 signs and 27 nakshatras; in a progressive and cyclic manner. It means each one of these planets enters Aries as well as Ashwini nakshatra, it travels through this sign and nakshatra at its own pace and then it keeps moving towards the next nakshatras as well as towards the next signs. This way, each planet travels from Aries to Pisces and once it reaches the end of Pisces as well as the end of Revati nakshatra, it enters into Aries as well as Ashwini once again. This process keeps repeating itself.

Each planet among navagraha has its own speed where Moon is the fastest and it covers these 12 signs in a time period of somewhat more than 28 days. Saturn is the slowest to move among navagraha and it takes about 30 years to complete one round of 12 signs and 27 nakshatras. Similarly, all other planets also travel through these 12 signs and 27 nakshatras at their own pace, which can be found in the literatures of Vedic astrology.

As these planets are moving from one sign to the other, they are present in one of these signs as well as in one of these nakshatras at any given point in time. Coming back to the example, the native with Aries rising has this sign written in the first house of his horoscope. The placement of each one of the nine planets is then found in different signs and different nakshatras, with the help of Vedic astrology, as it keeps telling which planet is present in which sign and which nakshatra at any given point in time.

All these planets are then written in the signs and nakshatras they are present in, at that particular time. For example, if Saturn is present in the sign of Taurus and in the nakshatra of Rohini at the time of birth of this native, it is written in the second house of his horoscope since the sign of Taurus falls in the second house of his horoscope. Similarly, all other planets are also written in their relevant houses and this way, the horoscope is drawn; giving us the exact equation of energy at the time of birth of this native.

This energy equation tells us how strong or weak, how positive or negative and how active or passive each sign, nakshatra and planet was at the time of birth of this native. Based on the strength, nature and level of activity of these planets, signs and nakshatras; as well as based on their mutual interactions, the net energy equation of the native is calculated, which is then used to make predictions related to different spheres of this native’s life.

It should be noted that all 12 energy centers in our body register, store and emit energies whether such energies are positive or negative. This way, at the time of birth of a native, some energy centers register negative energies, some energy centers register positive energies and some energy centers don’t register any energy at all. It simply means that some houses of a horoscope have positive or negative planets in them while some houses of the same horoscope may be completely empty. This is because there are twelve houses and there are only nine planets. Hence some houses are bound to remain empty.

Depending on the nature of these planetary energies registered in various energy centers in the body of a native at the time of his birth, the planets function or work as good or bad planets for that particular native. It means that a planet which has registered positive energy in any energy center of a native’s body will keep working positively for the native unless specific negative activities are done by the native to change the nature of this planet as well as the nature of this energy.

In the same way, a planet which has registered negative energy in any energy center of a native’s body will keep working negatively for the native unless specific positive activities are done by the native to change the nature of this planet as well as the nature of this energy. Depending on various factors like sign of placement, house of placement, nakshatra of placement, degree of placement and the combination of a planet with other positive or negative planets through conjunctions or aspects; a planet may be weak, good, strong or very strong in strength. The strength of a planet only means its ability to perform and it doesn’t tell whether this planet is good or bad in nature, which is decided by many other factors present in a horoscope.

Moving on, if a planet has registered positive energy at the time of birth of a native, it becomes a benefic planet for that particular native and a good astrologer can read it from his horoscope. However, if due to its placement, affliction or some other concept, it has become weak, the native may not benefit from it properly. It should be noted that this planet still remains good for the native but it may not give its proper results as it is weak.

On the other hand, if a planet has registered negative energy at the time of birth of a native in any one of his energy centers, it becomes negative or malefic for that native and it may cause many types of problems for the native from time to time, by introducing some negative traits to the personality of the native. Such negative traits may encourage the native to engage in activities which may bring him losses or problems from time to time, and this is how he may suffer.

If a planet is positive but weak in a horoscope, it may not give its proper benefits to the native due to its weakness; unless something is done to provide more strength to this planet. This is where the application of gemstones comes into the picture as there is almost no remedy in Vedic astrology; as good as gemstones when it comes to supply energy to a planet in a horoscope.

All the gemstones work on the principle of absorption and transmission of some particular wavelengths of energy where each one of such particular wavelengths belongs to a particular planet. For example, a Ruby absorbs and transmits Sun’s particular energy into the body of the person wearing this gemstone and as this additional energy goes into the body of this person, the energy of Sun inside him increases. It means that when such native starts wearing Ruby, it captures energy from the Sun and it transmits that energy into the body of the native, giving more and more strength to the Sun.

Hence if Sun is good but weak for that native, it may gain energy through the Ruby, it may become strong and it may boost the results given by it to that particular native. For example, if Sun is representing the professional success of this native and the native is not able to witness much success due to the weakness of Sun; a Ruby may prove helpful in this case. As Sun gains more strength, the native may start getting better professional results. Same is the case with all other planets and this is the reason why gemstones may prove very good when it comes to achieve certain specific results for a native.

However, if a planet is negative for a native, wearing the gemstone for that planet may transmit more energy of that planet into the body of such native due to which such planet being negative in nature may become more harmful. It should be noted that the gemstone for any planet can supply more energy to that planet and hence it can increase the strength of that planet in your body. However, a gemstone is not capable of making any changes to the working nature of a planet whether it is positive or negative.

Imagine you start taking an injection of insulin. This injection simply adds more insulin to your body and it doesn’t have any control over the results caused by such extra insulin received by your body. If you have high blood sugar, this extra insulin may prove beneficial for you. This is because you need more insulin to metabolize the glucose in your blood and hence this extra insulin is helpful.

On the other hand, if you have low blood sugar, more insulin is your enemy. As this extra insulin goes into your body, it may further lower your blood sugar, thereby causing great problems for you. It means an injection of insulin can only add more insulin to your body and it doesn’t do anything else. If you need more insulin, it may cause benefits whereas if you are already suffering due to increased levels of insulin in your body; such extra insulin is your enemy.

The same happens in case of gemstones also. As you start wearing a gemstone which corresponds to a negative planet in your horoscope, it supplies more energy to such negative planet. Due to this reason, such negative planet gains more strength and starts harming you with more strength. Hence gemstones can only increase the strength of their corresponding planets in your horoscope or in your body and they can’t change the functional nature of that particular planet in your horoscope or in your body. Therefore, gemstones should only be worn for positive planets and they should not be worn for negative planets.

Apart from clean positive and negative planets, there are some planets in some horoscopes, which give majority of positive results to the native with some negative results or side effects. On the other hand, there are some planets in some horoscopes which give majority of negative results to the native with some positive results. These planets are called mixed planets as their nature is not completely positive or negative and they are a mixture of positive and negative energy due to which they give both types of results to the native having such planets in his horoscope.

For example, a particular planet of this type may give you good results related to your profession but at the same time it may cause problems in your marriage. This planet may create much aggression inside your body and mind due to which you may become capable of taking big initiatives and you may have enough energy to complete the tasks you undertake, which may result in success in various professional spheres.

The same aggression however, may create many problems in your marriage. This is because you may get aggressive and angry very quickly and you may also have a tendency to take your arguments or fights to higher levels, which may create more and more problems in marriage. Similarly, another planet of mixed nature may bless you with good health and long life but at the same time, you may suffer from financial losses due to the partial negativity carried by this planet.

As you understand by now that gemstones only provide more strength to the energy represented by a planet in your horoscope as well as in your body and they don’t do anything to change the working nature of that planet in your horoscope as well as in your body; the selection of suitable gemstones for a native should be carried out carefully. It means that in most cases, only those gemstones should be recommended to a native, which correspond to the planets which are working cleanly positive in the horoscope of that native.

On the other hand, if gemstones for negative planets are recommended to a native, those negative planets may gain more strength and they may start causing more harm to the native. Therefore, recommending gemstones for the negative planets should be avoided and gemstones should only be recommended for positive planets. In case of mixed planets, recommending gemstones for those planets should be avoided which are more negative than positive in percentage as doing so can make the native witness more losses than profits.

However in special cases, the gemstones for such mixed planets can be recommended to the native, which are much more positive than negative in percentage. Care should be taken that while recommending gemstone for a mixed nature planet with more positivity, the objective of the native for doing this remedy should be considered first. For example, if a native is unmarried and he asks for remedies for better results in his profession, the gemstone for a planet which gives him better results in profession but which creates problems in his marriage may be recommended to him.

On the other hand, if a native is married and he is already suffering from a disturbed marriage, the last thing you want to do is to recommend him the gemstone for the same planet in order to bring him better professional results. This is because by doing so, you are going to increase the problems in his marriage due to which this native may see some rise in his profession at the cost of a more disturbed or even a broken marriage. Hence care should be taken while recommending gemstones to a native. As a rule, even the gemstones for such mixed planets with more positive energy should also be avoided until they become absolutely necessary for the native.

There are no doubts that wearing the suitable gemstones can bring better results to you in many spheres of your life but at the same time, wearing gemstones for negative planets can increase your problems many times. Gemstones are just like medicines which when used properly can work wonders for you but which when used in a wrong way can cause disasters. For example, an injection of insulin is a life saver for someone suffering from high blood sugar but it is a killer for someone suffering from low blood sugar.

This is due to the reason that insulin only decreases the level of glucose in your blood by metabolizing it and it doesn’t know anything else. If you have high levels of glucose in your blood and you are suffering a lot due to it, such an injection of insulin can reduce the level of glucose in your blood, bring it back to the normal level and provide you with the much needed relief. On the other hand, if the same insulin is given to someone suffering due to having glucose levels lower than normal, such insulin may further decrease the level of glucose in his blood due to which the person may start suffering even more or he may even die in the worst case.

You see, there is nothing right or wrong with insulin as a medicine but what you get out of it depends on how wisely or unwisely you use it. Likewise, gemstones can’t decide by themselves what results they are going to give you and such results are decided by the astrologer recommending the gemstones for you. Hence gemstones should be recommended only after looking into all important aspects of the horoscope, the planets for which such gemstones are being recommended and the goals of the native for which he wishes to use astrological remedies including gemstones.

Himanshu Shangari