Vedic Astrology

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology

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Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is one of the oldest faiths of its kind. Though there are similar faiths like numerology and Vastu; Vedic astrology has a league of its own. A faith like numerology may be good at getting some jobs done for you. However, when it comes to complicated issues as well as to their solutions; even numerology may seek shelter in Vedic astrology. The science of numbers is based on planets and the science of planets is rooted in Vedic astrology. This faith of astrology not only deals with planets, it also features other astrological entities to dig much deeper. Entities like houses of a horoscope, zodiac signs, nakshatras and divisional charts provide much more depth to this form of astrology. As a result, a Vedic astrologer may be able to predict more and solve more.

Understanding Vedic Astrology

Drawing a comparison, if your birth number is 3, it may be considered as good for you according to numerology. Among navagraha, Jupiter represents number 3. It means that Jupiter is benefic for you. However, this is just a broad statement and it may have hundreds and thousands of details enclosed within it. For example, if benefic Jupiter is placed in the first house of your horoscope in Sagittarius, forming Hamsa Yoga; it can bless you with success as an astrologer, a government officer, a minister, a teacher, an actor, a sportsman and as many other types of professionals; depending on your overall horoscope. However, if benefic Jupiter is placed in seventh house of your horoscope in Sagittarius, forming Hamsa yoga; the equation may change. Since seventh house primarily deals with marriage, such Hamsa yoga may bless you with very good results related to marriage; depending on your overall horoscope. Though such Hamsa yoga may bless you with good results related to profession also, they may not be comparable to the ones given by it in the first case; when Jupiter is placed in first house in Sagittarius.

Looking at another possibility, suppose benefic Jupiter is placed in ninth house of your horoscope in Sagittarius. In this case, such benefic Jupiter may primarily be good for your father’s prosperity. It means that after your birth, your father may witness more prosperity and success; if his horoscope is supportive. At the same time, such benefic Jupiter may also bless you with good or very good amount of spiritual growth. If your overall horoscope is supportive, you may even become a spiritual guru with this placement of Jupiter. Considering another possibility, suppose benefic Jupiter is placed in eleventh house of your horoscope in Sagittarius. Such benefic Jupiter may bless you with your own business which may bring good or very good profits; depending on your overall horoscope. Similarly, such benefic Jupiter may bring many other types of good results; depending on its placement in different houses as well as in different signs and nakshatras.

Numerology and Vedic Astrology – Drawing the Comparison

Hence numerology may tell you that Jupiter is benefic for you but it may not tell the exact quantum of benefits and fields of life where such benefits may be witnessed. On the other hand, Vedic astrology can easily explain such things. It should be noted that in all the examples mentioned earlier; date of birth is taken as the same. It means all such combinations are possible on the same day. Hence your birth number will not change but you may still witness a wide variety of results. Apart from this, Jupiter may go through a number of malefic zones during this specific day. Though numerology may not have any way of knowing it; Vedic astrology is well equipped for this task also.

Taking an example, suppose malefic Jupiter is placed in eighth house of your horoscope in Sagittarius. This placement happens on the same day which is your day of birth. Vedic astrology can help you find out what types of problems such malefic Jupiter may cause and what remedies may be used to reduce its impact. When it comes to faiths other than astrology; they may not be able to help much with this troublesome placement of Jupiter. In such case, even a numerologist may use Vedic astrology to deal with the matter in the most effective way. Hence faiths like numerology, Vastu and other likewise faiths may be considered as streams or rivers, which finally take shelter in the ocean of Vedic astrology. For this reason, a number of numerologists and vastu experts may also be seen practicing in Vedic astrology along with one of the other fields.

Vedic vs Other Astrological Faiths

When it comes to differentiate between some other faiths of astrology and Vedic astrology; the latter has unique advantages. Some faiths of astrology don’t take Rahu and Ketu into consideration, while making calculations. They also don’t consider the concept of planetary periods, commonly known as Mahadashas; which is one of the most prominent concepts in Vedic astrology. Some faiths of astrology do consider Rahu and Ketu but they don’t have the concept of Mahadashas. Above all these factors, Vedic astrology features nakshatras which give it decisive edge over other faiths, in a number of cases. Nakshatras and the concepts related to nakshatras are used by Vedic astrologers, in order to get to the deepest layers of various matters in different horoscopes. In addition to these concepts; Vedic astrology features the concept of divisional charts. This concept helps Vedic astrology dig even deeper when needed.

Remedies in Vedic Astrology

When it comes to remedies, the advantage once again goes to Vedic astrology. Some other faiths of astrology may feature remedies like gemstones and donations; like Vedic astrology does. However when it comes to the strongest possible concept of remedies; called Vedic mantras or Vedic Poojas; no other faith has this advantage. The power of Vedic mantras puts Vedic astrology in commanding position, when it comes to solve issues through remedies. Hence Vedic astrology uniquely features concepts like Mahadashas, nakshatras, divisional charts and Vedic Poojas. These features combined with other features like planets, houses and zodiac signs; make Vedic astrology a comprehensive and complete faith. This is why this faith is becoming more and more popular with time.

In the recent years; many natives from India as well as from other countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and a number of other countries have started taking guidance from Vedic astrology. However like all other faiths, Vedic astrology also needs continuous research and analysis. This is because being a very old faith, it might have been exposed to corruptions and misinterpretations from time to time. It means some important concepts like Pitra Dosh, Kaal Sarp Yog, Manglik Dosh, Hamsa Yoga, Malavya Yoga and other such concepts might have been misinterpreted from time to time; unintentionally or intentionally. Hence various Vedic astrologers have been engaging in researches to find true interpretations for such concepts. Such efforts help in making and keeping Vedic astrology helpful to the maximum extent.


Himanshu Shangari