Three Essential Factors for Success

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When you collect a good amount of positive energy through various good karmas and the company of good people and places, such energy makes your aura more and more positive. As this positive energy now has to bring rewards as per the law of nature, it starts working towards bringing rewards to you. Now the time has come to know this important fact that even though the working of an aura may seem magical but it is not and it simply follows a specific mechanism each time an aura wants to do anything for you, whether positive or negative.

Magic is simply nothing but what is happening before us and we don’t know how, which means that we don’t know the exact mechanism behind the working of such a thing, and so we call it magic which means beyond our understanding. However, as soon as you understand the exact mechanism behind magic, it starts seeming normal and sane thing to you as you now know that it follows a specific set of instructions or mechanism and you also know that mechanism. Hence, the more we know about the secret mechanisms of various things, the less number of magical things are left for us to wonder about.

As I was saying, when the positivity of your aura becomes more and more in strength, it has to bring rewards to you as per the law of nature and hence it starts working. Since there is nothing called magic, it starts making changes to your personality and your aura starts changing you from within, in order to make you more capable of achieving certain specific goals or targets that you wish to achieve. Looking at this mechanism, your strong positive aura starts communicating with your subconscious mind, the mind which has a record of all your wishes, ambitions and dreams from this life as well as from past lives.

In the next step, a list of all the good things that you wish to achieve is made and then in the next step, it is seen which wish can be fulfilled first depending on the quality and quantity of positivity that your aura has, and also depending on certain other factors in some specific cases. These factors may include the wishes and net positivity of the auras of some other people if your wish includes those people also, in order to be fulfilled, like a successful relation for example, which needs the net energy equation of the second person also and which doesn’t entirely depend on you.

As it has now been decided between your aura and your subconscious mind, which wish can be fulfilled first depending on the quality and quantity of rewards you have earned and depending on some other factors, your aura and subconscious mind move to the next step and execute a plan to make your wish come true. To understand it better, let’s take the example of credit cards which offer reward points. Every time you shop using your credit card, you earn reward points, which when accumulated, make you eligible for various rewards. Credit card companies offer various rewards and you can collect any reward of your wish, provided you have sufficient number of reward points to get the reward.

Hence if you want a luxury watch as your reward, and it says you need 50,000 reward points to get it, if you have already earned those 50,000 reward points, the watch is yours anytime. However, if you have fewer reward points, say 40,000 reward points, you will either need to wait till you earn 10,000 more reward points or you will have to settle for another reward which comes within this number of reward points. This is how it works in real life too. You earn reward points through good karmas and get the rewards you want or wanted.

Moving on, as your aura and subconscious mind decide that the time has come to reward you; and they also shortlist one or even more than one of your wishes to be fulfilled depending on the quality and quantity of positive energy you have, the next step is to divide the job in two halves. Your subconscious mind takes care of the first half and your aura takes care of the second half and throughout this process, your aura and subconscious mind keep communicating with each other. It is important to note that throughout such communications, your subconscious mind is the one which is in charge and your aura is the one which follows in most cases. This is why I mentioned very early in this book that your subconscious mind is the most powerful entity among all the wonderful things that you have.

As the job has been divided between your aura and subconscious mind, the latter starts sending directions to you and as a result, you start having a feeling which keeps growing with time. For example, while you are getting an average salary and your dream is to start your own practice or business, and make it successful, as your rewards keep increasing and reach a level, your aura and subconscious mind decide to fulfill this dream. Accordingly, your subconscious mind starts sending strong signals to you and through these signals, your wish of starting your own practice or business starts getting stronger and stronger with each day. Something from inside starts telling you that the time has come for you to start doing your own practice or business and this voice keeps getting louder and louder. Though some of you may call it intuition and some of you may call it gut feeling but in reality, it is the voice of your subconscious mind.

This voice keeps getting louder and finally the time comes when you quit your job and start doing your own business. As you start this practice, two things happen with time. The first is that your subconscious mind motivates you to learn more and more facts related to your profession so that you may become better and better in your field, and in doing so, your subconscious mind helps you through similar knowledge or pattern that you may have acquired in your past lives also. Your subconscious mind makes you more interested in sources which give you more knowledge and expertise about your profession and it also makes sure that when you try to gain such knowledge and absorb it, the process goes easily, as now, you have the power of your subconscious mind to back you up.

It may have happened to many of you that a specific type of knowledge or talent may have come to you very easily when you tried to gain it in comparison to how easy or difficult it was for most other people, and you start feeling very comfortable with such type of knowledge or talent as it is almost effortless to gain it. You may think it is coming to you magically but the truth is that your subconscious mind is putting its power behind you and that is what makes it easy to gain this knowledge.

The reason for this is that you may have already gained this knowledge or some similar knowledge through conscious efforts during one of your past lives which you have forgotten now, but your subconscious mind has kept a record of all this knowledge. When it wishes at a time it thinks fit, it releases the knowledge to you and it all comes back to you. Though it seems to you like you have gained it recently and magically, this knowledge was already there with you for many lifetimes and you have only become aware of all of it or part of it, during your present time.

Have you ever wondered why a particular person is very good at football right from the time he was a kid and even though he didn’t receive much professional training but he easily defeated many others with high class professional training. As this kid grew older, he wrote his name on world football. Why is he such an expert in football even though he received less training? Most of his ability seems self-learned or self-created from your point of view, whereas from his point of view, you will most of the time get an answer that he doesn’t know how and why but he liked it, he started playing it and then it all started coming to him as if by magic. Well this is no magic and he already had this knowledge from one of his past lives and his subconscious mind has released this knowledge to him, very early in this lifetime. Since this person doesn’t consciously know the source of this knowledge, he thinks it has come by magic.

Considering the cases of many such top class people shining in different fields like singing, writing, acting, politics, business and many other fields, where all these people have had a great sense of their professions right from the start or from very young ages and they have not visibly learnt much through professional training, we generally call all of these people as gifted people or born geniuses. However, now you know the fact that in the domain of karmas, there are no unearned gifts and such abilities have come to them from an early age, and without much contribution from the other people, because they already had this knowledge in their past lives and their subconscious mind has released this knowledge to them earlier in this life as a part of its plan. Once again, we and the positively affected person himself don’t know the exact conscious reason for this knowledge or talent and hence it is called magical or gifted knowledge.

Getting back to the two things which happen when a person leaves his job and starts his practice as a part of the plan of his subconscious mind and his aura, the subconscious mind starts helping him in gaining more and more knowledge about his profession. At the same time, his aura is also doing its job and before telling you how, you should know this fact that the success of a person at any time and in any sphere of his life, depends on three factors. The first one is the strong desire to achieve, the second one is the effort required, and the third one is the luck factor which is discarded by many people but which has the ability to change the entire equation in your favor or against you.

As the subconscious mind has now done its work by giving you more and more talent related to your profession and by motivating you to put in more and more effort or hard work, this is the time for your aura to do its work. The aura controls the luck factor and rightly so as your luck is nothing but the sum total of rewards or punishments that you deserve based on your karmas from this life as well as from past lives. Since all the positive and negative energy which results from such karmas remains in your aura, your aura is the chance, the opportunity and the luck.

So your aura starts working and it attracts more and more such people to you who can give you appreciation and rewards for the type of knowledge or talent you have or in other words, your aura starts attracting people who need your services and who at the same time are very well capable of paying you with handsome amount of money in return. Hence your aura attracts more and more opportunities and your subconscious mind has already given you expertise in your subject. The result, as you all must know by now, is nothing else but success which keeps growing with the passage of time until you reach a point of success and finances which corresponds to the quality and quantity of positive energy that you have in your aura. This is the time when the saturation point comes in your profession.

For this reason, you will notice that even though various professionals may have more or less the same amount of knowledge and expertise in a specific profession, the final outcome in terms of money and success is different for most of them as such outcome depends on the quality and quantity of positive energy in the auras of all these different people. Hence the one with the strongest positive aura will get more and more chances and accordingly, he will gain more and more success whereas the one with least amount of positive energy in his aura will gain the least amount of success even though he may have the same amount of expertise or talent in his field, as the one with maximum success has.

Have you ever wondered why some girls who are even more beautiful than the girl who has been crowned Miss Universe or Miss World, never make it to the top and some of them don’t make it even to the contest itself whereas some all right looking girl wins the title of Miss Universe. Even within a specific contest, many of you may be of this opinion that the girl who finished as second runner-up actually deserved the title but didn’t get it. Maybe the contest was fixed, maybe there was some behind-the-scenes politics and many other maybes may come to your mind.

Well, the actual reason is that the girl who was announced the second runner-up in the contest only had the amount of positive energy in her aura that was capable of taking her to the position of second runner-up and she didn’t have enough positive energy to enjoy the reward of being a Miss Universe or even a first runner-up. The winner is called lucky by many people and rightly so, as you know, luck is the domain of your aura and it is decided by your good and bad karmas. The winner had a stronger positive aura and so her luck or her aura influenced the judges more than the luck or aura of the first runner-up and the second runner-up.

So when you hear two different lines, where the first says that hard work is nothing without luck and the second says that man is the maker of his own destiny, these two lines don’t oppose each other, but they complement each other. This is because whatever good or bad you are doing today will decide your success and failure for tomorrow and hence your deeds of today will decide your chance, opportunity, luck or destiny for tomorrow. Since you only have created this luck or destiny by virtue of your deeds of today, you are indeed the maker of your own destiny of tomorrow.

Coming to the line that hard work or talent is nothing without luck, you will find millions of such examples where less talented people are gaining much more than more talented people because the former category of people has more luck than the latter category of people, and luck once again is decided by virtue of your own good or bad karmas. Hence whatever good things or success you have been able to achieve at a particular time in your life, say at this present time, it is exactly what your net energy equation or your aura was capable of bringing to you, nothing more than that and nothing less than that.

The time has now come to know this fact that even though your aura or your karmas bring good things to you if you have sufficient positive energy in your aura, but the type of rewards or the type of success you will achieve, is almost decided by you and you only, just like you decide the type of reward you want when you have sufficient reward points related to a credit card company. It should also be noted that these rewards are not always the ones which you have wanted in this life, say for about 4 years or more. In many cases, these rewards may be the ones you wished for throughout your past life, but you didn’t have enough positive energy to achieve them till the end of your life. Since you have wanted something strongly for 50 years or more and your subconscious mind has a record of that wish or desire, it is likely to be granted before your present life wish is granted. The reason is obvious, 50 years of wishing is much stronger than 4 years of wishing and whether you remember those 50 years or not, your subconscious mind does and that is what matters.

So when you have positive energy in your aura, two things happen. The first is which rewards can be achieved within that amount of positive energy which is fair enough and the second thing is among all the rewards you can get, through a specific amount of positive energy in your aura, those rewards that you have wanted the most are given first. This includes your past life or many past lives also since the journey of a soul and subconscious mind is continuous. Hence your subconscious mind counts all your wishes that are left unfulfilled, whether in this life or in the past lives and accordingly, you will get that wish fulfilled first which you wanted the most among the list of good things that your positive energy can get for you.

This brings us to the factor that often doesn’t have much weight when it comes to being rewarded or successful in the first place, but becomes most important when it is about choosing between available rewards. This is called a strong continuous desire or resolution factor. If you really want to achieve something, there are only three things you need: strong desire to achieve, due effort and positive energy in your aura. Now you know the exact mantra for success and rest of the things are there, just to help you out.

With this, the first section of this book which deals with the technical knowledge of the exact mechanism behind working of energy, aura, conscious mind, subconscious mind, desires and many other such entities, has come to an end. Though some of you may have found it difficult to understand, when you read the next section which will show you practical ways of improving your chances of success in various spheres of your life, you will certainly find that you couldn’t have made the most of the second section, if you had not gone through the first section and understood it well.

It is always easy to follow a concept when you know the exact logic behind the working of that theory or concept. The knowledge of such mechanism inspires faith in you to engage in practical application of that theory and one thing you should know at the end of this very valuable section is that nothing can cure or improve you better and faster than faith. This is because faith activates and calls your subconscious mind to your help and you already know what wonders your subconscious mind can do for you.

If you want to take a break, this is the time. The next section will be entirely different and it is practically oriented. You will get to know how to improve yourself and give yourself the best chances for success. You will learn simple ways through which you can see great improvement in relatively shorter periods of time.  So take your break now and come back for the next section after the break.


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