Seventh House of Horoscope

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Seventh House of Horoscope

The seventh house of horoscope is called Yuvati Bhava in Vedic astrology. Looking at its characteristics/significances; the seventh house represents event of marriage, happiness in marriage, longevity of marriage, husband, wife, partnerships, alliances, large intestine, genitals, sexual acts and many other things.

The seventh house deals with the event of marriage or timing of marriage, which means it indicates during what age the native may get marriage. This house also represents happiness in marriage as well as longevity of marriage. These are three different aspects of marriage and a horoscope may be blessed with one, two or three of them. For example, a native may get married at proper age if the first aspect is fine. However, he may suffer from bad marriage and such marriage may break; when the other two aspects are not good in his horoscope.

Taking another case, a native may get marriage at proper age and he may even enjoy good marriage. However, his husband or wife may be lost through an unfortunate event like death; if the third aspect is not good in his marriage. Hence the sphere of marriage may be called blessed when all three factors are good in a horoscope.

The seventh house also deals with partnerships as well as with partners. Marriage is also a kind of partnership and husband/wife is also a partner. The partnership represented by the seventh house is based on mutual gains and trust; and it doesn’t represent selfless partnership or love on its own. Hence the seventh house represents business partners, project partners, room partners, dance partners, professional partners and many other types of partners with shared or common interests. However, it doesn’t represent true lovers or friends. This is because friendship in its truest sense means a bond without the thought of profit and loss; and a bond which doesn’t include mutual interests.

The seventh house deals with relationships based on mutual interests where both parties are supposed to benefit as well as share responsibilities. Hence the partnerships, pairs or alliances represented by the seventh house may deal in mutual profitability, loyalty and fairness; but they may not deal in selfless acts of love. It may be easy to understand that all types of partnerships and alliances but marriage are based on mutual gains. When it comes to marriage; it may look like a bond formed out of love in case of love marriages.

However in reality, it is a contract or an agreement between two parties. Love is selfless and it never focuses on profits, losses, terms, conditions, promises and vows. A mother may love her children selflessly and she may ask or expect nothing in return. This is an example of love. Since the event of marriage itself includes a number of promises, conditions or vows to be fulfilled by both parties; it is not an act of love. It is a partnership based on mutual gains as well as on mutual responsibilities. Hence no marriage in the deepest sense is conducted out of pure love though marriage may lead to pure love in some cases.

This means that though you form a partnership focused on mutual interests when you get married; you may actually fall in love with your partner over a period of years. If that happens; the relationship starts as a contract or partnership and it turns into love. If that happens to a native; the seventh house, the lord of the seventh house or the general signifier for marriage in his or her horoscope may be under strong influence of astrological energies which promote pure love. Therefore, the seventh house on its own can’t bring love to a marriage and such love has to come from somewhere else in a horoscope.

The seventh house is a comfortable house and every planet among navagraha may produce benefic results when placed in it; provided such planet itself is benefic. Placements of malefic planets in this house may create problems related to event of marriage, longevity of marriage, quality of marriage, husband, wife, partnerships, sexual relationships, genitals, large intestine and a number of other problems; depending on the overall theme of horoscope under consideration.


Himanshu Shangari