Second House of Horoscope

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Second House of Horoscope

The second house of horoscope is called Dhan Bhava in Vedic astrology; and it is also called Kutumb Bhava. Looking at its characteristics/significances; the second house represents family, face, mouth, eyes, nose, lips, speech, money, wealth, financial management, memories, family traditions, family history, foods, eating and drinking habits; and many other things.

When it comes to money, there are four aspects related to it. These aspects are; money earned through profession, money earned or obtained through other sources, money spent and money saved. The tenth house represents the money as well as other things like reputation, success and recognition earned through profession. The eleventh house deals with money which may be earned through your primary profession and which may also be earned or obtained through other sources. Such sources include gifts, lotteries, bonuses, bets, stock markets, windfall gains and many other types of sources.

Through the tenth and eleventh house, money is earned/gain. Now it comes to spend this money. The twelfth house primarily deals with the spending part. Twelfth house is associated with losses. Even when you spend money of your own will; you lose it. Apart from the twelfth house, the eighth and sixth house also indicate loss of money. However in most cases; this is not the money that you may willingly spend. The sixth and eighth house indicate loss of money that you may have to spend or the money you may lose through various media like diseases, court cases, thefts, loans, robberies, accidents and unfortunate incidents.

In the first part you earn money and in the second part you spend or lose parts of it. The money which you are able to save after earning and spending or losing; is represented by the second house. Hence the second house represents your saved money, wealth, assets like gold and other precious metals or gemstones; and many other types of savings. However, the second house doesn’t represent properties and vehicles which are represented by the fourth house. Hence if the twelfth house is not troublesome and the second house is strong and healthy in a horoscope; the native may spend and save money wisely.

Let’s look at another characteristic of the second house. When it comes to traditions, the second house represents the traditions practiced or followed by your family line. Compared to this, the ninth house deals with the traditions practiced by the religion you follow. It means the traditions represented by the ninth house may include many traditions exhibited by the second house. This is because your family may follow a number of traditions which they have acquired from their religion. However, there may be some traditions which may exclusively belong to your family. These traditions in specific are represented by the second house. Taking an example, if it is a tradition in a family since two or three generations that one male member must join defence services; such tradition may be represented by the second house. The ninth house or the religion may not represent such traditions in general.

When it comes to family, the second house represents your living family members. Compared to this, the ninth house represents the family members who have died. An exception to this rule is your father who is represented by the ninth house, even when he is alive. Hence the ninth house deals with ancestors, with the exception of father.

Drawing a comparison, the houses like the third, fourth, fifth, seventh and ninth house represent the individual wellbeing and affairs of specific family members as long as they are alive. For example, the fourth house represents the wellbeing and affairs of mother as long as she is alive. Compared to this, the second house represents the collective wellbeing as well as collective affairs of the living family. It means if something bad is going to happen to your mother, it may reflect through the fourth house. Likewise, if something bad is going to happen to your wife, it may reflect through the seventh house. However, if something bad is going to happen to your family or within your family; it may reflect through the second house. It means that the problems or disasters which may affect the entire family are likely to reflect through the second house. Likewise, the problems happening within the family like disputes and separations may also reflect through the second house.

The second house is a comfortable house and every planet among navagraha may produce benefic results when placed in it; provided such planet itself is benefic. Placements of malefic planets in this house may create problems related to family, speech, communication, wealth, money, health, marriage and a number of other problems; depending on the overall theme of horoscope under consideration.


Himanshu Shangari