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Ruby is called Manikya in Sanskrit as well as in Hindi and it is called Yakoot in Urdu and Persian. Ruby is worn to provide extra strength to Sun. This gemstone transfers energy of Sun into the body of the wearer and through such energy, Sun may gain extra strength in his horoscope as well as in his aura.

Looking at the composition of this gemstone, Ruby belongs to the family of corundum. Ruby is available in different colors and shades of Red; like light red, light rose red, light violet red to dark rose or dark violet red, dark blood red or dark brownish red. The color and clarity of this gemstone are two important aspects to look for when purchasing Ruby.

Depending on the overall horoscopes, different colours of Ruby may be suitable for different natives. Some may benefit more by wearing dark red Rubies whereas some others may benefit more by wearing light rose or violet Rubies. Appropriate weight of this gemstone is an important factor. Different weights may be suitable for different natives, depending on their overall horoscopes. In general, weights between 3 and 8 carats of this gemstone are suitable for most people.

Sun represents father, immunity, creativity, intelligence, courage, confidence, authority, aggression, initiative, leadership, the ability to produce children in case of male natives; and a number of other things in general. Depending on which house it rules in a horoscope, it may represent a number of other things and people for the native. For example, if Sun rules the seventh house in a horoscope; it represents the event of marriage, happiness in marriage, longevity of marriage, husband, wife, partnerships, alliances, genitals and many other things; in addition to its general significances.

Though this gemstone may produce wonderful results when Sun is benefic in the horoscope of the wearer, it may cause serious problems when Sun is malefic in the horoscope of the wearer. Hence care should be taken when wearing Ruby.

When buying Ruby, you should get a lab test report with it. The report should mention ‘Natural Ruby’ along with other details. This tells you that the Ruby has been made through natural processes and it is not fake.

Ruby is generally worn on the ring finger of right hand in Copper or Gold. However, based on a native’s requirements as well as on his overall horoscope, it may be worn on some other finger or in a pendant or bracelet.

Vedic astrology recommends practicing some procedures before wearing Ruby. They include purification and energization of this gemstone. Purification of Ruby is the process through which any negative energy attached to this gemstone is removed with the help of Mantras and some specific Vedic procedures.

When you purchase a Ruby, you may not know for sure that whether or not it has been worn by someone else before you. In case it has been worn by someone else for a period of more than a month; their aura may leave energy imprints on Ruby. If the aura of such native is negative, the imprints will also be negative. We leave aura imprints on everything we touch. The longer we touch it, stronger may the imprints be.

As you wear such Ruby, the energy of this gemstone as well as the energy of the other native may both affect you. If such energy is negative, it may cause problems. Such problems are generally mild and they are more like side effects which generally disappear in a week or so. However in some cases; such problems may be significant and they may sustain for a month or two.

This happens when a native with highly negative aura has worn this gemstone for a period of more than six months. Strong negative energy imprints may be registered on Ruby in such case, and they may take longer to fade away, after you wear such Ruby. Though the aura of the other person may create such side effects or problems, you may think it is the Ruby which is doing so.

The process of purification removes every type of energy imprints from Ruby. This process works like sanitization which removes bacteria and viruses from a surface. If you’re certain that your gemstone is brand new and it hasn’t been worn by anyone else before you; the process of purification is not needed.

It should be noted that many people may touch this gemstone before you wear it, like the sellers and ring makers. They touch it for short durations of time and this much time is not an issue. Hence purification may not be needed in such cases. It is only when someone has worn this gemstone for over a month that you should think of getting it purified before wearing it.

Energization of Ruby is the process through which this gemstone is specifically charged for you, with the help of Mantras and some specific Vedic procedures so that it may produce better results. This is not a compulsory process and your Ruby may produce its due effects even without energization. Hence the process of energization is more like an advantage than a necessity and it can be skipped if you wish.

Once you’ve got your duly purified (optional) and energized (optional) Ruby, fitted in a ring, pendant or bracelet; the next step is to wear it. Vedic astrology recommends that Ruby should be worn on a Sunday morning, when wearing it for the first time. Before wearing Ruby for the first time, you should put the ring, pendant or bracelet in Gangajal (water of Holy River Ganga) or in a mixture of unboiled milk and pure water for about 12 hours prior to wearing it. This means you should do so on a Saturday evening so that you may wear it on the following Sunday morning.

You should take bath on the chosen Sunday morning, sit or stand in front of the ring, pendant or bracelet and you should chant Mool Mantra or Beej mantra of Sun for 108 times or 27 times. After doing so, you should take the Ruby ring, Pendant or bracelet and you should rinse it with clean water, in case you had put it in a mixture of unboiled milk and water. You should then wipe it with a clean cloth and wear it.

If you had put it in Gangajal, simply wipe it with a clean cloth and wear it. In case you’ve got it purified through Vedic procedures, you don’t need to put it in Gangajal or a mixture of unboiled milk and water. In such case, simply keep it at a clean place after purification and wear it on the chosen morning after chanting Mantras.

For the sake of convenience, here are Mool Mantra and Beej Mantra of Sun:

Sun Mool Mantra: Om Sooryaay Namah

Sun Beej Mantra: Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Sooryaay Namah

You may wear your Ruby anytime between 6 AM to 11 AM in the morning, when wearing it for the first time. Though more specific details about timing may be obtained specifically based on your horoscope; they may not be needed. Once you have worn it, you may keep wearing it permanently; unless you’re asked to wear it for a specific period of time. If you wish or need; you may take off this gemstone for an hour or two as that may not compromise the results given by this gemstone.

For example, you may have to remove it every day, when you go to gym, if you’re wearing it on your finger. If you engage in weight lifting, such heavy weights may cause damage to your ring or even to your gemstone. Hence you should remove it before engaging in exercise and wear it back, once you’re done. Likewise, there may be other situations which may require you to take it off for some time. However, removing Ruby for days and months may gradually reverse the effects given by this gemstone. Hence this practice should be avoided.


Himanshu Shangari