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This offer is Closed for the time being. Kindly check back later.

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After placing order for this book, you can submit your birth details for Gemstone Analysis Report. Simply send us an email to and mention your Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth and your current city and country of residence. Kindly also forward us the email sent to you by Amazon which confirms your purchase. After receiving the details and email sent by Amazon, your request will be placed in queue.

Once the book reaches you, you will receive another email from Amazon that your book has been delivered. Forward us this email and within the next 5 to 10 days, you wll receive your Gemstone Analysis Report.

Important Note : This offer is valid only for Paperback version ( Print Copy of the Book ) and it is not valid in case of purchase of Kindle or any other Ebook version of this book. This offer is only valid for purchase made on any Amazon website and it is not valid on purchases made on any other online shopping websites. Purchasing the book, forwarding the order confirmation email and delivery confirmation email is compulsory to avail a free Gemstone Anaysis Report. This report can only be availed for the person on whose name the purchase has been made. Purchasing the book under one name and asking a free Gemstone Report for another name or person, is not allowed.

In case of doubt in some cases, we may ask for additional information about your purchase in order to validate your purchase. This additional information is not about any of your financial details and it may be something like asking you to send us a snapshot of your Amazon account from which the purchase has been made and which shows that this order has been delivered. This offer is valid only for Gemstone Analysis Report, so kindly do not ask for any other services offered through our website.

Gemstone analysis report is a brief but very valuable report where each and every word is written by PanditJi himself. This report mentions the gemstones which suit you, their suitable weight, their suitable color, their suitable origin if applicable, suitable metal for rings or pendants, suitable fingers in case of ring, their wearing procedure along with suitable days and their primary benefits. This report also mentions the gemstones which do not suit you and can harm you. Kindly do not expect a 5 to 15 page software generated report which only takes one click to generate and which is worth nothing. Kindly understand that you are paying for an expert’s expertise and not for a computer program generated report. PanditJi takes his due time to write each and every word of this report so that you may benefit the most from it.

This offer is Closed for the time being. Kindly check back later.