Power of Karma

Heaven and Hell Within
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Two friends Santa Singh and Ramlal lived as neighbours. They were both in poor condition and both of them aspired to be rich. One day Santa Singh heard that Ramlal had hit a Jackpot of Rs. 1 Crore and he had become rich. Santa Singh went to his house and he congratulated him. When he told RamLal that he was really lucky to hit the jackpot, Ramlal told Santa Singh that luck had got nothing to do with it and that he had prayed to Lord Vishnu continuously for 10 years and he daily asked for this Jackpot and Lord Vishnu finally made it happen.

Hearing this Santa Singh was amazed and he asked Ramlal that if he would do the same type of prayer, would it be possible that Lord Vishnu could bless him also with a Jackpot, to which Ramlal said Yes. Santa Singh brought an Idol of Lord Vishnu, established it in a clean part of his house and he started praying to it day and night asking for a Jackpot of Rs. 1 Crore.

10 Years went by and there was no Jackpot. Santa Singh got irritated and he went to Ramlal who had become even richer by now. Ramlal welcomed him and after hearing his problem he said that it could happen sometimes that someone’s wish might take longer to be fulfilled and that he should continue doing the worship of Lord Vishnu at least till the completion of 14 years.

Santa Singh came back and he started worshiping Lord Vishnu once again. 4 more years passed and nothing happened. Santa Singh again went to Ramlal and asked him what to do now, to which Ramlal replied that even he did not know what to do now. Santa Singh came back home, very angry and furious as he felt cheated by Lord Vishnu. In a fit of rage, he decided to disestablish the idol of Lord Vishnu from his house.

As he put his hands around the idol and he tried to get it up, he felt drops of water on his hands. When he looked properly, he found that Lord Vishnu’s statue was shedding tears which were wetting his hands. Seeing this, Santa Singh got furious and started saying to the idol that it is he who should weep and not the Lord as he as been cheated and not Lord Vishnu.

And then, all of a sudden, the idol changed into Lord Vishnu himself who, with tears in his eyes said to Santa Singh……..

” Santa Singh, I am so happy and moved by your dedicated and disciplined worship, that for the past 7 years I am dying to bless you with a Jackpot, not of Rs. 1 Crore but of Rs. 10 Crore. But for my sake, go and at least once………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Buy a Lottery Ticket. ”

Moral : God only helps those who help themselves. It is your duty to plant and raise the tree and it is God’s grace to bless it with fruits but if you don’t plant a tree, what is there to be blessed with fruits. Those who believe in God must learn that God always does half the work for his loved ones but he only does the second half after you have completed the first half. So while you pray to God to bring good to you, always remember to do the efforts required for that good to happen.


Himanshu Shangari