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Unveiling the Deepest Secrets

I have divided this book into two sections. The first section deals with technical aspects of all good and bad things that happen to us, how and why they happen, what is the exact mechanism behind the working of these good and bad things, and other valuable information. Along with this, there are more pearls of knowledge and wisdom, many of which may not have been shared so far in any book on this genre. This book is capable of filling you with more and more knowledge of the entire scheme of the universe, your role in it, how and which factors affect your success and failures and how you can control those factors to gain advantage in various spheres of your life.

The first section of this book is a technical section and accordingly it may seem a bit difficult for some readers, whereas others will love and enjoy it like a blessing has been rendered to them. Those who find the first section difficult to understand can directly move onto the second section as the second section contains the juice of the first section, i.e., all the information and remedies you need to know to improve yourself, in very simple language.

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari



Chapter 01 : The Power and Illusions of Mind

Once upon a time, a building was being constructed. Dozens of laborers were working hard to complete the task. It was a very hot day and the Sun was beating down hard. All the laborers seemed troubled from brutal attack of harsh sunlight and heat.

Three laborers were breaking big stones into smaller ones in harsh sunlight. All three of them seemed to be exhausted and were soaked in sweat. A man went to one of the three laborers and asked him, “How are you, brother?”

The worker burst out angrily and said, “This is one hell of a life, sir. I have to work hard in the burning heat and at the end of the day; all I get is Rs. 10, which my family will spend fast and then they will ask me to go through this hell again! Life is hell and it can’t get worse than this!”

This man went to the second laborer and asked him the same question, and the laborer replied, “I am just about alright, Sir. Though I have to work hard, all day long, at the end of the day the contractor pays me Rs. 10 which is sufficient to fulfill my family’s needs. Hence the equation is simple, I work hard and I get rewarded. Life is not very good but life is fair.”

This man went to the third laborer and asked him the same question. He smiled with satisfaction as well as gratitude and said, “I am very well, Sir! God has been very kind to me all the way. This structure we are raising is the building for a school. As soon as it is ready, thousands of children will be educated and they will then shape the future of our country. I am very thankful to God that he chose me to be a part of this noble deed and look at the grace of my God, I am even being paid Rs. 10 every day for doing this noble deed. This money takes good care of my family. I couldn’t ask anything else from life, Sir. Life is simply as good as it can get!”

This man asking the question was a saint and he had brought some of his disciples to teach them a very important lesson in life. He turned towards his students and said, “You see, heaven or hell, is only a point of view and nothing else.”

The message is clear. Even though resources always matter, sometimes to some extent and sometimes to a great extent, happiness will never completely depend on resources. All the resources of the world are physical and they can accordingly deal with the physical realm only. Happiness is not a state of the physical body and it is a state of the mind. Therefore, whether or not you are truly happy, most of the time depends on the type of mindset you have.

A positive mind almost always finds reasons to be happy and content, even in the worst of the circumstances whereas a negative and complaining mind almost always finds one thing or the other to complain about, even in the best of the circumstances.

Hence it all starts with mind and it all ends with mind. If you have a positive mind which is capable of seeing beauty in all species and things created by nature and by man, you’ll be able to enjoy most of your life as you have a mindset of enjoying one thing or the other in every aspect of the universe. On the other hand, if you have a negative mind and you’re good only at finding fault with most species, things and situations, almost nothing can make you happy permanently. This is because even if you are happy for some time, it is certainly short lasting happiness, as very soon, you will find reasons to complain about this state of happiness also.

During my journey of this life, I have interacted with and observed thousands of people and they exhibit different types of characters and points of views. It means that different people react differently in different circumstances and situations. Depending on their mindsets and reactions towards a situation, the results are also different for them. A positive mind most of the time gets something good out of every situation and profits from it, whereas a negative mind most of the time fails to gain even from the best of the situations.

Look at these different answers coming from two people in the same situation, which looked like it was a bad situation. Not being selected for the job after the interview, one person told me that nothing was going well for him and that he was getting more and more frustrated after every failed interview. The second person told me that this failure only meant he deserved more than this job, and that there was something better than this job in store for him and these failures on the way were only preparing him for the time when the real opportunity would come his way.

The first person is still living a life of complaints after settling for a job which is far below his caliber whereas the second person has finally found what he always believed he would find, which is a job far better than all those jobs for which he was rejected. At times, it may seem difficult to understand but the fact is that all of us, sooner or later, only get the type of good or bad things, situations or relationships that we really want.

People with negative mindsets start apprehending something bad right from the start like, while entering into a job, taking an exam, entering into a relationship or anything else and accordingly; they fail at most of them. The power of their negative minds and apprehensions is the one that ultimately makes their fears come true and then they can be found saying: “I felt it right from the beginning and look, it has happened!” The fact is that it is only their fears and negative mindsets which have made this negative situation become a reality.

On the other hand, there are people who have positive mindsets, and are confident that whatever is going to happen to them, whoever is going to come into their lives, they will gain from everything and everyone in the long run. Surprisingly, but not surprisingly; these people gain a lot in their lives. These people can get positive results even from the seemingly negative situations and the reason is the same, the power of their minds.

It is the unmatched power of the human mind which when works in a positive direction, can create strongly positive people who can make almost anything possible with the power of their minds. On the other hand, if human mind works in the negative direction, it can create strongly negative people who may fail even in the most positive of circumstances. Hence good and bad, success and failure – all of them are ultimately controlled by the power of the human mind and so it becomes very important to recognize this power and start making positive use of it.

Let’s go deeper into it and see how human mind can create big successes or big failures, depending on the direction it takes. In order to understand this concept, we’ll need to see how human mind can control all of our reflexes and actions, which even we don’t know that it does. A part of our mind is called the subconscious mind and this is the part which is responsible for all the positivity and negativity that you have carried forward from your previous lives.

The true power of the subconscious mind is unmatched and it is a far more powerful entity living inside you. The subconscious mind can be controlled only with special techniques of meditation, which are practiced by the people willing to achieve spiritual advancement. The other part of our mind is the conscious mind, which we deal with in our sane senses. Knowing this, let’s move ahead and see how the power of the mind works for the good and for the bad.

Our mind is the only bridge that connects all the different entities such as physical strength and brain lying inside a human body. Accordingly, it is the power behind our strengths and weaknesses. When we try to create or do something, it is first created in the conscious mind and then the message of this creation is forwarded to the subconscious mind.

To understand this concept in more detail, starting with a negative-minded person, as he starts creating stronger and stronger conscious negative thoughts about a specific thing or person, his conscious mind keeps sending these thoughts to his subconscious mind and a time comes when the latter starts working more and more towards making it happen. This process is so subtle and microscopic that the affected person himself doesn’t feel that he is responsible for his failures and setbacks. Once the subconscious mind gains more and more strength through his negative ideas, it starts controlling the body, brain, speech and all other important functions of this person in a way which may finally produce the results desired by this person, and this person fails.

Hence when positive and fruitful situations come to this person, his subconscious mind sends a strong signal that this opportunity is not the right one and it should be passed. Since the subconscious mind is in control, the person passes on this opportunity under the pretext of fear, apprehension, confusion, lack of confidence and other such feelings. On the other hand, whenever a negative opportunity comes, the all powerful subconscious mind sends strong signals to this person, telling him that this is the opportunity he should be taking. The subconscious mind does so because negativity and loss was fed to it by the conscious mind and now the subconscious mind makes it come true. Needless to say, the person fails or suffers loss and the task given by him to his subconscious mind is completed by it.

Let’s now look into the working of a positive mind. As a positive person creates positive thoughts and ideas in his conscious mind again and again; and as these ideas are fed to his subconscious mind through his conscious mind, the subconscious mind starts working to make them come true. In this case, when a negative opportunity comes to this person, his subconscious mind being the all powerful and all knowing, sends strong signals that this opportunity should be avoided, and accordingly, he doesn’t take it up.

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Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari

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