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On the other hand, when a positive or productive opportunity comes to him, his subconscious mind sends strong signals that this is a perfect opportunity for him and he must take it. The person simply follows his subconscious mind, he takes on the opportunity and the result is success. Once again, the subconscious mind has made the same thing happen in reality, which was fed to it. This is how your subconscious mind works: sending strong positive or negative signals to you.

You may have felt a strong sense of intuition or gut feeling, without knowing the logic or reason underlying it. These are the signals that your subconscious mind sends to you and since you don’t know the working of your subconscious mind, you interpret them as your gut feeling or intuition whereas it is nothing but your subconscious mind in action. By now, you must be wondering how powerful your subconscious mind is. Much to your surprise, it doesn’t end here and goes even further.

Many of you may have faced situations, met people or seen places that give you a feeling of Déjà vu which in other words means that they look like they have already happened to you, or may seem familiar to you, but you don’t know why. This is once again your subconscious mind sending strong signals to you that this thing, place or person is familiar since the subconscious mind has already dealt with it or something like it in one of your previous lives, very likely in your recent past life. Accordingly, you feel that this situation or person is familiar and since you can’t read the subconscious mind, it feels like Déjà vu to you.

Before moving ahead, we should understand more about the functioning of the conscious and subconscious mind, how they are connected, and also what their respective functions are in our existence. The conscious mind is the part of your mind which interacts with you and your body on various levels. Everything fed to this part of the mind and everything coming out of it can be actively felt and understood by you. For example, when you drink juice, your tongue sends taste signals to your mind and your mind tells you if it tastes good or bad and you know every detail of this act right from the beginning till the end. This is called your conscious mind and almost all functions and activities of the conscious mind are within your knowledge. So this part of your mind is simple to understand and it goes easy as its name conscious mind suggests.

Moving on to the subconscious mind, it is more complex, and is probably one of the most complex phenomena anyone may come across. Accordingly; its working as well as the understanding of its working is complex. The subconscious mind deals with your present life and with your past life also and in some cases, it deals more with the past life or past lives than it deals with the present life. These are the cases that cause people affected by it to behave in strange ways which may seem odd to an average person, but which in reality is nothing but just a shade of complex pattern of the subconscious mind.

Let’s now try to understand the true ability, utility and power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is that part of your mind which stores knowledge, information, memory and experiences from your present as well as past lives. Right from the first life of every soul, the subconscious mind starts storing and recording everything and life after life, it keeps doing the same. You can consider it like a multi-terra Byte hard disk which has tons of space and can store vast amounts of data.

As all data from your past lives is recorded on your subconscious mind, and since this data includes good and bad experiences, all success and failures, all wisdoms and follies and things from your past lives, it becomes very powerful. This is because it has already dealt with most situations in one or the other of your past lives and it knows much better what would be the right thing to do in a particular situation, as a situation that you think you are facing for the first time in your life may be nothing new for your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has all the record and this fact makes it a very powerful entity.

Let’s take a look at five important planes that human entity contains. The first one of these planes is the physical plane and it is easy to understand; as it stands for our physical body. The second plane is the emotional plane where emotions take birth, they grow and they gather. The third plane is our mental plane which deals with the matters of intellect and hence ideas or concepts take birth, they grow and they gather on this plane.

The fourth plane is the psychic plane. This is the plane which is directly represented or controlled by our subconscious mind and this is the plane which has all the data or memories from our past lives. Let’s now look at the process through which our psychic plane gathers all this data. All the experiences as well as the knowledge you gain through your conscious efforts in this life are stored on your subconscious mind. This keeps happening till the end of your life and then you die. In the next life, all this information is still present in your subconscious mind though you’re not aware of it.

This knowledge from the past lives is stored on the subconscious mind and it is dealt on the psychic plane. Hence your psychic energy is not a result of your physical effort or mental effort in this life, it is built progressively during many of your past lives and it is passed on to you at the beginning of each life; just as it was at the end of your life prior to that life.

Since your psychic energy comes from past lives and it deals with things on the psychic plane, its working is much different from that of some other types of energies. For instance, your mental energy is the one that motivates you to decide the rating of a situation or a person after carefully analyzing the facts related to such situation or person. However, your psychic energy is the one which doesn’t have to do all these calculations and it is more of an intuitive energy. It can straight away tell you in your mind, whether to trust a person or situation; or not; especially a person, without much logic. Some readers may think that psychic energy is inferior to mental energy as it doesn’t believe in logical reasoning.

However, it is not the case and in fact, your psychic energy at any point in time is the sum total of your mental energy from many of your past lives. Considering an example, let’s suppose you meet a person in this life and you start interacting with that person. Over a long period of time, you find out many good things about that person by using your mental energy; your relationship with this person starts getting stronger and stronger; and it becomes one of the most valuable relationships of your life, by the time you die. This is what your mental energy does for you, in a very logical and practical way, analyzing the good and the bad in people around you; and rating them according to that good or bad.

This is the time you should know that your mental energy resides in your conscious mind which gets wiped out every time you die and take a new birth. It means you actively or consciously forget each and everything you consciously learnt about this person during this life; as soon as you take a new birth; just like you tend to forget the details of most of your dreams, soon after waking up. However, all this information collected by you about this person after a lifetime of hard mental work doesn’t go to waste and this is how.

All the information as well as the rating of this person from time to time; is stored in the subconscious part of your mind during the life in which you gather such information. The equation between your conscious mind and subconscious mind is such that your conscious mind has the right to draw any information from your subconscious mind; provided that information has been gathered by your conscious mind in the present life. As soon as you die and take a new life, your conscious mind can’t draw the information from your subconscious mind; which was gathered by it during your pervious life.

This is because your subconscious mind remains the same throughout the journey of your soul but your conscious mind changes in every life, just like your body changes in every life. So technically speaking, it is not the same conscious mind which had gathered all such information and recorded it on your subconscious mind, and hence it has no right to this information. However, such information always stays recorded on your subconscious mind and it is never destroyed.

Your subconscious mind acts as a hard disk which stores information from all your past lives; starting from your first life. However, you may not access this information through your conscious mind in most cases and you may need specific techniques of meditation to get access to this hard disk full of valuable information and knowledge gained by you, during all your previous lives.

Your mental energies deal with analysis of information from the present life whereas your psychic energy doesn’t do so. This energy deals with the information stored in your subconscious mind and it makes decisions based on that information. In simple words, your mental energy is the sum total of your experiences in this life whereas your psychic energy is the sum total of your experiences during all your lives. Isn’t that wonderful? Well it is and that is why your psychic energy is the culmination point of your mental energy at any point during any of your lives.

Hence there is no match between your mental and psychic energy as the latter is much stronger and enhanced in comparison to the former. Your mental energy is like a river full of water flowing for many years whereas your psychic energy is like the ocean that receives the water of this river. Practically speaking, the river may claim only that water as its own, which still lies in it and it may not claim the water that it has given to the ocean. The ocean on the other hand, is a sum total of all the water of such river, delivered to it from the beginning of life of that river. Hence an ocean is a collection of all the essence of the river, accumulated over a very long period of time. Similarly, your psychic energy is a collection of all the information gathered by your mental energy over a period of many lives.

Considering a practical example related to the current topic, let’s suppose you meet a woman and let’s suppose you have never met her in this life as well as in any of your past lives. This equation is equally new to your mental as well as to your psychic energy as none of them has any information or rating about this woman. Hence this relationship is led by your mental energy which tries to find more and more about this woman and then passes all such information to your subconscious mind which generates your psychic energy. This is what happens in case of all your usual relationships.

Now suppose you meet a woman who you are meeting for the very first time in this life but who has been close to you in many of your past lives; especially in your life prior to this life. The scenario is different here as your mental and psychic energies are operating from different platforms in this case. As your mental energy doesn’t have any record of any interaction with this woman in this life, it will treat it as a new case. However, your psychic energy has a strong record of this woman, filled with beautiful interactions with her during your past lives.

Hence your mental energy tells you to treat this woman like a stranger as she is new to you whereas your psychic energy tells you to trust this person and treat her like a close relative you can trust. This is because your psychic energy knows well that this person will bring many good things to your life and your relationship with this soul is an already established relationship. Hence it gives you strong signals of trusting this woman as it knows that she is the same soul from the past; and such signals are interpreted as intuition in common language. It means you have a strong intuition that this woman is good for you, and you should start trusting her.

As a result, you start trusting this woman much faster than you trust other people and in a matter of no time, you build a strong and meaningful relationship with her. The same happens to many other such relationships like some people becoming your friends and coming much closer to you in a very short period of time. Have you ever wondered why you feel like knowing someone very well even when you have met them two three times? Have you ever thought why you have strong feelings of like or dislike for some people though you may not have logical reasons for such likes or dislikes? The answers to these questions lie in this fact. You already know all these things about these people but you are not actively aware of such information. Hence you call it some type of intuition which in fact is the information carefully and logically collected by you during your previous lives.

The fifth plane is called astral plane and it has everything to do with divine entities, which means this plane deals with the souls which have reached the highest levels of spiritual growth. Your astral plane may only have as much energy in it, as much you have gained through your spiritual growth during your past lives, just as your psychic plane may only have as much energy in it, as much you have gained through your mental plane in your past lives.

Astral plane is the most difficult to develop plane and it may very well be the case that you may have no energy in this plane, even though you may have taken thousands of lives. If this happens, it means that you didn’t try to achieve spiritual growth in any of your past lives and hence you don’t have this energy, as you didn’t achieve it at all, throughout the journey of your soul. People who have significant energy in their astral plane are the ones who may communicate with astral bodies and they may receive divine help in times of need.

However, the astral energy is also stored in subconscious mind, which means you may not know even if it is helping you through some divine interaction and you may simple call it miracle. In reality, your astral energy has interacted with another soul with very high astral energy and it has requested help or guidance. If such request is honored, your wish is granted and you feel like some miracle has happened, as you can’t consciously see your subconscious mind doing all this for you, through your astral energy.

With all the power and experience that the subconscious mind holds, the catch is that no human can reach it, approach it, open it and operate it without the help of some specific techniques of meditation and when it comes to doing so, it is easier said than done as it can take an entire lifetime or even longer to accomplish this task. Hence true yogis gain much of their knowledge and strength from their subconscious minds as they have gained access to their subconscious minds and with that access, they have gained thousands of lives of experiences and wisdom.

Accordingly, they are more enlightened than an average person, who relies only on the knowledge and experience that he has gained in some 50 to 60 years of his present life, whereas the former has got access to knowledge, experience and wisdom of hundreds of thousands of years, gained through his thousands of lives. Since there is no comparison between 50 years and hundreds of thousands of years, the difference is obvious.

Even though the conscious mind is a platform through which you can actively create images or ideas, both positive and negative; in most cases, the conscious mind is not solely responsible for making them come true and there is always a percentage involvement of the subconscious mind in the equation. As a rule, the bigger the idea or thing you are trying to create, whether positive or negative, the more and more you focus on this idea or thought, the more chances there are that the percentage of work done by the subconscious mind may be far more than the percentage of the conscious mind, in making this idea or creation come true.

The reason for this is not difficult to understand and let’s try to find out this reason. Just going about our simple day to day routine, you will find that many things you wish to do are easy do, and accordingly, your conscious mind doesn’t need help from anywhere else to complete those tasks. For example, if you wish to go to a café and have a cup of coffee, if you wish to take a mile-long walk in the evening, if you wish to post pictures on Facebook or if you wish to cook a meal for your loved ones, none of these things require special effort or much difficulty. Accordingly, your conscious mind is capable of dealing with these issues and the involvement of the subconscious mind is at its least here.

On the other hand, if you wish to achieve certain goals which are far beyond the capability of the present strength of your conscious mind, your conscious mind needs help from some of its allies or friends. The first of these friends is the subconscious mind, which is a very potent and strong friend, but which at the same time won’t help easily and therefore, repeated requests are required to be made. For example, if you aspire to be a billionaire but your present status is that you are just earning a few thousands every month; if you wish to be known to a large number of people or in other words, you wish to be a celebrity or do some other job which is very difficult to do, your conscious mind alone is not sufficient and this is where the subconscious mind comes into play.

Though the subconscious mind is a friend of the conscious mind, and it is very powerful, it is not an easy thing for the conscious mind to convince the subconscious mind to help it do such things. Again, as a rule, the tougher the job that you’re trying to do or the goal you’re trying to accomplish, the greater is the amount of work to be done by the subconscious mind and accordingly, more convincing is required by the conscious mind. However, once your subconscious mind is completely convinced and ready to do a job, it can do anything without much trouble and even flying you to the Moon without a spacecraft is possible. Such is the power of the subconscious mind that lies within every human.

However, as already mentioned, the subconscious mind is a very tricky friend and it usually doesn’t respond soon to such requests of the conscious mind that require it to make real effort and create something far beyond the scope of the conscious mind. The only way for the conscious mind to convince the subconscious mind is to keep making such requests and keep asking for help. With repeated efforts, the subconscious may finally agree to help the conscious mind, though this period taken by the subconscious mind to agree to help the conscious mind may be short, long, very long or too long, depending on the task for which the help is being asked and depending on the strength and frequency of conscious mind in asking such help.

As the conscious mind needs to convince the subconscious mind to get its help on some difficult tasks that the former wants to get done for you whether such tasks may be positive or negative ones, this is where a positive or negative mindset becomes most important. Whatever you are planning or creating or asserting and reasserting with your conscious mind whether negative or positive, is continuously being forwarded to the subconscious mind and the more frequently a specific request is forwarded to the subconscious mind, the more are the chances that it may be accepted sooner now.

You may have read the magic of positive thinking. Now, you know for a fact that positive or negative mindset works for sure, you know the mechanism behind its working and why you should always have positive mindset, positive ideas and positive thoughts. This is because all of them will be forwarded to your subconscious mind through your conscious mind. Such requests then stand in queue, in the court of the super powerful subconscious mind and you must remember all the time that a request, whether positive or negative, may come up from the queue anytime. Accordingly, your wish whether positive or negative, may be granted anytime.

This is why most wise people tell you to have positive attitude or positive mindset. Though some of them may know how exactly the positive or negative mindset makes positive or negative things happen to you, whereas some others may not know; knowing how it works may not be very important in comparison to knowing that it works.

It should be noted that truth is one thing and the knowledge of truth is quite another. Both these virtues are independent of each other and they work in their own ways. When Galileo suggested in 1616 that the truth of our solar system is contrary to the prevailing belief, he was condemned. Till that point, it was believed that earth lies at the center of our solar system, rather than Sun. Galileo came forward with this theory that the Sun in reality lies at the center and other planets including the earth revolve around it. The theory as well as Galileo was condemned by the church and he had to retract it.

Later on, this theory went on to become absolutely true. The point here is that before this theory was proved, billions of people in this world thought that Sun revolves around the earth. However, even then the earth and other planets were revolving around Sun. It means when this theory was proved, only the knowledge about this truth was delivered and not the truth itself. This truth was present from the beginning of our solar system and even though we knew it about 400 years ago, it still remained the absolute truth before this period.

Hence whether or not you know how the positive or negative mindset works, doesn’t matter much and what matters is that you should know it works. By now, you have become aware of how the positive and the negative mindset have their ways of creating good or bad things. Accordingly, you should choose wisely between positive or negative mindset.

So far, we have come to know that the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind, accepts positive or negative requests from the conscious mind, and then with its power, the former completes those requests at times which it finds relevant, no matter how big those requests may be. However, we have still not discussed how exactly the subconscious mind works and how it makes such wonderful things happen? Without further delay, I am going to explain the working of the subconscious mind, in the next chapter.
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