Point of View

Heaven and Hell Within
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Once upon a time, a building was being constructed and dozens of labor workers were working hard to complete the task. It was a very hot day as the Sun was shining very hard and hot and all the laborers were facing the brutal attack of harsh sunlight and heat.

Three laborers were breaking big stones into smaller ones in harsh sunlight and all three of them seemed to be exhausted and soaked in sweat. A person called one of the three laborers and asked him a very simple question, ” How are you, brother ?”.

The worker burst out with anger and said, ” It is one hell of a life Sir, I have to work very hard in this burning heat and at the end of the day, all I get is Rs. 10 which my family will spend very fast and then they will ask me to go through this hell again. Life cannot get worse than this “.

This person then called the second laborer and asked him the same question to which the worker replied, ” I am just about alright Sir. Though I have to work very hard, the whole day long but at the end of the day, the contractor pays me Rs. 10 which is sufficient to fulfill the needs of my family. So the equation is simple, I work hard and I get rewarded. Life is not very good but life is fair “.

This person now called the third and final laborer and asked him the same question. This man gave a big smile of satisfaction and thankfulness and replied, ” I am really very good Sir and God has been very kind to me all the way along. This structure that we are raising is the building of a school and soon it will be ready. Thousands of children will get educated here and they will then shape the future of our country in a better way. I am very thankful to God that he chose me to be a part of this noble deed. And look at the grace of my God that I am even being paid with a very good amount of Rs. 10 every day for doing this noble job and this money takes care of my family. I could not ask anything else from life, Sir. Life is simply as good as it can get “.

This person who was a saint and who had brought some of his disciples to teach a very important lesson of their life, turned towards his students and said, ” You see, heaven or hell, it is only a point of view and nothing else “.

Moral : Life is heaven if you make it heaven and life is hell if you make it hell. You don’t need all the big things to feel happy and blessed. Even the smallest of the things can bring you joy and pleasures. So do not cry over what you do not have and instead learn to enjoy what you have…


Himanshu Shangari