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Pitra Dosh
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Pitra Dosh

The literal meaning of Pitra is ancestor or ancestors and the literal meaning of dosh is defect. By combining these two terms; we can reach an idea that the name Pitra Dosh suggests some type of defect which has some kind of relationship with the ancestors. Once we reach this conclusion, the process of finding such relationship begins and different finders come up with different definitions. In some cases, this process gives us the proper definition of defects like Pitra Dosh at early stages whereas in some other cases; this process gives us confusing or completely inappropriate definitions of such terms.

Vedic astrology has been practiced in India since ancient times and the wise ancient astrologers as well as sages gave as well as wrote the proper definitions for a number of good as well as bad yogas which might be formed in a horoscope. As the times changed and India was invaded by foreign forces again and again; some of which intended to destroy or corrupt the wisdom collected from the past in the form of holy scriptures; problems started rising. As most of the original copies of a number of such scriptures were destroyed, they had to be recreated by the astrologers or scholars of those times; depending on the type of scripture. This is where the problem started, since some of these good and bad yogas were defined in their true forms whereas some others may have been misinterpreted by the astrologers or scholars of those times.

Though some astrologers or scholars may have made these mistakes innocently and without any malefic intentions; some others might have done so on purpose. These people might have believed that if the definitions and meanings of some good as well as bad yogas were changed in a specific way; especially the bad ones like Pitra Dosh; they could profit much more through the changed definitions. Accordingly they might have made such changes and as a result; we lost the true meanings of some of the most important phenomena of Vedic astrology as well as those related to other important spheres. Among the bad yogas which were misinterpreted either by mistake or on purpose, Pitra Dosh lies at the top. Perhaps no other defect mentioned in Vedic astrology has been misinterpreted like Pitra Dosh, probably because it promised significant profits to a specific class of people.

Hence by mistake or by willing act of corruption; a new and inappropriate definition of Pitra Dosh was born. This definition stated that if Pitra Dosh is formed in a horoscope, it means that the ancestors of such native were angry with him or to be precise; the ancestors were cursing him. This definition prevailed through tradition and even till the present times; a number of astrologers are following it. These astrologers believe that if Pitra Dosh is formed in a horoscope, the ancestors of such native are cursing him, primarily because the native has not conducted their after death rituals properly or he has not conducted them at all. The most prominent of these rituals is the process of Shraadh which means sending positive energy and prayers to the Pitras or ancestors through specific Poojas, Karmas and donations. This process must be conducted once every year during certain specific days; and in return, the Pitras stop cursing you or they even start blessing you. Such blessings will remove all your problems caused because of Pitra Dosh.

Since all these Karmas are done with the help of a special class of scholars only; and all the donations are given to them only; the benefit of a class through this definition of Pitra Dosh is obvious. This is why some astrologers or scholars might have willingly changed the original definition of Pitra Dosh to this one, some centuries back; and then it became a tradition through their writings available on Vedic astrology. Though the part of getting rid of Pitra Dosh by offering the ancestors, things and specific Karmas seems promising, it does not hold good on logical grounds. For example, if a native is suffering in many spheres of his life and he approaches an astrologer, he may be told that since he has not conducted Shraadh for his ancestors like for his deceased father or grandfather; Pitra Dosh has formed in his horoscope, and it is in the root of all his problems.

The father and grandfather of this native may have died after he reached a certain age, let’s say even when he was two years old. However, the horoscope of this native was made and fixed, right at the time of his birth. It means that any Karma whether good or bad, whether done or not done; simply can’t reflect in his horoscope for this life. When everyone has a horoscope which is made and fixed at the time of their birth; how can Pitra Dosh be formed in that horoscope after 30 or 40 years of the native’s life, on account of not doing something he should be doing. A horoscope reflects the Karmas from past lives; more like from the recent past 2 to 3 lives; and it has got nothing to do with the karmas of this life since it is fixed before the native can engage in his first karma of this life.

Though the good as well as bad karmas done by us, and the essential duties performed or not performed by us do affect us in this life, more in the second half of our lives; they simply can’t reflect in our birth charts. Whatever good or bad is reflected in the birth chart; it has come from the past lives alone; and it has got nothing to do with the karmas of this life. It means Pitra Dosh is not a curse of the deceased father or grandfather since they died after the birth of one such native. Considering another possibility; the native may not have performed Shraadh Karmas for his ancestors during his past life and that is why Pitra Dosh may have formed in his horoscope. If that happens, another question arises. This native may have been born in a different family line during his past life. So how does performing Shraadh karmas for the deceased members of a different family line relieve him of Pitra Dosh?

For example, the native was born in a family line where the group of ancestors can be named as group A. The native did not perform Shraadh karmas for his ancestors in his past life and hence Pitra Dosh was formed in his horoscope for this life. It means that the group A of ancestors is cursing this native and that curse has appeared as Pitra Dosh in his horoscope. Now, if the native is born in a new family line with the group of ancestors named as B; the resolution or rectification of Pitra Dosh through this remedy does not seem logical. The native is advised to perform Shraadh rituals to get rid of Pitra Dosh so that the ancestors may stop cursing him. The question is that when group A of ancestors is cursing this native and the native is performing rituals for group B of ancestors; how will the native be relieved of Pitra Dosh through this procedure? It means if you owe money to an institution called A and you pay money to an institution called B, your debt won’t be cleared since A has not received anything from you. Hence this alternate theory also invalidates the prevalent interpretation of Pitra Dosh. It means there is more to this defect called Pitra Dosh, than the prevalent interpretation or beliefs state. Let’s try to understand the working of Pitra Dosh and let’s also try to reach the proper interpretation of this defect.

We all inherit a number of good as well as bad things from our family lines, in different percentages. Speaking about such things, we may inherit in different percentages from our family lines; our faces, our body structures, the tendency to be lean or fat, short or tall, specific types of immunities, vulnerabilities to certain specific diseases as well as immunity towards certain specific diseases; blood groups, residences, wealth; properties, debts, good name, bad name and so many other such things. Likewise, we may inherit habits or personality traits like creativity, anger, kindness, cruelty, patience, impulsiveness, being spiritual or material in approach; and many other good and bad things, qualities and traits.

In the same way, we inherit from our family lines, in different percentages, a carry forward of their good or bad karmas performed in certain specific domains. For instance, if your father and grandfather have repeatedly engaged in bad Karmas related to women in your family as well as those related to women in general, they carry the debt formed by these bad karmas which fall in the domain of Venus; since women in general are ruled by Venus. As you are born in this family line, you may carry a part of this debt formed by their bad karmas; and this debt reflects as Pitra Dosh in your horoscope. To be precise, it reflects as Pitra Dosh formed by Venus in your horoscope. We will deal with the details of what such Pitra Dosh can do to you, at a later time; but let’s first try to understand the formation of this type of Pitra Dosh; or Pitra Dosh in general.

Suppose, your grandfather married a woman say your grandmother; and he married her primarily for her money. He troubled her a lot so that her family may give your grandfather more and more money or wealth; and he succeeded in that. Whereas your grandmother kept suffering, most of the time during her marriage, your grandfather invested such money and wealth into his business and he made more and more money as well as wealth from thereon. As your father grew up and he became an adult; your grandfather gave him the same set of beliefs which said that your father should also marry a rich woman, trouble her family for money and become richer through this process. The same process continued and even your father made more money and wealth.

You are now born into this family and you enjoy this wealth, money and all the luxuries as well as comforts which this money can buy for you. However, all these comforts and luxuries have been bought by the money; the root or the seed of which contains the sufferings of the women in your family line as well as those of their families. Since you are going to enjoy each and every good thing this money provides for you; isn’t it fair that an appropriate share of their karmic debt should also be forwarded to you. This karmic debt will appear in your horoscope as Pitra Dosh and to be precise; Pitra Dosh formed by Venus.

As a result; you may face many types of problems in your life due to such Pitra Dosh, depending on its strength, its field of impact and depending on your overall horoscope. However, one woman or another may be present behind the biggest problems caused by such Pitra Dosh since it has been formed by Venus. For example, you may fall in love with a girl; she may extract significant amount of money from you during such love affair, she may introduce you to some unhealthy habits like excessive consumption of alcohol, drug addiction and other such habits; and she may leave you heartbroken after doing all this to you; due to the malefic impact of such Pitra Dosh. It means you have faced various types of problems over a period of time and a woman was the root cause behind them. Considering another example, you may get married to an ill-natured and greedy woman. She may trouble you a lot in a number of ways; she may file a criminal case against you under false charges; and you may have to suffer in many ways as well as pay a lot of money to your wife as part of divorce settlement; due to the malefic impact of such Pitra Dosh. It means that the money and prosperity which your ancestors created by torturing women is being destroyed or taken by women; and you are being tortured in the process. When you look at it like this; such Pitra Dosh and all the suffering starts making sense.

Similarly, there are eight other types of Pitra Doshas and nine in total; formed by each one of the nine planets or Navagraha. Based on what type of karmic debt your ancestors have created, if they have done so to start with; Pitra Dosh may be formed in your horoscope by one, two or even more than two planets. Such Pitra Dosh can trouble you in many different ways which we will discover later on; and the root cause of such troubles is likely to be the significances of the planet which causes such Pitra Dosh. Now that we have achieved clarity on this topic, let’s try to look at the actual meaning of Pitra Dosh; which may originally have been mentioned in our ancient Vedic scriptures.

If Pitra Dosh is formed in your horoscope, it does not mean that your Pitras are cursing you; it means that your Pitras are themselves cursed; and a part of this curse or karmic debt has been forwarded to you through inheritance. Yes, Pitra Dosh is an inheritance of karmic debt of the family line and you have to accept it, whether or not you want to. It means that Pitra Dosh is not the kind of inheritance like money or wealth which you may refuse to accept. Pitra Dosh is the kind of inheritance like the good or bad name of your ancestors or like their genetic strengths and weaknesses; which you simply can’t choose to reject. If your father was awarded with a badge for bravery as he served his country selflessly; this is what you receive as inheritance whether or not you want to. It means people may treat you with respect because you are the son of this father who did so much good for his country. Likewise, the son of a traitor may be disrespected by people in general; and such son has no say in it.

Hence Pitra Dosh indicates the karmic debt accumulated by your ancestors; and a part of this accumulation has been forwarded to you. Moving on, just like the son of a martyr can end up losing all the respect by virtue of his own bad karmas; the son of a traitor can also end up earning respect; by virtue of his own good karmas. It means that even if Pitra Dosh is formed in a horoscope; it can be cleared with good as well as specifically guided karmas, which need to be performed by the native. When he does that, not only the native is relieved, but his ancestors are also relieved of their debts, in the proportion of the good karmas done by the native. If people hate your father for being a traitor; you serve great value to your country, and people start respecting you a lot; is it now possible for these people to hate your father with same quantum? The answer as we understand is no.

This karmic transfer of good or bad deeds in not one way and it is a two way process. It means that if good or bad karmas done by your ancestors will affect you through good or bad yogas like Pitra Dosh; the good or bad karmas done by you will influence them also; in whichever worlds they may be living. If you have served your country extremely well and you have earned the greatest formal honor as well as the love of the people of your country; the people simply can’t hate your father or grandfather for their bad deeds, the same way as they did before. This is because you are born in the same family; you have done so much good; and you have earned so much love as well as respect, which means so much positive energy. A part of this positive energy will be transferred to your ancestors also and it will now become difficult for the people to hate them with the same intensity; like they did before. Looking at a simple one, your father broke something that belonged to someone; and you fixed that thing or did even more good than merely fixing that thing. The other party simply can’t stay offended with your father in the same way now. The same theory holds good for Pitra Dosh and for two way transfer of good or bad energy between us and our ancestors.

Therefore, if Pitra Dosh is formed in your horoscope, it means that your ancestors are under some type of karmic debt and you are also carrying a part of that karmic debt. It further means that your ancestors are not cursing you but they are themselves cursed due to their karmic debt. Hence the remedial approach in this case is not to pray to them or offer them things; but to understand the specific type of karmic debt by knowing the type of Pitra Dosh you have; and then try to clear it as much as you can. It’s like the bad name earned by your traitor father won’t be reduced in quantum; even if you go to his grave and offer flowers every day. In order to relieve him of such bad name; you will need to create more good than the bad he did; and then you may feel him relieved.

This is why in Vedic cultures; good children are considered as the best blessings whereas bad children are considered as the worst punishments; since they can change the flow of your entire family line. It means a bad son born in a family line can train his son to be bad; such son may train his son or daughter to be bad and this process may continue for many generations; forming more and more karmic debt on the family line. Such karmic debt further creates stronger and stronger Pitra Doshas of various types with each passing generation until this chain is broken in some generation and the rectification process is started by a good son or daughter born in such family line. Likewise, a good son born in a family line can educate his children to be good, who can educate their children to be good and this chain continues; earning more and more karmic rewards for the family line. Such karmic rewards may spell into good or very good yogas in the horoscopes of the members of this family line; and they may bless them with beautiful things.

Taking an example from Indian mythology; in ancient times; there was a great king called Sagar. He had hundred sons who attacked sage Kapil while he was worshipping. The sage got angry and he burned all of them with the flames of fire originating from his eyes. King’s grandson Angshuman saw this, he went back to the king and he told him everything. King Sagar feared that the karmic debt formed by this misconduct will eliminate his family line altogether; since sages were given great respect during those times and attacking a sage was considered among some of the worst karmas possible. As a sage is represented by Jupiter; Pitra Dosh formed by Jupiter could eliminate the entire family line; according to king Sagar’s fears. So he went to the sage, he asked for forgiveness, he prayed to the sage; the sage was moved by his humility and he told him the way to get rid of this problem.

The sage told Sagar that male members of his family line should worship lord Brahma, the creator among trinity; and request him to send the holy river Ganga to earth. Once the remains of the dead sons were offered to Ganga; the karmic debt would get cleared. King Sagar acted upon the advice and he asked his grandson Angshuman to engage in worship of lord Brahma in order to bring Ganga to earth, which was believed to flow in heavens during those times. He also told Angshuman that in case the worship did not bring desired result during his life time; he should forward this task to his son and his son to his son; until the job was accomplished. Angshuman worshipped lord Brahma for his entire life but the desired result was not obtained. Hence he forwarded this job to his son Dilip who worshipped throughout his life and then failing to obtain the desired result; he forwarded the same task to his son Bhagirath.

King Bhagirath also worshipped lord Brahma, he was able to accomplish the task; lord Brahma appeared and he granted his wish. After this, Bhagirath asked lord Brahma as to why didn’t he grant this wish to his father and grandfather who devoted their entire lives worshipping the lord. Hearing this, lord Brahma replied that attacking an exalted sage like Kapil built a huge karmic debt on Bhagirath’s family line. The positive energy earned by previous two generations of his family line was spent in balancing out the negative energy raised by the karmic debt. After that, Bhagirath’s worship earned fresh karmic rewards to the extent which was sufficient to get his wish fulfilled and accordingly; the wish was granted. Lord Brahma further added that had Bhagirath’s father and grandfather not engaged in worship and gathered so much positive energy; he would not have been able to have his wish granted; even if he worshipped the lord for his entire life.

This reference tells us how the concept of karmic transfers works in the same family line; and how a defect like Pitra Dosh can be formed. For the sake of information; this is the same family line which later on witnessed the birth of Lord Rama in it. It means that if three generations of a family line can spend their entire lives in worship; the rewards can be as good as being blessed by the birth of the lord himself; in the same family line. It also means that had such worship not been practiced; lord Rama might not have been born in this family line since the family line might have been troubled a lot or even terminated due to the formation of Pitra Dosh by Jupiter. The fact that lord Rama spent 14 years of his life in forests when he was all set to be a king; in order to honor the word of his dead father; indicates that lord Rama knew that dishonouring the word of his dead father would negatively affect the entire family line; including the ancestors and generations to come. The holy book Ramayna mentions that when lord Rama completed this task; his father appeared from heavens, blessed lord Rama and told him that due to the extremely good deeds done by Lord Rama during these fourteen years; the entire ancestral line of the family had been blessed by the gods.

Now that we have attained clarity about Pitra Dosh and its relevance in our lives; let’s see how Pitra Dosh is formed in a horoscope. The Sun among planets is the giver of all forms of life, it is considered as the seed of a child and it represents the entire lineage of ancestors; as its general significance. It means that Sun will generally signify the ancestors; in each and every horoscope. When it comes to specific significances for the ancestors; the ninth house of every horoscope deals with father; forefathers and ancestors. Knowing this much; it can be guessed that any type of malefic influence on these factors signifying the ancestors will form Pitra Dosh. Let’s now look at the formal definition of Pitra Dosh.

If in a horoscope; the Sun, the ninth house or the lord of the ninth house is afflicted by one or more than one malefic planet; Pitra Dosh is formed in such horoscope. For example, if Aries is rising as ascendant in a horoscope, Sun is placed in fourth house of this horoscope in Cancer and malefic Ketu is placed in ninth house in Sagittarius; Pitra Dosh is formed in this horoscope by Ketu. Malefic Ketu placed in ninth house will afflict it and hence it will form Pitra Dosh in the horoscope. Like this, each one of the nine planets including Sun; can be malefic in a horoscope; afflict the ninth house and form Pitra Dosh. Considering another formation; if Aries is the ascendant rising and Sun is placed in fourth house in Cancer along with malefic Mercury; Pitra Dosh is formed in the horoscope; since Sun has been afflicted by Mercury. Looking at another possibility; if Aries is the ascendant rising in a horoscope; Jupiter being the lord of the ninth house is placed in the fifth house in Leo along with malefic Saturn; Pitra Dosh is formed by Saturn; due to its affliction to Jupiter.

These are the three methods by which Pitra Dosh can be formed in a horoscope. Among these three methods; Pitra Dosh formed by direct affliction to the ninth house is the most troublesome one in general; whereas Pitra Doshas formed due to affliction to Sun and to the lord of the ninth house are relatively less troublesome in general.

Once the formation of Pitra Dosh in a horoscope is confirmed, the next step is to calculate its strength. After we have calculated the strength of Pitra Dosh, we need to look for factors decreasing its strength or factors increasing its strength in the next step. After that, the field of impact of Pitra Dosh is calculated and then the overall theme of the horoscope is assessed. In the final step, the timing of activation as well as the timing of impact of Pitra Dosh is calculated. Once we have done all this, we know what type of Pitra Dosh is formed in the horoscope, what its net strength is, which areas of the life it is going to attack and what the timing of impact of such Pitra Dosh is going to be. All these factors have been elaborated in the article Kaal Sarp Yog and interested readers should check them there.

Let’s now try to understand the working of Pitra Dosh in a horoscope, with the help of virtual analysis of a horoscope. Suppose, benefic retrograde Jupiter is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Pisces along with Sun, malefic Saturn is placed in ninth house in Scorpio, forming Pitra Dosh; benefic Mars is placed in sixth house in Leo and the rest of the horoscope varies. The basic setup of this horoscope suggests that Pitra Dosh formed in this horoscope can primarily trouble the native with problems related to his father’s health and life, the profession of this native and the health of the native himself. Let’s further suppose that the strength of such Pitra Dosh is about 70%. This Pitra Dosh is formed by Saturn and it will try to cause damage to the already mentioned spheres. Whichever of these spheres have grace saving factors, they will suffer less damage; whichever have no grace saving and no aggravating factors; they will receive due damage; and whichever have no grace saving factors but they have aggravating factors; they will receive maximum damage through this Pitra Dosh.

For instance, if benefic Moon is placed in the tenth house of this horoscope in Sagittarius, malefic Ketu is placed in sixth house with Mars, forming Pitra Dosh; and a malefic combination of Rahu and Mercury is placed in twelfth house in Aquarius, here is what may happen. Considering the profession of this native first; tenth house of the horoscope primarily deals with profession; and the presence of benefic Moon in this house will boost its significances. Apart from this, benefic Jupiter being the lord of the tenth house as well as being the lord of the first house is placed in first house in Pisces, which means it is strong. Since these two factors are serving as grace saving factors for the profession of this native; Pitra Dosh formed in this horoscope may not cause much damage to his profession. It is the time to note that any planet which reduces the impact of a malefic planet or a malefic defect like Pitra Dosh, is called grace saving factor for that horoscope. Since this horoscope has two grace saving factors for profession; the profession of this native is in a safer zone.

Moving on, as far as the health of this native is concerned, the presence of benefic Jupiter in first house in Pisces will serve as a grace saving factor. Though the presence of benefic Mars in sixth house in Leo should also serve as a grace saving factor; since sixth house deals with diseases among other things; it may not be of much help in reality. This is because the presence of malefic Ketu in the same house will cause affliction to the sixth house as well as to Mars, forming Pitra Dosh; since Mars is the lord of the ninth house in this horoscope. Hence we have one grace saving factor and one aggravating factor when it comes to the health of this native. It is the time to know that any planet which tries to increase the impact of a malefic planet or defect like Pitra Dosh, is called an aggravating factor for that horoscope. Based on this analysis; the native should face problems related to his health though such problems should not become serious till late in his life; as Jupiter is present as a grace saving factor.

When it comes to the father of this native, it is the primary target of such Pitra Dosh since it is formed in the ninth house. On top of that, another Pitra Dosh is being formed in sixth house where Ketu afflicts the lord of ninth house, which is Mars. Looking at a grace saving factor, benefic Jupiter may try to provide strength to Sun present along with it; but this may not provide much help. This is because Sun is placed in Pisces which doesn’t give it extra strength like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. At the same time; Mars is in a troublesome situation as well as in a difficult to handle house; the sixth house. Based on this analysis; it can be said that the Pitra Dosh formed by Saturn and Ketu in this horoscope is going to attack the father of this native; since there is not much defence against it. Hence this native may lose his father in different ways; depending on the time of activation of Pitra Dosh as well as on the horoscope of his father.

Not all the good and bad yogas present in a horoscope are active by birth and they become fully active at different ages; indicated in the horoscope. This is called the timing of activation of a good or bad yoga. Once it is activated; it will wait for a proper time window to strike a blow with maximum strength. The timing of damage caused by a defect like Pitra Dosh during a supportive window, after being fully activated; is called the timing of impact. Suppose, the horoscope of this native’s father is strong and it supports his lifeline. Further suppose that both types of Pitra Doshas present in this horoscope are passive at the time of birth of native and Pitra Dosh present in the sixth house wakes up first. If such Pitra Dosh wakes up around the age of 7 years of the native; serious disputes may start rising between his parents. Considering that such Pitra Dosh finds a suitable time window around his age of 8 years; this is the time when it may cause maximum damage to the native. In this case, the parents of this native may get divorced, his mother may gain his custody; and the native may lose his father through a divorce.

On the other hand, if Pitra Dosh formed by Saturn activates first in the horoscope, the net results may change since this one is more troublesome. Suppose, Pitra Dosh formed by Saturn activates at the age of 7 years of the native and it then waits for a suitable window to strike. The first suitable window arrives around native’s age of 10 years when transitory Saturn visits the first house, where natal Sun is placed. If the horoscope of this native’s father does not support the continuation of his life in a strong way, the father may die between native’s age of 10 and 13, which means during the transit of Saturn through the first house of his horoscope. If his father’s horoscope is strong, he may suffer from health issues which may even become serious; but he may survive. If that happens; Pitra Dosh will wait for the next available window to strike. This goes on and whenever native’s father is not able to resist the strike given by Pitra Dosh, due to lack of strength in his own horoscope; he may lose his life.

It should be noted that when a good or bad yoga indicates good or bad things, directly about the native who has such yoga; the probability of such things happening is high or very high since these results are not dependant on anyone else’s horoscope. On the other hand, when such results are indicated about other people like native’s mother, father, wife, children or anyone else; such indications may not have very high probabilities of happening. This is because the other person in question has his own horoscope and when it comes to the matter of life or death; the final call is always made by the horoscope of the person whose life is at stake. This is why native’s father may survive despite the best efforts made by such Pitra Dosh to get rid of him. If that happens, the native may lose his father, temporarily or permanently; in many other possible ways; depending on both the horoscopes. For example, his father may go abroad for many years, he may be imprisoned for many years, he may be separated from native’s mother and the native may live with his mother, the native may be sent to a boarding school for many years; the native may go abroad and settle there, not coming back to his father; and through many other possible ways. Astrology is a vast field and countless options are possible in each case; based on the overall horoscope.

After understanding Pitra Dosh, let’s now look at the remedies which can be used to reduce the strength of this defect in a horoscope. Vedic astrology uses remedies like Poojas, gemstones, donations and yantras to reduce the malefic impact of defects like Pitra Dosh and to increase the benefic impact of yogas like Budh Aditya Yoga or Gaj Kesari Yoga. When it comes to Poojas, they can be used for both purposes, which means to reduce the strength of a malefic yoga as well as to increase the strength of a benefic yoga. When it comes to gemstones, donations and yantras, their application varies from case to case and they may not be available in each case.

Taking a look at gemstones, they increase the strength of their corresponding planets by giving them more energy. Hence they are very good when it comes to increase the strength of good yogas but they can’t directly reduce the strength of bad yogas. For example, if in the above mentioned example, the native wears a Blue Sapphire which is the gemstone for Saturn; he may suffer even more since Saturn will gain more strength and Pitra Dosh formed by it will become even stronger. Though gemstones may not directly reduce the strength of a defect like Pitra Dosh, they may provide relief in some of the spheres affected by such defect. In the above mentioned example, the native should wear a Yellow Sapphire and a Pearl since both these planets are benefic and they are providing partial relief from Pitra Dosh. If the native wears these gemstones, he may witness minimum impact of Pitra Dosh on his profession, since both these gemstones belong to the planets which promote his profession.

Moving on, he may be saved from major health issues since Jupiter promotes his health and Yellow Sapphire gives extra strength to Jupiter. Even in case of his father; Jupiter may tend to help the Sun more, due to extra strength given to it by Yellow Sapphire; and the native may see better results in this field also; though this field may still suffer significantly because there is no direct and strong grace saving factor for his father. Accordingly, these gemstones may provide maximum help against Pitra Dosh in profession, significant help in health and some help in affairs related to father. Like gemstones, yantras and donations also have their own limitations and their application varies from case to case.

When it comes to Poojas, they can provide direct relief from any defect, like Pitra Dosh. This is because Poojas can increase the strength of benefic planets and they can also pacify malefic planets so that the quantum of damage meant by them is reduced. Since a Pooja directly deals with the planet which is forming a defect, like Pitra Dosh in this case, its application may provide maximum relief. In the present case, Pitra Dosh is formed in this horoscope by Saturn and Ketu. Accordingly, Pitra Dosh Nivaran Poojas for Saturn and Ketu may help a lot in this case. Likewise, Pitra Dosh Nivaran Poojas for other planets can also be performed, if this defect is being formed by them in a horoscope.

Now that we have discussed the most important facts related to Pitra Dosh as well as those related to its remedies; we will take this topic to the next level. In the coming series of articles; we are going to discuss nine different types of Pitra Doshas in details. Apart from this, we are also going to discuss some other interesting facts and topics related to this defect called Pitra Dosh.



Himanshu Shangari