Pitra Dosh – Ancestors are Calling

Pitra Dosh - Ancestors are Calling Revised Edition 2020

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Pitra Dosh – Ancestors are Calling (Revised Edition)

Vedic astrology is a very old and comprehensive faith of astrology. Though some other similar faiths are like streams or rivers, Vedic astrology is an ocean which can provide resources to many of these faiths. I have studied and researched many such faiths like Numerology and Vastu but none of them holds their ground without the support of Vedic astrology. It is the faith which is the backbone of many such faiths.
The fact that Vedic astrology is among the oldest faiths of its kind, also makes it vulnerable to many types of corruptions and adulterations from time to time. Some of these adulterations may be the results of misinterpretations of various concepts of Vedic astrology from time to time. Some others may be there because some scholars may have twisted some definitions, for selfish motives. Due to such adulterations, corruptions and misinterpretations, Vedic astrology may not look as capable and accurate to a number of people, as it actually is.
With the grace of Lord Shiva, I have spent years in researching various concepts of Vedic astrology. It has been a constant effort to find out where and how much, such concepts may have been misinterpreted; and what could be the correct interpretations of these concepts. Though in their misinterpreted forms, most such concepts of Vedic astrology don’t hold ground in real practice of astrology, almost all of them hold solid ground in their modified forms. This effort has taken many years of research as well as analysis of thousands of horoscopes. The results however, have been very rewarding.
This book is an effort to create awareness among the lovers of Vedic astrology that this faith is still as capable as it was when it was born. Various misinterpretations from time to time may have caused confusions related to many important concepts of this faith. Through this book, an attempt has been made to create awareness about the concept of Pitra Dosh in Vedic astrology.
The book starts with a chapter dealing with misconceptions associated with Pitra Dosh. This chapter also mentions proper interpretation and definition of Pitra Dosh. After that, 12 chapters deal with Pitra Dosh formed in 12 houses of horoscope, in details. These chapters take into account; placements of the planets involved in the formation of Pitra Dosh in various houses, signs, nakshatras and navamshas. Apart from that, the effect of benefic and malefic planets on Pitra Dosh, the overall theme of the horoscope and the impact of planetary periods is also discussed. Hence these chapters feature comprehensive details about formation of Pitra Dosh in various houses of horoscope.
We all inherit a number of good as well as bad things from our family lines, in different percentages. Speaking about such things, we may inherit in different percentages from our family lines; our faces, our body structures, tendency to be lean or fat, short or tall, specific types of immunities, vulnerabilities to certain specific diseases as well as immunity to certain specific diseases; blood groups, houses, wealth; properties, debts, good name, bad name and so many other such things.
Likewise, we may inherit habits or personality traits like creativity, anger, kindness, cruelty, patience, impulsiveness, being spiritual or material in approach; and many other good and bad things, qualities and traits. In the same way, we inherit from our family lines, in different percentages, carry forward of their good or bad karmas performed in certain specific domains.
Pitra Dosh is generally interpreted as the curse of ancestors. If Pitra Dosh is formed in your horoscope, it does not mean that your Pitras (Ancestors) are cursing you; it means that your Pitras are themselves cursed by virtue of their bad karmas. A part of this curse or karmic debt has been forwarded to you through inheritance.
Yes, Pitra Dosh is an inheritance of karmic debt of the family line and you have to accept it, whether or not you want to. It means that Pitra Dosh is not the kind of inheritance like money or wealth which you may refuse to accept. Pitra Dosh is the kind of inheritance like the good or bad name of your ancestors or like their genetic strengths and weaknesses; which you simply can’t choose to reject. Hence Pitra Dosh indicates the karmic debt accumulated by your ancestors; and a part of this accumulation has been forwarded to you.
However, all is not lost if Pitra Dosh is formed in a horoscope. Just like the son of a martyr can end up losing all the respect by virtue of his own bad karmas; the son of a traitor can also end up earning respect; by virtue of his own good karmas. It means that even if Pitra Dosh is formed in a horoscope; it can be cleared with good as well as specifically guided karmas, which need to be performed by the native. When he does that, not only the native is relieved, but his ancestors are also relieved of their debts, in the proportion of the good karmas done by the native.


Himanshu Shangari