Why do people shout when they fight

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A saint once asked his disciples, ” Why do people shout at each other when they fight “.

Many disciples tried to answer but none could give a satisfactory answer. The saint then explained.

When people fight with each other, it creates a distance between their hearts and the more they fight the more that distance keeps on increasing. Since the distance between their hearts has increased, so they start shouting at each other as we shout things to people who are at a distance from us.

On the other hand, when people love each other, there hearts come closer and they start speaking in a low voice as the distance has decreased now and even a low volume sound can be heard by the other person.

When this love further intensifies, instead of speaking, people start whispering to each other and the others understand that whisper perfectly as the distance has now reduced even more and hence even a whisper can be understood.

When this love is so intense that it reaches its final stage, people don’t need to speak to each other in order to convey their feelings and only silence or the language of eyes is sufficient. This is due to the reason that now the hearts of these people have become one and hence they have no need for speech or whispers as no one speaks to themselves.

Moral : Such is the power of pure love that even silence is enough to communicate everything and such is the power of hate that even the shouts are not heard ( paid attention to ). So choose wisely between love and hate.


Himanshu Shangari