Gemstones : Why Energize Them

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Gemstones are gaining more and more popularity among people as astrological remedies. Accordingly, increasing number of people are wearing gemstones in order to benefit from them as this fact has now been accepted by most people wearing gemstones that gemstones are among the fastest working remedies of astrology. As the concept of wearing gemstones in order to get benefits is catching up, many questions regarding how to purify them, how to wear these gemstones, how to identify these gemstones, how to maintain them and other such kinds of questions related to gemstones are raising their heads every now and then.

Different astrologers and gemstone specialists are giving different opinions on these questions related to the use of gemstones, which can sometimes make the situation complicated. It is said by many astrologers that the gemstones for navagraha will show effect only if they have been properly purified and energized; and wearing gemstones without purifying and energizing them doesn’t give any benefits related to these gemstones. On the other hand, wearing them without these procedures can cause harmful effects and hence all the gemstones assigned to navagraha should always be purified and energized.

As the process of purification and energizing gemstones is very technical and it is available only with few expert Vedic Pandits, it is very difficult for everyone to get their gemstones purified and energized as finding such expert pandits can be a really tough job. In this chapter, we will discuss whether the gemstones must be purified and energized before wearing them and we will also discuss the actual process of purification and energizing gemstones.

To start with the topic, let’s first look into the need for purifying and energizing the gemstones assigned to navagraha. Most gemstones pass through many hands before they reach us for wearing and accordingly, all the people touching these gemstones mark their impressions on these gemstones, which means that the aura of all these people is marked on these gemstones. These auras whether good or bad, accompany these gemstones and as a result, we get the gemstones surrounded by certain auras which can be positive or which can be negative and this fact may be altogether unknown to us.

It should be noted that though the aura of everyone touching the gemstones is registered with these gemstones, generally the auras of people touching these gemstones for short durations of time are not capable of leaving strong and long lasting imprints or impressions on these gemstones. Hence the impressions of such auras on gemstones is not a cause of concern in most cases as most people touching these gemstones touch them for short durations of time like for a few minutes. Therefore, strong imprints of their auras are not marked on these gemstones.

The problem may however arise when a gemstone has been touched by someone for a long or a very long period of time like for few months or even more. In this case, the impression of aura of such person touching this gemstone is strong or very strong and this is what can cause problems if this aura is negative. This can happen if the gemstone purchased by you has already been worn by someone for a few days, weeks or months as in this case; the gemstone continuously keeps touching the skin of such person. Accordingly, a strong impression of the aura of this person is marked on the gemstone, which can take many days or even many months to completely fade away.

When we wear a gemstone which has already been worn by someone for some days or some months, the aura of the person who had worn this gemstone, also comes to us with this gemstone and this aura casts its influence on us along with the gemstone. If this aura is negative and strong, it can certainly cause malefic effects or some problems which may not be due to the gemstone but which may be due to the negative effect of the aura surrounding this gemstone. It should be noted that a gemstone will still work and transmit the energy of its corresponding planet even if it is carrying a strong negative aura of the previous wearer. However in this case, the native wearing such gemstone may be receiving a mixture of the energy of the gemstone and the energy of the aura surrounding this gemstone. This is where the process of purification comes handy.

The process of purification of gemstones is the process through which all weak or strong impressions of negative auras marked on the gemstones are removed with the help of certain mantras and certain other technical processes which are known to and executed by expert Vedic pandits. As a result, these gemstones become free from any possible negative energies caused due to some negative auras surrounding these gemstones. When a native wears such a purified gemstone, he is influenced by the energy of the gemstone and its corresponding planet only; and he is not influenced by any other kind of negative energy. This is why the process of purification of gemstones is considered important.

It should be noted that the auras of most people touching the gemstones for short durations of time are generally not capable of marking strong impressions on these gemstones. Accordingly, such physical contacts can’t cause any significant effects and such aura impressions usually fade away within a few days after these gemstones are worn by someone else, as their own auras supersede such weak aura impressions. However if a gemstone has already been worn by someone prior to you for a long period of time, the aura impressions marked on this gemstones may be much stronger in this case and it can take them a few weeks or even a few months to fade away completely. Such aura impressions can keep casting negative influence on you until they fade away completely.

Coming to the process of energizing the gemstones, the process of energizing gemstones is the process which is carried out in order to charge the gemstones with the energy of their corresponding planets among navagraha with the help of mantras, poojas and some other processes. As a result, the gemstones can provide better benefits to the native wearing them as energized gemstones are capable of establishing a stronger connection with their corresponding planets due to the effects of energization.

It is important to keep in mind that all gemstones which have not been energized, are still capable of capturing and transmitting the energy radiations of their corresponding planets into the bodies of the natives wearing these gemstones, provided such gemstones possess proper quality and efficiency. However, the energized gemstones are capable of establishing stronger connections with their corresponding planets and accordingly they may provide better results to the native. Hence the process of energizing gemstones should not be considered as a compulsory step and it should be considered as a process which may enhance the performance of your gemstones.

To Summarize, the purification process of gemstones is required in the cases where the gemstones have already been worn by someone else. If you are sure that the gemstones purchased by you have not been worn by anyone else before you, the purification process for such gemstones is not necessary in most such cases. On the other hand, if the gemstones purchased by you have already been worn by someone else before you, the purification of these gemstones is something that you should consider in this case as wearing such gemstones without proper purification can cause some initial negative effects which can last for a few weeks or even for a few months.

These negative effects are not caused by your gemstones but they are caused by the negative aura or auras surrounding these gemstones. Regarding the process of energizing gemstones, it is not a compulsory process and it is an optional step through which you can enhance the performance of your gemstones. Hence you can choose whether or not you want to get your gemstones energized and even if you choose to wear your gemstones without getting them energized, they will still produce results.


Himanshu Shangari