Jyotish and Navagraha

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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More and more people are taking interest in astrology and an increasing number of people are benefiting from various forms of astrology, whether it is Western astrology, Vedic astrology of India or any other form of astrology. Though the life predictions of a native should be the same according to all major forms of astrology, but still there is a big difference in the principals and patterns followed by various forms of astrology and Vedic astrology which is also known as Vedic Jyotish, has a place of its own among various available forms of astrology and it is only due to sustained and practical readings, predictions and results delivered by the readings and remedies of Vedic Jyotish that more and more people of the world are taking interest in Vedic Jyotish. The number of my foreign clients and readers has considerably increased in the past couple of years and I am now interacting with many more foreigner clients and readers than I did a couple of years ago. Most of these clients have been referred by some of their known or relative who has already benefitted through Vedic Jyotish. Many of these clients, particularly the ones who have already tried western astrology or some other form of astrology, get confused when they have first chance to interact with Vedic Jyotish and they are also confused by the kind of importance given to navagraha and particularly to Rahu and Ketu which do not have any effect on our lives according to some other forms of astrology and hence these forms of astrology do not consider Rahu and Ketu in horoscope making and predicting events from horoscopes. On the other hand, some forms of astrology take planets like Pluto, Neptune and Uranus into consideration to predict the fate of people as the astrologers practicing in these forms of astrology believe that these planets are physically present in our solar system and hence they should also affect the lives of people on earth like other planets do. And as the difference of opinion among Vedic Jyotish and other forms of astrology continues to exist, we will try to find out as to what makes Vedic Jyotish different from the other forms of astrology and what are the reasons and logics behind some strange looking assumptions of Vedic Jyotish and why are navagraha important in Vedic Jyotish.

                       First of all, let try to understand the relevance and importance of navagraha in Vedic Jyotish because without understanding the importance of navagraha, the importance of Vedic Jyotish cannot be understood properly. Vedic jyotish relies on navagraha alone when it comes to the planets which can make or break the fate of a native and these navagraha or nine planets are Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Western astrology as well as some other forms of astrology are of different opinion when it comes to assign importance to the planets which can influence a person’s horoscope as well as his life. For example, some other formats of astrology assign importance to the study of some other planets which do not come under navagraha like, Naptune, Uranus and Pluto because the astrologers practicing in these formats of astrology believe that any planet which is physically present in our solar system, can affect the life and fate of a native living on earth and hence this planet is likely to have influence in his horoscope and accordingly it should be studied in order to make predictions from a horoscope. There is also a divided opinion among astrologers practicing in some other forms of astrology when it comes to the influence of Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope which are considered as shadow planets by vedic Jyotish as they do not possess physical properties like mass etc. and which are considered as very important planets in deciding the fate of a horoscope according to Vedic Jyotish. Some other forms of astrology on the other hand, believe that only those planets can affect the life of a native on earth which have physical properties like mass and the planets like Rahu and Ketu which do not have any of these physical properties cannot make any difference in deciding the fate of a native living on earth and this is the reason for which some forms of astrology do not study the influence of Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope as they believe that all the physical planets must have some influence on the horoscope of a person living on earth whereas shadow or non-physical planets should not have any significant influence on anyone’s life and horoscope.

                          Vedic Jyotish, however takes a different approach towards things when it comes to making and predicting a horoscope. Vedic Jyotish believes that just because a planet is physically present in our solar system does not mean that it must affect the life and fate of every individual on earth. For example, we are living with many people who are present in our neighborhood, towns, cities and countries but all of them are not making difference in our lives whereas some of these people are very important to us and they can definitely make a difference in our lives. A neighbor who has been living next door to us for many years may not be important for us at all whereas someone else who is living thousands of miles away from us may be one of the most important persons of our life. Similarly, we are not influenced by physical things only but we are influenced by seemingly non physical things also and it is interesting to note that sometimes the influence of some physical things on us is almost ignorable whereas the influence of some seemingly non physical things can be very strong on us. For example, we come across many physical things including people, on daily basis but not many of them are capable of making an impact on us whereas some phenomenon like God whose physical presence has not been witnessed by most of us, still make a big impact in shaping up our personalities and beliefs and in shaping up our fates.

                      Vedic Jyotish is of the view that, any planet will not be capable of affecting our lives and horoscopes just because of the reason that it has physical properties and it is present in the same neighborhood in which some other planets which are considered important, are present. The ancient sages and seers of Vedic Jyotish were very wise and they knew how to separate important from unimportant and that is why they chose the presently prevalent navagraha for making and predicting horoscopes as they believed that planets among navagraha are the only important planets when it comes to making and reading horoscopes. It should be noted here that recently found planets of our solar system which have now been introduced to horoscope making by some forms of astrology, have only been recently found by our astronomers but they have not been recently born or formed. It is very likely that the ancient vedic astrologers of India had already known about these planets and they had intentionally not included these planets among navagraha knowing that these planets are not capable of causing any significant impact on our lives and horoscopes, even though they have physical properties and that is why these planets were excluded from navagraha. On the other hand, there are planets like Rahu are Ketu which have been included by vedic jyotish among navagraha and which are still a mystery for many astrologers practicing in other forms of astrology which is not a surprise because Rahu and Ketu are known as the planets of Maya or illusions in Vedic Jyotish and they are likely to confuse people and astrologers as well.

                      Vedic Jyotish believes that just because we cannot see these planets and just because we cannot attach any physical properties to these planets, does not mean that Rahu and Ketu cannot impact our lives and horoscopes. Vedic Jyotish believes that the universe is full of strange, surprising and mysterious things and anything can happen in this universe and therefore, what is visible, may not be important whereas what is not visible or what is invisible may be important or most important and this is the reason for which Vedic Jyotish has included Rahu and Ketu among navagraha. Rahu and Ketu form an important part of navagraha as well as vedic jyotish and horoscope making and reading is simply incomplete without Rahu and Ketu because the many big and important yogas of Vedic Jyotish, which can make or break the fate of a person, are formed by Rahu and Ketu in their horoscopes. Hence the system of navagraha has been wisely chosen by the founders of Vedic Jyotish and all the planets classified among navagraha are relevant and important when it comes to making or predicting a horoscope.

Himanshu Shangari