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Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Gemstones are among the most effective remedies offered by Vedic astrology and they are capable of bringing strong and fast results. In some cases, the natives wearing gemstones can see visible changes in a matter of hours and days and this is the reason for which the use of gemstones as astrological remedies has increased over the past few years. Hence more and more astrologers are now suggesting gemstones to their clients.

However, knowing and wearing the suitable gemstones alone is not sufficient in most cases and the knowledge of proper suitable weights for these gemstones is also necessary as the suitable weights can vary from native to native depending on his horoscope. The quality of gemstones plays a very important role when it comes to getting results from the gemstones as the gemstones with poor quality are not capable of producing significant benefic effects in most cases. Hence due attention should be paid to the quality of gemstones which are to be worn by a native who wishes to benefit by wearing these gemstones.

Taking a look at suitable weights of different gemstones, it should be noted that the appropriate weight of a suitable gemstone is a very important criterion and it should not be ignored or overlooked. I have witnessed some clients not benefitting from their gemstones merely due to the fact that they chose to wear far less weights for their gemstones compared to the weights which were recommended to them by me or by other astrologers. These natives usually did so either in order to save money or upon the recommendation of jewelers.

On the other hand, I have seen some people facing problems; only due to the fact that they had worn much heavier gemstones than they were recommended to wear. Gemstones are very much like medicines, which means that knowing the right medicine for a problem alone is not sufficient and we must also know the right dose and frequency of such medicine. For example, if a medicine like an injection of insulin has been prescribed to someone suffering from high blood sugar, knowing insulin as a remedy alone may not help this patient and he must know how many units of insulin should be injected and how many times a day.

If 10 units of insulin have been prescribed and three times a day is the frequency of these injections, tempering with any of these two parameters can significantly change the results. For example, if the patient chooses to take 2 units of insulin with same frequency or he chooses to inject 10 units just once a day instead of doing it thrice a day, in both the cases, he is not likely to benefit much from the medicine as he is not taking it properly. On the other hand, if the patient decides to inject 20 or 30 units of insulin in a single go, this can cause problems for him and instead of benefiting from the medicine; he may have to face more problems. This is because injecting much more insulin than is required can cause his blood sugar levels to drop sharply and he may suffer.

Similarly, when a native chooses to wear gemstones much heavier than the ones recommended to him, such gemstones may start causing some side effects or problems for the native. To understand this concept properly, it should be noted that many benefic planets are placed in such combinations in most horoscopes, that they can produce better results when a certain amount of extra energy is provided to these planets through their corresponding gemstones.

However, if these positive planets are supplied with much more energy than is required by wearing much heavier gemstones, the same positive planets can start dominating the horoscope as well as the body and the aura of the native wearing these gemstones. These extra strong planets may then start interfering with the significances of some other planets in the horoscope, which may vary from horoscope to horoscope.

For example, if Sun is positive for a native and it needs more strength in order to bring better results, a Ruby may be suggested to such native. Let’s assume the weight recommended for this Ruby is 4 Carats. However, if the native chooses to wear an 8 carat Ruby so that he may witness yet better results at an even faster pace, it may result in side effects. Sun may become a bit too strong in the horoscope and as a result, the native may start facing problems related to the general as well as the specific significances of the planets which are forming combinations with Sun.

For instance, if Sun is present in combination with Venus in one such horoscope; too much strength gained by Sun may affect the significances of Venus. This is because Sun may try to dominate Venus completely and as it is very strong now, it may be able to do so. As a result, the native may put too much emphasis on profession, name and fame; and he may altogether ignore his personal life while doing so. Hence this native may do better in professional life but his marriage may see serious problems or it may even break. The wife of such native may leave him as she may think that he doesn’t need anyone else but him in his life. You see, though Sun is positive in this horoscope, it may still break the marriage of the native. This is why excess of everything is considered bad.

Looking at this equation from the opposite angle, if Venus is positive in this combination of Sun and Venus; and the native starts wearing extra heavy gemstone of Venus instead of wearing a Ruby, a different type of problem may appear. Venus may gain too much strength in the horoscope and as a result, it may affect the significances of Sun in a negative manner. As a result, the native may get too much involved in women, luxuries and the enjoyment aspect of life; and he may put little focus on professional success and growth. Therefore, this native may suffer from poor professional results; primarily due to his unwillingness to put the efforts required for professional success.

Considering the third angle also; let’s assume that Sun and Venus are both positive in this combination and the native is recommended to wear the gemstones for both these planets, say 4 carats for each gemstone. However, the native chooses to wear 8 carats of each gemstone. As both Sun and Venus gain too much strength, it may cause even more problems because these planets may not only try to dominate each other, they may try to dominate other planets also. As a result, the native may witness his personality as well as his life continuously moving from one extreme to the other and he may not witness a balanced personality.

It means that at times, this native may engage too much in profession and at times; he may engage too much in personal life. As Sun and Venus have become too strong, the significances of other planets may also be hit because Sun and Venus may control the major share in the overall energy equation of this horoscope. Hence the native may not pay much attention to religion, spiritualism and charity work if the significances of Jupiter are hit. He may not pay much attention to virtues like perseverance, patience and practical approach, if the significances of Saturn are hit. The native in second case may become short tempered as well as impulsive and this may cause problems. Similarly, many other types of problems may be caused, depending on which planet is hit by Sun and Venus in this horoscope.

This is the time to understand that whether positive or negative, each planet tries to dominate other planets; just like we humans do. Hence care should be taken that no planet even if positive; should be supplied with too much strength as it may hit the significances of other planets in a negative manner. Providing the required strength to a positive planet so that it may work more efficiently is a very good practice. However, there is a fine line between making it strong and making it too strong. A good astrologer knows that line and he will not go beyond that line while recommending gemstones for his client.

Taking Vitamin or mineral supplements to fulfill a deficiency or to provide extra edge to the body is good but taking too much of the same vitamins or minerals may start causing toxic effects in your body. For example, if you lack vitamin E, you may suffer from skin problems and some problems related to the lubrication of your cell system as well as the lubrication of your excretory organs. Hence you should start taking vitamin E supplements to treat these problems as it may be the right solution in this case. However, if you start taking too much vitamin E, it may become toxic and it may trouble you.

You may now start witnessing boils on your skin, increased blood pressure or some other type of toxic effect. Hence you may suffer if you don’t take vitamin E in this case and you may also suffer if you choose to take too much of it. The solution lies in the balance; and hence a balanced quantity of vitamin E should be taken on regular basis. In the same way, the solution to most problems related to different spheres of our lives lies in balance. Doing too little or doing too much; both these actions may cause problems though such problems may be different in nature. Doing as much as is required is the best approach or so to say, it is a balanced approach.

Proper weight of a gemstone may provide the required strength to a benefic planet which is weak on one account or the other whereas a much heavier weight for the same gemstone can start causing problems for the native. Hence the weights of the gemstones should always be chosen according to the recommendation of your astrologer as he is the one who knows what weights are suitable for each one of the suitable gemstones.

Coming to the quality part of the gemstones, many natives buying their gemstones are presented with gemstones of very low price ranges and accordingly, of very low quality. Some of these natives are tempted to buy cheaper gemstones in order to save money while thinking that such cheap gemstones will also produce the same effects as costly gemstones can. It should however be noted that the gemstones must possess a certain minimum efficiency to produce significant results and this is where the quality of the gemstones comes in picture.

The gemstones typically absorb the energy of their corresponding planets through their upper surfaces and then they transmit this energy into the body of the native wearing these gemstones, through their lower surfaces. For example, a Ruby typically attracts the energy of Sun from its upper surface and it then transfers this energy into the body of the native wearing this gemstone, through its lower surface. During this process, the energy radiations of Sun travel from the upper surface of Ruby to the lower surface of this gemstone and this is where the quality of the gemstone plays an important role.

Gemstones may contain impurities which may be in many forms including linings, dots and clouds. All these impurities may block some parts of these gemstones where clouds may form the worst kind of impurities. It means that when energy radiations enter these gemstones through the upper surfaces and they travel towards the lower surfaces of these gemstones, the impurities present inside these gemstones block the path of these energy radiations and they don’t allow the energy radiations to pass through them. Hence these energy radiations can’t travel to the lower surfaces of the gemstones from where they are transmitted into the body of the native wearing these gemstones.

Therefore, the more impurities a gemstone has; the greater number of energy radiations are blocked; and the less effective is the gemstone. This is how the efficiency of a gemstone is measured. In my research and analysis with gemstones, I have observed that a gemstone should possess at least 40% efficiency in order to produce significant results for the native wearing such gemstone. It means that for a Yellow Sapphire to be 40% efficient, it should transmit at least 40 energy radiations of Jupiter into the body of the native wearing this gemstone, if 100 energy radiations are captured by the upper surface of this Yellow Sapphire.

Similarly, a Yellow Sapphire which transfers 60 energy radiations out of 100 energy radiations that fall on its upper surface is said to have an efficiency of 60% and this efficiency goes on increasing as the number of energy radiations transferred out of 100 captured radiations keeps increasing. The gemstones with excellent quality can have as high efficiency as 95% or even more, which means that they are capable of transferring almost all the energy of a planet, captured through their upper surfaces.

Apart from transferring a higher percentage of energy into the body of the wearer, the gemstones with higher qualities are capable of transmitting some energy radiations of their corresponding planets, which belong to slightly different but finer wavelengths and which can bring better results with fewer side effects. However, the gemstones with lower quality are not able to capture these energy wavelengths and hence they can’t transfer them.

Therefore, care should be taken when it comes to the quality of the gemstones as buying a cheap Ruby or Yellow Sapphire in order to save money can turn out to be a bad investment if such a Ruby or Yellow Sapphire is having an efficiency of 10% or even less. It means that practically you have not saved any money but you have wasted all the money that you have invested in this gemstone.

Hence due attention should be paid to the quality of the gemstones that you are buying and gemstones below a certain quality should never be purchased as they can prove worthless in the end. If you’re trying to save money, it may be a good idea to purchase a reasonably priced Yellow Sapphire with 50% efficiency compared to a very expensive Yellow Sapphire with 80% efficiency. However, it is a bad idea to save more and choose a Yellow Sapphire with 10% efficiency just in order to save more money. In the first case, you have cut the cost and you’re still getting results.

However in the second case, all your money may be wasted as you may not get any results from this gemstone, which was the primary objective of purchasing this gemstone in the first place. Hence saving money while purchasing gemstones is not bad but saving too much money and killing the quality is bad. Therefore, due attention should be paid to all these aspects so that you may properly benefit from your gemstones.


Himanshu Shangari