Horoscope Matching : The Process

Match Making and Manglik Dosh
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When it comes to horoscope matching for the purpose of marriage, the technique of Gun Milan given by Vedic astrology is so popular that most people think horoscope matching is just Gun Milan and nothing else. Hence these people get a Gun Milan score from some astrologer or some website and based on this score, they decide the compatibility of horoscopes which are under consideration for horoscope matching.

However, the system of Gun Milan is a part of the process of horoscope matching and it is not the complete process. This is because the system of Gun Milan considers only some aspects of horoscope matching as it focuses on Moon alone among navagraha, and rest of the planets are ignored in this process of Gun Milan. Therefore, it is not complete in itself when it comes to horoscope matching as all the planets among navagraha are considered important in Vedic astrology and therefore due attention should be paid to all navagraha while carrying out horoscope matching for the purpose of marriage. In this chapter, we will discuss the limitations of Gun Milan technique and we will also discuss what steps and what aspects are important in the process of horoscope matching.

To start with the discussion, let’s first discuss some limitations of the process called Gun Milan which is widely used in India for the purpose of horoscope matching and most people believing and practicing in Vedic astrology still believe that Gun Milan is the only important thing to do in order to do a thorough horoscope matching. In this process of Gun Milan, the placement of Moon is recorded in a particular sign, nakshatra and part or pada of the nakshatra at the time of birth of boy and girl under consideration for match making. Based on the position of Moon in both these horoscopes, a score for Gun Milan is finalized where the maximum score is 36 and minimum acceptable score for Gun Milan is taken as 18.

It means that if Gun Milan score is less than 18, horoscope matching is not considered good; and as this score of Gun Milan goes higher, horoscope matching is considered to be better and better. The final score obtained through Gun Milan is also called Gunas which in simple terms means that if 18 points are assigned according to Gun Milan, it is said that 18 Gunas are matching. This process of Gun Milan considers 8 koots or aspects called Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha, Gan, Bhakut and Nadi for the purpose of assigning scores or Gunas and these 8 koots are assigned 1 to 8 Gunas respectively, which makes a total of 36 Gunas. Hence the final score obtained through this process of Gun Milan is considered as the decisive criteria for deciding the fate of horoscope matching.

It should however be noted that the above mentioned process of Gun Milan considers the placement of Moon alone for the purpose of horoscope matching and rest of 8 planets among navagraha are all together ignored in this system of Gun Milan. This puts a big question mark on the credibility of Gun Milan system because the lives and compatibility of two people can’t be and shouldn’t be decided merely on the basis of one planet, one sign and one nakshatra; even if that planet is a very important planet like Moon. All the planets, signs, houses and nakshatras which are relevant in the process of horoscope matching should be considered properly before reaching any conclusion about the final outcome of horoscope matching.

For example, the presence of Manglik Dosh, Kaal Sarp Yog or Pitra Dosh in any one of the two horoscopes under consideration for match making can altogether change the results of such horoscope matching as the presence of any one of the above mentioned doshas can make the marriage fail miserably despite a very high score given by Gun Milan. Similarly the presence of one or more than one beneficial yogas like Manglik Yog, Malavya Yog or any other such yoga can make the marriage sustain despite a low score given by Gun Milan system. Therefore the overall matching obtained through matching all the important aspects from both the horoscopes should be used for predicting the results of horoscope matching. We will now discuss some steps which are important and which should be given due attention in order to reach a conclusion about horoscope matching.

In the first step of horoscope matching, the horoscope of the boy or groom alone should be analyzed properly and it should be checked as to what planetary combinations, signs, nakshatras, yogas or doshas are present in the horoscope, which can affect the fate of marriage in a positive or negative way and the list of all such positive and negative points should be made. For example, if the horoscope of groom is indicating a good financial and professional progress throughout the life, it is taken as a plus point. On the other hand, if the same horoscope is indicating problems related to the birth of children, it is taken as a negative point.

Following this pattern, all the good and bad points related to marriage should be observed and noted from this horoscope and then in the next step of horoscope matching, the same process should be repeated for the bride or girl. For example, if the horoscope of bride is showing significant disturbances in married life or it is showing a probable divorce, it should be taken as a negative point and it should be noted. On the other hand, if the same horoscope is showing very good results regarding child birth and financial prosperity, these observations should be noted as plus points. In the third step of horoscope matching, both these horoscopes should be studied together and common positive and negative points should be compared with and against each other.

To simplify this step, if the horoscopes of both the boy and the girl are showing good financial prosperity, it can be safely assumed that this marriage will be good from financial point of view and financial ups and downs are not going to affect this marriage in a negative way. Coming to some other points, if the horoscope of the groom is indicating problems related to child birth whereas the horoscope of the bride is indicating very good results related to child birth, the chances are likely that some problems will show up regarding the child birth but they will finally be overcome and the couple will be able to have children after some difficulties and delay.

This is the step of horoscope matching where the Gunas or the results of Gun Milan are also considered and compared to the final outcome of both the horoscopes; and a conclusion is derived from this comparison. For example, if Nadi Dosh is present in Gun Milan, which is indicating the death of one or both the partners; this should be checked with the other aspects of horoscopes before jumping to any conclusions. If both the horoscopes are indicating good lifespan and none of the horoscopes is indicating the death of the partner, it can be safely assumed that the negative results indicated by Nadi Dosh are not likely to bring serious consequences and such Nadi Dosh should be considered mild in this case.

On the other hand, if one of the horoscopes is showing problems with lifespan and the other horoscope is showing a possible widowhood, the negative results indicated by Nadi Dosh should be considered very carefully in this case; as both the horoscopes are complementing the results of Nadi Dosh in this case. Hence one of the two partners can actually face life threatening problems which may be a cause of concern for this marriage.

Similarly, if Gun Milan is indicating the presence of Bhakut Dosh in horoscope matching, which is indicating financial problems and debts to the couple, this fact should be cross checked with both the horoscopes. If both the horoscopes are indicating very good financial prosperity, the results of such Bhakut Dosh will be reduced greatly; whereas if both the horoscopes or one of these horoscopes is indicating serious financial problems, the results indicated by such Bhakut Dosh are likely to reflect in the marriage and hence they should be considered with great care. It means that the couple in this case may actually face financial problems where the quantum and timing of these problems depends on their overall horoscopes.

If the presence of Moon in some specific nakshatra in both the horoscopes is indicating that physical or mental compatibility is likely to be very low between the two partners but both the horoscopes are giving indications of a very good married life, this negative result given by Gun Milan is again likely to be reduced to great extent. On the other hand, if one or both the horoscopes are indicating specific kinds of problems in marriage and at the same time, mental incompatibility is shown through Gun Milan, such marriage may have to face significant problems on account of serious arguments between husband and wife by virtue of mental incompatibility.

Similarly, all the relevant spheres related to marriage and married life should be checked and compared thoroughly, before deciding as to what problems are likely to affect such marriage. The same holds true in case of positive results indicated by Gun Milan, compared to strong negative results indicated by one or both the horoscopes. For example, a Gun Milan score of 32 or 34 which is also called 32 or 34 Gunas matching will not be of much help in predicting a good marriage if one of the horoscopes is seriously afflicted by a strong Manglik dosh or a strong Kaal Sarp Dosh as any one of these defects can easily break a marriage even if the Gun Milan is giving a score of 36 out of 36. Hence this aspect should also be checked very carefully.

In the next step of horoscope matching, the timing of marriage should be decided from both the horoscopes. This is a very important yet often ignored aspect of horoscope matching and I have analyzed horoscopes where marriages have failed only because this aspect was ignored. For example, if there is a Manglik Dosh present in the horoscope of the groom, which is indicating a probable divorce whereas the horoscope of bride is comparatively better for longevity of the marriage, the timing of marriage can be the deciding factor in such a case.

If Manglik Dosh present in the horoscope of the groom is indicating very strong negative results in the coming 2 years and it is showing reduced strength in the following 8 to 10 years after these 2 years, this marriage should be performed after 2 years. This is due to the reason that performing this marriage within these two years can very well break this marriage whereas the same marriage is likely to sustain if it is performed after 2 years, as the strength of Manglik Dosh present in the horoscope of groom will reduce for the coming 8 to 10 years. This factor will further intensify if the running time in the horoscope of the bride is in accordance with running time of groom’s horoscope. It means that the girl’s horoscope is also indicating problems in the marriage for the next year or two. Since both the horoscopes are showing problems in the coming couple of years, this marriage should not be performed during this time.

Considering a case quite contrary to this example, let’s assume the same horoscopes with the differences that Manglik Dosh present in the horoscope of the groom is showing reduced strength for the next 7-8 years and the horoscope of the bride is also indicating very good results related to married life for the next 4-5 years. In this case, it may be safe to perform the marriage at the earliest as the running time from both the horoscopes is not complementing the bad results of Manglik Dosh present in one horoscope. Accordingly, such Manglik dosh is not likely to break this marriage easily.

It should be noted that the presence of Manglik Dosh in a horoscope is likely to break a marriage particularly in the first few years of marriage and if the first 4-5 years of marriage pass without any significant problem, the malefic effects of Manglik Dosh keep on reducing with the passage of time, in most cases. Hence such Manglik Dosh is not likely to break this marriage after 8 or 10 years in most cases.

Looking into the actual process of bonding between a husband and wife during their marriage, it can be easily observed that the first year or two of every marriage are the most important years for such marriage. This is because the husband and wife are in the process of knowing each other and establishing a relationship with each other. If the running time is good from both the horoscopes, good things happen to both of them and it helps them connect to each other in a better way. On the other hand, if the running time is bad in both the horoscopes, negativity surrounds both of them and it becomes very difficult for them to establish a good relationship during such phase of negativity.

For example, it the horoscope of the husband is showing very bad results for his profession in the next 2 years and such results include being jobless or suffering big losses through profession; this is going to affect the marriage. It is easy to understand that the husband troubled by his professional problems is not likely to pay much attention to the needs of his wife and on the contrary, he may get irritated every now and then, which is bad for the health of the marriage. On the other hand, if the running time is very good for profession and other aspects of the husband, he will be very happy during this time. As it is easy to understand, this happy husband will share this happiness with his wife also and it will help them build a better relationship.

The first couple of years are the foundation of most marriages and they must be good in order to build a strong marriage. If the couple has established a strong relation during these two years, any type of professional problems or other problems in the later years of this marriage are not likely to do much damage to the marriage. This is because the couple has a strong relation now. Accordingly, the wife knows that his husband is a very good man and all his frustration is due to his professional problems; and it is therefore temporary. Hence such wife is likely to be more tolerant and supportive towards her husband during those bad times.

On the other hand, the wife has not seen much good or bad in company of her husband during the initial phases of marriage and this is the time when she is in the process of making a character assessment of her husband, based on his behavior towards her. If the husband is troubled during this phase and he takes his frustration out on his wife, she may not tolerate it and she may start thinking that she has married a bad person. The same holds good in case of husband as he is in the process of making an opinion about the overall character of his wife during the first year or two of their marriage. Therefore, the timing of marriage is a very important factor and this factor alone can make or break a marriage on its own. This is why the timing of marriage should be given proper attention before predicting the results of horoscope matching.

In the final but again very important step of horoscope matching, remedies for some doshas present in one or both the horoscopes are considered to reduce such doshas. These doshas may include Manglik Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Nadi Dosh, Bhakut Dosh or any other Dosh. By doing appropriate remedies for these doshas, the strength of these doshas can be reduced significantly. It means that these doshas may not bother the couple very much and as a result, the couple may be able to enjoy a far better marriage. All the steps of horoscope matching mentioned above are very important aspects of this process and every good astrologer pays due attention to all these steps before predicting the final outcome of match making. Hence horoscope matching should not be decided on the basis of Gun Milan alone and all the relevant details should be analyzed and compared properly, before deciding the fate of a marriage.
Himanshu Shangari