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Yantras form an important part of astrological remedial pattern and this is why their use is becoming more and more fluent with every passing day. And whereas the Yantras are available for each single planet among the nine planets which are considered important for making calculations from horoscopes on the basis of Vedic Jyotish, some astrologer recommend a navagraha yantra to their clients for witnessing overall benefits and for benefiting from all of their planets. Over a period of time, the use of navagraha yantra has increased and a question has raised his head as to whether a navagraha yantra should be used to get benefits from all the planets or not and if a navagraha yantra is capable of bringing benefic results from all the planets among navagraha, then what is the need of establishing yantras for individual planets as everyone can keep a navagraha yantra instead of keeping separate yantras for different planets. For example, if a native wants to gain from Saturn, Mars and Mercury on account of some particular things, then instead of establishing Saturn Yantra, Mars Yantra and Mercury Yantra individually, why shouldn’t he establish a navagraha yantra and benefit from all of these planets plus the other six planets at the same time. We will discuss this issue in today’s article and we will try to find out whether a navagraha yantra should be used instead of individual planetary yantras or the yantras for individual planets are a better than a navagraha yantra.

To start with, let’s first have a look at the working of yantras versus some other remedies. We know that Yantras can be used for benefic as well as malefic planets in a horoscope though the use of gemstones is always a better option when it comes to strengthen benefic planets in a horoscope. As we know that gemstones are not used for the planets which are working malefic in a horoscope, hence the use of Yantras and Mantras is recommended in such cases where there is a need to reduce the malefic effect of one or more than one specific planets or some dosh present in the horoscope of the native needs to be rectified. Properly energized Yantras are charged with mantras of specific planets and they tend to release positive energy of these planets which helps in reducing the malefic nature of these planets and accordingly it can reduce problems. But while using yantras, mantras, pujas and other astrological remedies to reduce the malefic effects of negative planets in a horoscope, it should be kept in mind that these planets are primarily negative or malefic in nature for the native according to his horoscope and they will always have a tendency to bring malefic results for the native even when we try to pacify them through astrological remedies like yantras and mantras. Hence a malefic planet which is rectified through the use of Yantras always has a tendency to do something bad and such planets should be dealt with great care and the remedies should be planned and done in such a way that these malefic planets should reduce their negativity and then do some good things for the native and they should not bring malefic results or interfere with the working of other planets in the horoscope.

Looking at the working of Yantras, as we already know that the most important step in preparing a Yantra is the energizing process of the yantra in which the yantra is charged with the mantras of its specific planet or god. For example, a Saturn Yantra is energized with the help of a specific count of mantras for Saturn which can be Veda mantras or beej mantras depending upon the yantra and depending upon the benefits which are required from a Saturn yantra. When it comes to energizing a navagraha yantra, there is no specific mantra mentioned in Vedas or other astrological literature which can be used to energize a navagraha yantra and in fact there is no single and specific mantra which can be used to do a puja for navagraha or reduce the negativity of navagraha which means that a navagraha yantra cannot be energized properly as there is no authentic mantra for energizing a navagraha yantra. Looking further deep into this concept, the ancient sages and founder astrologers of Vedic Jyotish were very wise and they knew that each planet among navagraha should be preyed independently and individually and a common mantra for all navagraha is not likely to be as effective as individual mantras or it may not be effective at all and that is probably why there is no mention of a single and common navagraha mantra anywhere in Vedic literatures which proves the point that the ancient sages believed in the fact that mantras should be used for individual planets which means that each planet should be addressed by its own mantra and a common mantra for navagraha should not be used.

Coming back to navagraha yantra, as we now know that there is no single mantra for energizing a navagraha yantra, hence there is no such thing as an energized navagraha yantra which means that all the navagraha yantras sold in the market are either not energized at all or they have been energized with some non authentic mantras and in both the cases such a navagraha yantra is not energized and accordingly it is not capable of producing desired effects. Some astrologers and pandits use the mantras of all nine planets to energize a navagraha yantra believing that this way they will be able to energize each one of the nine planets mentioned in a navagraha yantra individually, but this technique is again not of great help because if all the planets mentioned in a navagraha yantra are to be energized individually by chanting their individual mantras or by chanting a mantra which is a combination of individual mantras of navagraha, then what is the purpose of using a navagraha yantra as an individual planetary yantra will always be better in this case. Hence most of the navagraha yantras will either not be energized at all or they will not be properly energized and in both the cases, there is no sense in using such a navagraha yantra.

Looking at few other things related to the working of planets, enhancing the energy of all the planets among navagraha is something that most of average people will not be able to handle and channelize properly and therefore they should not engage in any such kind of practice. For example, if a person is a singer by profession which is due to the influence of Mercury in his horoscope and this person wants to excel in his profession, then most likely he will benefit the most by enhancing the energy of Mercury in his horoscope as well as in his aura by using a Mercury Yantra or an Emerald, and he does not need the energy of some other planets to succeed in this particular field and accordingly he should avoid enhancing the energy of all such planets which are not relevant. On the other hand, a great increase in energy of Mars, combined with the increased energy of Ketu in the horoscope of such a native can cause problems in singing profession of this person as the increased energies of these planets will not support and promote his singing abilities and accordingly they can cause troubles related to his profession and hence a navagraha yantra is not likely to do any good here and in fact it can do some harm. It should be noted here that most of the people in the world are successful in various fields of their lives by virtue of enhanced and strong energy of one or two planets of their horoscope and not by virtue of enhanced energy of all the planets which will make them run from here to there most of the times not knowing what to do with so many different and strong energies. For example, a Soldier is generally under the enhanced energy of Mars and he does not need to enhance the energy of Jupiter or Moon in his horoscope as the increased energy of these planets will stop him from fighting which is his profession. Similarly a spiritual person under the strong influence of Jupiter will not want to enhance the energy of Venus beyond a certain point as doing so will attract him towards materialistic things which will cause troubles and problems in his spiritual progress.

There are numerous similar examples but the point is that each individual becomes successful by virtue of enhanced energy of 1, 2 or 3 planets in his horoscope and there are always some planets in every horoscope which will interfere with success of the native in some specific field if such planets gain strength through gemstones or yantras and accordingly these planets should not be strengthened beyond a point and they should always be kept in balance. Most individuals have been designed to give their best performance under the influence of 1 or 2 planets and enhancing and mixing the energy of all the planets will most of the times confuse them as they are good at handling the enhanced energy of certain specific planets according to their horoscopes but at the same time they are not good at handling the enhanced energy of certain other planets and hence such planets should not be given extra strength through any means. This is a fact which again asserts that only some specific planetary energies should be enhanced depending upon the kind of results the native is looking for and not all the energies should be enhanced as doing so can cause unnecessary problems and confusions for the native. Hence a navagraha yantra should not be used and the yantras of certain specific planets should instead be used which can provide some specific benefits desired by the native using these yantras.

Himanshu Shangari