Rahu Yantra

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Rahu Yantra is one of the most widely and frequently used Yantras among the Navagraha Yantras which is due to the fact that Rahu works either negatively or it works with a mixed nature in most of the horoscopes and such horoscopes are hard to find in which Rahu is working completely positively. Due to this fact, the gemstone of Rahu which is called Gomed in Vedic Jyotish and which is commonly known as Hessonite, is not suitable for most of the people as most of the expert Vedic astrologers agree on the point that gemstones should be worn for positive planets only and they should not be worn for the planets which are working negatively in a horoscope as wearing the gemstones simply strengthens the planets related to these gemstones and strengthening a negative planet will only bring more troubles for the native. The negative planets in a horoscope are treated with the help of Mantras, Yantras and some other specific remedies which work towards reducing the negativity of these planets and for this reason Rahu Yantra is recommended by many astrologers primarily to reduce the negative effects of Rahu when it is working negatively in a horoscope. Some astrologers also suggest the use of Rahu Yantra to strengthen positively working Rahu in order to get more benefits from this planet though wearing a gemstone for Rahu in this case is the best remedy as gemstones in general are considered as the best and the most effect method for strengthening planets whether positive or negative. Hence a Rahu Yantra is best suited for the people who are suffering from the bad effects of Rahu which is working negatively in their horoscope and which may be making some defect in their horoscope.

A Rahu Yantra can be a very effective remedy to reduce the bad effects given by a negative Rahu and it can also help in rectifying the defects made by negative Rahu, when this Yantra is used in combination with some other remedies. For example, if a positive Sun is being afflicted by a negative Rahu in a horoscope, a Pitru Dosha is formed in that horoscope which makes the native suffer from various kinds of problems depending upon the strength of Pitru Dosha and the overall nature of the horoscope of the native. Since the Sun is working positively in this case and Pitru Dosha is being formed due to an affliction from a negative Rahu, wearing a Ruby to strengthen the Sun in combination with establishing a Rahu Yantra can prove to be a very effective remedy to reduce the strength of Pitru Dosha in this case. By using a combination of Ruby which is the gemstone for the Sun and Rahu Yantra, the strength of the Sun is increased which makes the Sun able to handle the affliction from Rahu in a better way and at the same time the negativity of Rahu is reduced with the help of Rahu Yantra so that the strength of the negative affliction from Rahu to Sun is reduced and the Pitru Dosha formed in this case is rectified and reduced significantly by practicing this combination of Ruby and Rahu Yantra.

Some astrologers also prescribe the application of a Rahu Yantra to the natives who are suffering from the most problematic and troublesome defect known in Vedic Jyotish, which is called Kaal Sarp Dosh. These astrologers believe that since a Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed due to the combined effect of Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope, hence establishing a Rahu Yantra along with a Ketu Yantra can prove to be a very effective remedy in this case since the negativity of both Rahu and Ketu can be reduced by establishing their Yantras and hence the overall strength of Kaal Sarp Dosh will also be reduced significantly. Some other Vedic astrologers believe that establishing a Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Yantra also known as a Kaal Sarp Yog Nivaran Yantra is a better remedy in this case since a Kaal Sarp Yog Nivaran Yantra is a direct remedy for the defect and it can reduce the defect in a better way. But in my experience, I have seen that all of the above mentioned Yantras can be used to reduce the strength of Kaal Sarp Yog in a horoscope and the suitability of a particular Yantra may change from horoscope to horoscope.

Apart from reducing the negative effects of Rahu and rectifying some of the defects made by Rahu in a horoscope, a Rahu Yantra can also bring many other benefits to the native depending upon the general as well as the specific significances of Rahu in the horoscope of the native. For example a Rahu Yantra can bless the native with sudden gains through lottery, gambling, stock markets, horse racing and other such activities which fall under the significance of Rahu. A Rahu Yantra can help the native achieve success in business and it can also help the native settle in foreign countries or it can make him visit many foreign countries for the purpose of entertainment. Apart from the things mentioned above, a Rahu Yantra can bless a native with many other things which come under the general and specific significance of Rahu but it is important to note here that only a properly prepared Rahu Yantra is capable of producing the above mentioned positive results and establishing any piece of metal in the name of a prepared Rahu Yantra is not likely to produce any positive results. A properly prepared Rahu Yantra is purified, energized, programmed and activated with the help of specific Vedic procedures and the whole process is carried out by the experts in the field. The process of preparing most of the Yantras is similar with some differences like the day of preparation, the Mantras used in the process and some other things but the overall nature of the process is similar for most of the Yantras. I have explained this process in my article named Sun Yantra and interested readers can read this article to know about this process.

Once you have got your energized and programmed Rahu Yantra, the next step is to establish it in your house, your wallet, your pocket or around your neck in a pendant depending upon the Rahu Yantra you have chosen. For best results you should establish the Rahu Yantra on a day prescribed by your astrologer and you should establish it in the place of worship in your house in case you have chosen for a bigger Rahu Yantra which needs to be kept in your house. For other kind of Rahu Yantras, you can keep them in your pocket, wallet or you can wear them around your neck on a day prescribed by your astrologer depending upon the kind of Rahu Yantra you have chosen. After taking your bath, Chant 11 or 21 Beej Mantras of the Rahu, sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on your Rahu Yantra, Pray to Rahu and ask for the best possible benefits or ask for your specific benefits and then establish the Rahu Yantra in your house, wallet or around your neck. Your Rahu Yantra has been established now and it will start working and in order to keep it working properly, you will need to attend to it on regular basis. Every day after taking your bath or preparing yourself for the day, go to the place where your Rahu Yantra has been placed, concentrate on it, chant 11 Beej Mantras for Rahu and then ask your specific wishes from this Yantra. In case you are carrying your Yantra in your pocket or you are wearing it around your neck, just take it in your hands after bath, concentrate on it, chant 11 beej mantras of Rahu and ask your wishes from this Yantra. Attending to your Rahu Yantra on regular basis establishes a strong connection between you and your Rahu Yantra which helps you get optimum benefits from your Rahu Yantra.

Himanshu Shangari