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Saturn Yantra is called Shani Yantra in Vedic Jyotish and this Yantra is recommended by many Vedic astrologers primarily to reduce the negative effects of Saturn and also to rectify some defect formed by Saturn. Some Vedic astrologers also recommend Saturn Yantra in order to strengthen a positively working Saturn in order to gain benefits from this planet, though the best way to strengthen a positively working Saturn is to wear the gemstone for this planet which is called Neelam in Vedic astrology and which is commonly known as a Blue Sapphire. But a Blue Sapphire should only be worn by a native if Saturn is working positively in his horoscope as gemstones are worn only for the planets which are working positively in a horoscope and wearing gemstones for the negatively working planets can bring very bad results for the native as wearing gemstones for negative planets will increase the strength of these planets and they will cause more problems for the native. On the other hand, Yantras along with Mantras and some other remedies can prove to be very effective when it comes to reduce the negativity of the negative planets and hence a Saturn Yantra is an ideal remedy to reduce some specific negative effects of a negative Saturn. Other than reducing the negativity of a negative Saturn, a Saturn Yantra can also bring a wide variety of benefits for the native which will depend on the general significances of Saturn, specific significances of Saturn in the horoscope of the native and the overall tone of the horoscope of the native.

To start with the benefits that a properly prepared Saturn Yantra can bring to a native, a Saturn Yantra can prove to be of great value when it comes to reduce the bad results given by a couple of most feared concepts of Vedic Jyotish which are called Sade Sati of Saturn and Dhaiyya of Saturn. The natives running under the Sade Sati of Satun or Dhaiyya of Saturn can benefit a great deal by establishing a properly prepared Saturn Yantra. A Saturn Yantra can significantly reduce the problems and sufferings caused by Sade Sati and Dhaiyya of Saturn and at the same time it is capable of bringing good results for the native during Sade Sati and Dhaiyya and this is the reason for which many Vedic astrologers consider this Yantra as one of the best available remedies to succeed during Sade Sati and Dhaiyya of Saturn. A Saturn Yantra can also bless the native with success in many spheres of his life and it can help the native in achieving professional success, a post of status, enjoying a good health and living a long life. Some Vedic astrologers prescribe Saturn Yantra to counter act any possible black magic which the native may be suffering from. These astrologers believe that Saturn is a planet of Maya and it is connected to all kinds of supernatural powers and hence it can help reducing the effect of black magic. A Saturn Yantra can also be very helpful when a native wants to increase his meditation power and he wants to witness good and steady progress in the field of spiritualism as this Yantra can bless the native with a very good meditative power and a well disciplined spiritual routine which are two very essential qualities to advance in the field of spiritualism.

Apart from the things mentioned above, a Saturn Yantra can also bless a native with many other things which come under the general as well as specific significance of Saturn, according to the horoscope of the native. For example, a Saturn Yantra can bless a native with positions of power and authority if these things come under the specific significance of Saturn in a horoscope. But it should be noted here that only a properly prepared Saturn Yantra is capable of bringing the above mentioned results and establishing just any Saturn Yantra purchased from anywhere will not prove to be of any good. Therefore attention should be paid to the fact that the Saturn Yantra should be properly purified, energized, programmed and activated in order to bless the native with positive results. The process of preparation of a Saturn Yantra is done with the help of certain specific Vedic procedures known only to the experts in the field. The process of preparing a Saturn Yantra resembles with the process of preparing a Sun Yantra though there are some differences like the day of preparation, the Mantras used in the process and some other things. But the overall process still resembles the process of preparation of a Sun Yantra. I have explained some of the important steps of preparation of a Sun Yantra in my article named Sun Yantra and interested readers can read this article to know about this process. I am not mentioning this process here again in order to avoid repetition.

Once you have got your energized and programmed Saturn Yantra, the next step is to establish it in your house, your wallet, your pocket or around your neck in a pendant depending upon the Saturn Yantra you have chosen. For best results you should establish the Saturn Yantra on a Saturday and you should establish it in the place of worship in your house in case you have chosen for a bigger Saturn Yantra which needs to be kept in your house. For other kind of Saturn Yantras, you can keep them in your pocket, wallet or you can wear them around your neck on a Saturday depending upon the kind of Saturn Yantra you have chosen. After taking your bath, Chant 11 or 21 Beej Mantras of the Saturn, sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on your Saturn Yantra, Pray to Saturn and ask for the best possible benefits or ask for your specific benefits and then establish the Saturn Yantra in your house, wallet or around your neck. Your Saturn Yantra has been established now and it will start working and in order to keep it working properly, you will need to attend to it on regular basis. Every day after taking your bath or preparing yourself for the day, go to the place where your Saturn Yantra has been placed, concentrate on it, chant 11 Beej Mantras for Saturn and then ask your specific wishes from this Yantra. In case you are carrying your Yantra in your pocket or you are wearing it around your neck, just take it in your hands after bath, concentrate on it, chant 11 beej mantras of Saturn and ask your wishes from this Yantra. Attending to your Saturn Yantra on regular basis establishes a strong connection between you and your Saturn Yantra which helps you get optimum benefits from your Saturn Yantra.

Himanshu Shangari