Jupiter Yantra

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Jupiter Yantra is also known as Guru Yantra in Vedic Jyotish and it is generally used to rectify the negative effects given by Jupiter when it is working negatively in a horoscope. A Jupiter Yantra is also sometimes used to increase the strength of Jupiter in a horoscope when it is working positively in the horoscope, in order to get more benefits from the positive Jupiter by providing additional strength to it. But the best remedy to strengthen a positive Jupiter is to wear a Yellow Sapphire which is the gemstone for Jupiter and which is the best remedy to strengthen a positively working Jupiter. Gemstones are undoubtedly the best devices when it comes to strengthening positive planets and getting benefits from them. It is however important to note here that gemstones should almost never be worn for the planets which are working negatively in the horoscope as wearing gemstones for the negative planets will increase their strength as well as negativity and as a result the native will suffer more losses after wearing such gemstones. Hence establishing a Yantra for a negatively working planet can be a very effective remedy to reduce the negativity of a planet which is working negatively in a horoscope and likewise a Jupiter Yantra can prove to be a very effective remedy to reduce the negative effects of Jupiter in a horoscope and hence it is widely used by Vedic astrologers to rectify the defects formed by a negatively working Jupiter.

Apart from reducing the negative effects of a negatively working Jupiter, a Jupiter Yantra can also bless the native with the things which come under the general significance of Jupiter as well as with the things which come under the specific significance of Jupiter in the horoscope of the native in question. In general, a properly energized and established Jupiter Yantra can bless the native with good results in primary and higher education and it can also at the same time bless the native with financial prosperity as all these fields come under the direct influence of Jupiter. A Jupiter Yantra can also bring very good results for the natives who want to work towards spiritual advancement without having to leave their family duties and worldly affairs as Jupiter is the planet which can strike a very good balance between spiritual advancement and worldly or materialistic affairs. A Jupiter Yantra can also earn good respect for the native and the positive effect of this Yantra can elevate the social status of the native and people around him may start respecting him more than they did before. A Jupiter Yantra also works towards improving the financial conditions of the native as financial prosperity is the general significance of Jupiter. Apart from the above mentioned general things, a Jupiter Yantra can also bless the native with some specific things which come under the specific significance of Jupiter according to the horoscope of the native. For example, a Jupiter Yantra can bless the native with a good marriage and a good husband or wife if marriage and married life come under the specific significance of Jupiter in the horoscope of the native in question. Under the positive influence of Jupiter Yantra, the native can get a very supporting, family oriented and religious wife who can prove to be a very good life partner to the native and who at the same time can take very good care of native’s family. Similarly a Jupiter Yantra can bring a number of different and specific benefits to a native depending upon the specific significances of Jupiter in his horoscope and depending upon the overall tone of his horoscope.

It is important to note here that a Jupiter Yantra will be capable of producing positive results only if it has been purified, energized, programmed and activated by means of proper Vedic procedures conducted by the experts in this field. These procedures have been explained in details in the article named Sun Yantra and I am not mentioning them here again to avoid repetition. The readers interested to know about these procedures should read the article named Sun Yantra. The process of preparing a Jupiter Yantra is similar to the process of preparing a Sun Yantra with some specific differences like the day on which this process is carried out, the Mantras which are chanted during the process and some other things which are different in case of different Yantras. But still the readers can get a fair idea about the overall process that is practiced to prepare a Jupiter Yantra. To get proper and specific positive results from a Jupiter Yantra, always establish a properly prepared Jupiter Yantra and not just any piece of metal that sells anywhere in the name of Jupiter Yantra.

Once you have got your energized and programmed Jupiter Yantra, the next step is to establish it in your house, your wallet, your pocket or around your neck in a pendant depending upon the Jupiter Yantra you have chosen. For best results you should establish the Jupiter Yantra on a Thursday and you should establish it in the place of worship in your house in case you have chosen for a bigger Jupiter Yantra which needs to be kept in your house. For other kind of Jupiter Yantras, you can keep them in your pocket, wallet or you can wear them around your neck on a Thursday depending upon the kind of Jupiter Yantra you have chosen. After taking your bath, Chant 11 or 21 Beej Mantras of the Jupiter, sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on your Jupiter Yantra, Pray to Jupiter and ask for the best possible benefits or ask for your specific benefits and then establish the Jupiter Yantra in your house, wallet or around your neck. Your Jupiter Yantra has been established now and it will start working and in order to keep it working properly, you will need to attend to it on regular basis. Every day after taking your bath or preparing yourself for the day, go to the place where your Jupiter Yantra has been placed, concentrate on it, chant 11 Beej Mantras for Jupiter and then ask your specific wishes from this Yantra. In case you are carrying your Yantra in your pocket or you are wearing it around your neck, just take it in your hands after bath, concentrate on it, chant 11 beej mantras of Jupiter and ask your wishes from this Yantra. Attending to your Jupiter Yantra on regular basis establishes a strong connection between you and your Jupiter Yantra which helps you get optimum benefits from your Jupiter Yantra.

Himanshu Shangari