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Sun Yantra is also called Soorya Yantra or Surya Yantra and it is primarily used to reduce the negative effects given by the Sun when it is working negatively in a horoscope. The Sun Yantra is also used to increase the strength of the Sun when it is working positively in a horoscope which enhances the benefits given by the Sun in the horoscope though wearing a Ruby which is the gemstone for the Sun is a better option in the second case where Sun is working positively in a horoscope. Sun Yantra blesses the native with the general significances of the Sun and therefore the native can see good results in the matters which are related to his superiors and as a result the native can have better relations with his seniors and accordingly he can get more favors and gains from his seniors. Sun Yantra can also bless a native with favors from the house of government and therefore depending upon the overall horoscope of the native, it can be a good remedy for the natives who are suffering from some litigation, disputes or other such matters pending in the house of government. Establishing a properly working Sun Yantra can bring positive results from the house of government and it can help settling the disputes and litigations in favour of the native. A Sun Yantra is also a good choice for the natives who are looking for a job or career with the house of Government as the positive and benefic energy of a Sun Yantra can significantly increase the chances of a government job for a native.

The Sun as we know is a very important planet in every horoscope and any afflictions from negative planets to the Sun in a horoscope result in the formation of Pitru Dosha in that horoscope and accordingly the native suffers from the general as well as specific problems caused due to the formation of Pitru Dosha in his horoscope. Establishing a Sun Yantra along with a Yantra of the planet which is forming the Pitru Dosha in a horoscope is a very good remedy to rectify Pitru Dosha especially if both the Sun and the afflicting planet are working negatively in that horoscope. For example, if the Sun is working negative in a horoscope and at the same time it is being afflicted by a negative Ketu and as a result a Pitru Dosha is being formed in the horoscope which is causing general as well as specific problems related to the Sun, like the native is not capable of producing a healthy male child due to the bad effects of this dosh, then establishing a Sun Yantra along with a Ketu Yantra is a good remedy to reduce the strength of the Pitru Dosha in the horoscope and this remedy will at the same time strengthen the Sun which can make the native capable of producing a healthy male child. It should be noted here that a Ruby which is the gemstone for the Sun should not be worn by the native in the above mentioned example as the Sun itself is working negative in his horoscope and wearing a Ruby to rectify Pitru Dosha can bring mild to very serious bad results depending upon the overall horoscope of the native. So establishing a Sun Yantra along with a Ketu Yantra and doing some other remedies will be the best approach to rectify Pitru Dosha in the above mentioned example. Similarly the Sun Yantra can give various different benefits for different natives depending upon the specific significances of the Sun in their horoscope as well as the overall tone of their horoscope in general.

It should however be noted that a Sun Yantra will work properly only if it has been purified, energized, programmed and activated through the proper techniques and by the Vedic Pandits who are experts in such procedures. Simply buying any Sun Yantra from any place is like buying a piece of metal which is not likely to work at all and accordingly it cannot produce any benefits. A Sun Yantra is energized with the help of Sun Mantras through some specific procedures and the energy of these Mantras is stored in the Sun Yantra for which this process is being carried out. The count of Sun Mantras for energizing can be different for different Sun Yantras depending upon the benefit which the native seeks from the Yantra and accordingly the actual cost of an energized Sun Yantra can be different in different case depending upon the count of Sun Mantras which are chanted in order to energize the Sun Yantra. It has come to my observation that in actual practice, a Sun Yantra should be energized with the chant of at least 11,000 Beej Mantras or Ved Mantras of the Sun in order to work properly and produce effects for the native. Without energizing, a Sun Yantra is just like a piece of metal and which costs around Rs. 50 or so. It should also be noted here that energizing the Sun Yantra is the most important step as this is the step through which this Yantra is charged with the positive energy of the Sun and if this step is not carried out properly which means that either no Sun Mantras are chanted to charge the Yantra or a very small count of Sun Mantras like 100 or 1000 Mantras, is chanted to charge the Yantra, the Sun Yantra will not be capable of producing the desired positive effects or it may simply not produce any positive effects at all.

Moving ahead, it has also come to my notice that some astrologers and Pandits believe that keeping a big number of Sun Yantras like 10 or 100 Sun Yantras together and then doing a chant of 11,000 or more Sun Mantras for them will energize all the Yantras at the same time and this is in fact a practice which is being carried out by a large number of astrologers and pandits who are selling energized Sun Yantras. But this is neither a fair nor an effective practice as keeping 100 Sun Yantras together and then chanting 11,000 Sun Mantras to energize them all is not an effective procedure to charge these Yantras and for a Sun Yantra to be energized properly, each and every Sun Yantra should be energized separately and on its own. This is a lengthy process and it can take up to 2-3 days to prepare a single Sun Yantra and this is why this practice is avoided by a number of astrologers and pandits and they are energizing 100s of Yantras together in order to save time, effort and money. But there is simply no comparison between a Sun Yantra which has been energized and programmed alone and a Sun Yantra which has been energized in a bunch of 100 Sun Yantras. So always make sure that your Sun Yantra has been energized separately and it has been programmed to give its best results only for you. Programming of the Sun Yantra is the step in which specific commands are given to the Yantra through specific Vedic procedures so that the Yantra works for the benefit of a specific person or a group of people for whom it is being programmed.

Once you get your energized and programmed Sun Yantra, the next step is to establish it in your house, your wallet, your pocket or around your neck in a pendant depending upon the Sun Yantra you have chosen. For best results you should establish the Sun Yantra on a Sunday and you should establish it in the place of worship in your house in case you have chosen for a bigger Sun Yantra which needs to be kept in your house. For other kind of Sun Yantras, you can keep them in your pocket, wallet or you can wear them around your neck on a Sunday depending upon the kind of Sun Yantra you have chosen. After taking your bath, Chant 11 or 21 Beej Mantras of the Sun, sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on your Sun Yantra, Pray to the Sun and ask for the best possible benefits or ask for your specific benefits and then establish the Sun Yantra in your house, wallet or around your neck. Your Sun Yantra has been established now and it will start working and in order to keep it working properly, you will need to attend to it on regular basis. Every day after taking your bath or preparing yourself for the day, go to the place where your Sun Yantra has been placed, concentrate on it, chant 11 Beej Mantras for Sun and then ask your specific wishes from this Yantra. In case you are carrying your Yantra in your pocket or you are wearing it around your neck, just take it in your hands after bath, concentrate on it, chant 11 beej mantras of Sun and ask your wishes from this Yantra. Attending to your Sun Yantra on regular basis establishes a strong connection between you and your Sun Yantra which helps you get optimum benefits from your Sun Yantra.

Himanshu Shangaria