Revati Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 02

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-2’.

Revati Nakshatra

Revati nakshatra is the last among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of Revati fall in Pisces. The literal translation for the word Revati is ‘wealthy’. Accordingly Vedic astrology associates Revati nakshatra with characteristics like accumulation of wealth, happening of good events and leading good life.

Vedic astrology considers a fish or two fish swimming in water as the main symbol of Revati nakshatra. Revati marks the completion of journey of liberation. Poorvabhadrapada represents the first part of the final path and Uttarabhadrapada represents the last part of the final path. Hence Poorvabhadrapada deals with extreme learning and Uttarabhadrapada deals with highest forms of teaching. After learning the highest wisdom and after teaching it, the teacher or guru is now supposed to retire. The retirement happens in Revati.

Revati is the sum total of all nakshatras. Hence it possesses characteristics of all nakshatras. However, unlike Uttarabhadrapada, Revati nakshatra may not exhibit all of these characteristics. Having something and showing it are two differing aspects. Revati nakshatra is good with the first aspect and it may simply not be interested in the second aspect. A teacher needs all his skills polished as long as he is teaching. After retirement, it is of no use to polish them. The teacher may rather tend to forget them, so that he may enjoy his peace which comes with retirement.

Looking into the symbol of two fish, these fish are moving opposite to each other. Some depictions show they are moving in a circle with each one having its head near other’s tail. The opposite moving fish indicate two opposite sides of most aspects of life. It means they represent the good and the evil, happiness and sadness, day and night, life and death; and all other such phenomena. Revati is the nakshatra which embraces these seemingly opposite extremes at the same time.

Hence Revati nakshatra exhibits the same level of comfort whether it faces the good or the evil, day or night, prosperity or poverty and all other such phenomena. It may now be easy to understand that, why true saints welcome bad people as well as good people. They are guided by Revati nakshatra and Revati simply doesn’t discriminate. Such lack of discrimination doesn’t rise from lack of the ability to discriminate since they are completely capable of discriminating. This lack rises from their unwillingness to discriminate.

Hence they can discriminate but they won’t. This is why saints may embrace bad people in the same way as they accept good people. In the domain of Revati nakshatra, good may change into bad and bad may change into good. This is what the symbol of fish moving in a circle represents. Day keeps changing into night and night keeps changing into day. Hence they don’t judge people for their evil deeds since they know every evil will ultimately turn into good. Since they know this final truth that bad keeps changing into good and good keeps changing into bad; they embrace them both.

Vedic astrology assigns Pushan as the ruling deity of Revati nakshatra. Pushan is considered as a solar deity in Vedic mythology. He is supposed to bring light wherever it is needed. Pushan is also known as a god who gives wealth and prosperity. All these characteristics of Pushan are relayed through Revati nakshatra. These characteristics make natives under strong influence of Revati nakshatra capable of showing light of wisdom, enlightenment and happiness to others.

Vedic astrology assigns Mercury as the ruling planet of Revati nakshatra. The influence of Mercury adds Mercurial characteristics like communication skills, analytical nature, trade skills and sense of humor to Revati nakshatra. All quarters of Revati nakshatra fall in Pisces ruled by Jupiter. Hence Revati nakshatra comes under the influence of Pisces and Jupiter. These influences add characteristics like benevolence, kindness, hope, faith, wisdom, contentedness, intelligence, creativity and many other characteristics to Revati nakshatra.

Since Revati nakshatra possesses so many characteristics, natives under its strong influence may achieve success in a wide variety of fields, related to materialistic as well other domains, like spiritualism. The primary characteristics which define Revati nakshatra are acceptance and contentedness. Hence natives under strong influence of Revati nakshatra may be happy with what they have and they may be good at accepting whatever comes their way.

The naming of last three nakshatras has been done in mysterious ways and the names don’t actually mean what they literally mean. We have already seen this in case of Poorvabhadrapada and Uttarabhadrapada. Revati literally means ‘wealthy’. However, this wealth should not be confused with materialistic wealth. The last three nakshatras purely deal with spiritual terminology. Hence the meaning of Revati in this context is ‘one who has achieved the ultimate wealth’. The ultimate wealth is the one which can’t be taken away, once it is accumulated. This means it is the wealth of wisdom, acceptance, love, contentedness and finally; the wealth of peace.

All these characteristics are exhibited by Revati nakshatra. Hence natives under its strong influence have general tendency to be loving, wise, content, forgiving and peaceful. Possession of ultimate wealth doesn’t mean Revati nakshatra can’t possess material wealth. It simply means Revati may not be that much interested in such wealth. However, Revati is a very blessed and resourceful nakshatra. Hence natives under its strong influence may accumulate as much materialistic wealth as any other nakshatra type natives may.

The next characteristic which is strongly exhibited by Revati nakshatra is passivity. Hence Revati natives may not be known for being active. Most of these natives may love rest and peace. Therefore, Revati natives are likely to do well in fields which don’t need much physical exertion and aggression. At the same time, Revati natives may be gifted with creative and learning abilities. As a result, many natives under strong influence of Revati may be seen practicing in creative fields or fields like astrology, spiritualism, teaching, coaching and consultancy.

Revati natives are generally very optimistic and they continue to move towards their goals despite failures and setbacks. Revati natives may have very good imagination. Characteristics like optimism and imagination may bless them with very good results when their overall horoscopes are supportive. However, when planets like Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are weak or afflicted, Revati natives may be limited to dreams only. It means such Revati natives may be very good at making plans, but they may not engage in necessary efforts to execute such plans.

For this reason, Revati natives are also known as dreamers. When their horoscopes are supportive, all their dreams may come true. However when their horoscopes are not supportive, all they may have are dreams. Revati natives may have the tendency to build their own worlds of dreams and imaginations. In some cases, such natives may completely get lost in their worlds of dreams and they may not engage in actions to realize such dreams.

Revati natives are generally cultured and civilized. They know how to live and behave in civilized societies. These natives may possess good communication skills. Revati natives may be good at helping their friends and relatives. They may also be fortunate enough to receive help and support from their friends and relatives, whenever they may be in need.

Compassion and good fortune may be other characteristics possessed by natives under strong influence of Revati nakshatra. Many Revati natives may believe that doing good to others will bring good to them and this may hold true for many of them. Revati natives may be good at understanding emotions of other people. Hence they may help them during troublesome times by sharing their pain. Many natives under strong influence of Revati nakshatra may be associated with charitable organizations to help weaker sections of society.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Revati nakshatra may be seen practicing as creative artists, actors, singers, dancers, comedians, musicians, painters, sculptors, poets, story writers, fiction writers, astrologers, numerologists, palmists, vastu experts, yoga instructors, spiritual teachers, spiritual healers, spiritual gurus, religious teachers, religious gurus, doctors, therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, scientists, engineers, researchers, analysts, explorers, astronauts, pilots, aeronauts, ocean explorers, scuba divers, fishermen, professionals dealing in fishing industry, shipping industry, airline industry, hotel industry, travel industry, movie industry, music industry, television industry, book industry, media industry, teaching industry, coaching industry, consultancies, matrimonial services; and many other types of professions, depending on their overall horoscopes.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Revati is considered as a balanced and tender nakshatra. It is considered as a female nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Shudra Varna and ether element to Revati nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Revati is Deva and the Guna assigned to it is Sattwic. It is a level nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is Elephant.


Himanshu Shangari