Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Revati marks the completion of the third series of nakshatras which starts from Moola and Revati also marks the completion of the journey of 27 nakshatras. Revati is considered as the twenty seventh and the final nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras which are considered important in Vedic astrology for making calculations from horoscopes. The literal translation for the word Revati is Wealthy and accordingly Vedic astrology associate this nakshatra with accumulation of wealth, happening of good events and leading a good life. Vedic astrology considers a Fish Swimming in the Water as the main symbol of this nakshatra and many Vedic astrologers derive a number of conclusions from this symbol of a fish in the water. Some Vedic astrologers believe that this symbol of fish represents a soul which is trying to find its path to liberation just like the fish is trying to find its path through the water. This conclusion is supported by the fact that Revati has a strong connection with the sign Pisces which is considered as a sign associated with the life after death and the final liberation of the soul and it should also be noted here that the main symbol for Pisces is also shown as two fishes. Therefore many astrologers believe that Revati is similar to Pisces, in many aspects of its working. Some Vedic astrologers believe that a fish is very happy when it is in the water and accordingly this symbol conveys that natives under the strong influence of Revati are blessed with happiness and wealth in abundance just like a fish has plenty of water around it and there are still some more interpretations for this symbol of fish as interpreted by different Vedic astrologers.

                                 An alternate symbol of a Drum is also considered to be associated with this nakshatra by some Vedic astrologers and some of them further believe that this drum is of the kind which is played with the help of sticks instead of the one which is played with the hands. Such drums were used in ancient times for the purpose of gathering people, making important announcements and passing out some information to the people and accordingly Revati is considered to be associated with communications and gathering of people. Vedic astrology assigns Pushan as the ruling deity of this nakshatra. Pushan is considered as a solar deity in Vedic mythology and he is supposed to bring light to all the sections which need it and Pushan is also known as a god who gives wealth and prosperity and all of these characteristics of Pushan are relayed through Revati which make this nakshatra capable of showing the light of knowledge and wisdom to the native under its influence and which at the same time is also capable of enlightening the soul of the native and showing him the final path to liberation. Revati is therefore considered as a very good, wealth giving, friendly and kind nakshatra by most of the Vedic astrologers. Lord Vishnu is considered as the final presiding deity of Revati and as we know that Lord Vishnu is known as the husband of goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, so the association of Lord Vishnu brings wealth and prosperity to this nakshatra. Lord Vishnu is also known to be the cleverest among the Trinity and he is known for his illusive skills of communication and accordingly Revati is also considered as a nakshatra which possesses wisdom and good communication skills.

                                       Vedic astrology assigns Mercury as the ruling planet of Revati and the influence of Mercury brings many Mercurial qualities to this nakshatra. Mercury is known for communication skills, wisdom, analytical nature, trade skills and sense of humor and all of these qualities of Mercury are relayed through Revati. All parts of Revati fall in the sign of Pisces ruled by Jupiter and therefore, this nakshatra comes under the influence of Pisces and Jupiter. Pisces is a sign known to be associated with liberation of soul and Jupiter is known as a planet of benevolence, hope and wisdom and all of these qualities of Pisces and Jupiter are exhibited through this nakshatra which make Revati a very good nakshatra for producing results in materialistic as well as spiritual world due to the fact that Revati witnesses the fusion of best of the energies of Mercury, known as the planet of wisdom and materialism and Jupiter, known as the planet of wisdom, compassion and spirituality. Hence the natives under the influence of Revati are capable of achieving success in materialistic as well as spiritual fields. Revati natives are generally very optimistic towards life and they continue to work towards their goals despite the failures and setback which may come their way. Revati natives possess very good powers of imagination which they use for various kinds of creative purposes when this nakshatra is supported well by the other planetary energies in their horoscopes otherwise this power of imagination can be limited to mere dreaming with no solid reasons or paths to execute the fulfillment of those dreams. For this reason, many Vedic astrologers name Ravati natives as the dreamers among all the nakshatra types and these astrologers believe that many Revati natives have the tendency to build their own worlds of dreams and imaginations and in some cases such natives can get completely lost in their world of dreams and imagination and they may not engage in practical actions to realize those dreams.

                                         According to many Vedic astrologers, Revati natives have a close relation with Maya which in its lower form can make the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra behave as pure dreamers and which in its higher aspects can unravel the deepest secrets of Maya and can enlighten the native towards the final path for his liberation. Some Vedic astrologers believe that the influence of Lord Vishnu who is known as the Master of all kinds of Maya, on this nakshatra connects this nakshatra with Maya in one form or the other whereas another group of Vedic astrologers believes that the influence of Pisces brings the Maya connection to this nakshatra as Pisces is known to be associated with Maya according to Vedic astrology. But in either of the cases, one thing comes out clear and strong that Revati as a nakshatra has a lot to do with Maya, understanding and unraveling the layers of Maya and getting lost in the mysteries and illusions of Maya and accordingly some Vedic astrologers name Revati as the nakshatra of Maya. Revati natives are generally very cultured and civilized and they know how to live and behave in a civilized society and in fact many Revati natives are known as the pillars of such civilized societies. Revati natives love to socialize with other people and they are known to have a big circle of friends and associates. The natives under the influence of this nakshatra possess good to very good communication skills and these natives use their communication skills to make, maintain and enhance their social circle by connecting to people on real levels. Revati natives are usually considered to be an interesting company due to their ability to communicate well and connect to people easily. Revati natives are good at helping their friends and relatives and at the same time they are fortunate enough to receive help and support from their friends and relatives, whenever they are in need of such help and support.

                                      Compassion and good fortune are two of the main characteristics possessed by the natives under the strong influence of Revati and most of the Revati natives believe that doing good to the others will automatically bring good to them and this holds true in case of most of the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra. Revati natives are known to have high human values and they try to understand and feel the pain of their fellow human beings and they also try to share and reduce their pain. Many natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra can be seen associated with charitable organizations and other such campaigns which raise funds to help some weaker or underprivileged section of the society. Vedic astrology assigns various professional fields to this nakshatra and accordingly the natives under the influence of this nakshatra can be seen practicing as creative artists, actors, comedians, musicians, painters, sculptors and other such artists, story writers, fiction writers, poets and other people who use their power of imagination to create pieces of art, astrologers, numerologists, palmists, vastu experts, feng shui experts and other people practicing in similar faiths, yoga instructors, spiritual teachers and preachers, spiritual healers and other people dealing in similar faiths and practices, doctors, surgeons, therapists, physicians and other people dealing in similar fields, scientists, researchers, analysts and other people dealing in similar fields, astronauts, pilots, aeronauts and other people associated with the aviation industry, ocean explorers, scuba divers, treasure hunters and other people dealing in jobs related to oceans and seas, fishermen and other people associated with the fishing industry and many other kinds of people dealing in many other kinds of professional fields.

                                     Discussing some of the other facts associated with this nakshatra which are considered important for making calculations like gun Milan for the purpose of horoscope matching for marriage, Vedic astrology considers Revati as a Female nakshatra and many astrologers explain this gender classification of Revati on the basis of its strong association with Maya which is considered as female according to Vedic mythology. Indian Jyotish considers Revati as Tender in nature and balanced in functioning and both of these classifications are easy to understand after looking at the working of this nakshatra. Many astrologers assign the Varna of Shudra to this nakshatra which comes as a surprise, considering the number of good qualities possessed by this nakshatra and some Vedic astrologers explain this classification on the basis that Revati is more about giving and serving, and serving is considered as a quality of the Shudra. Revati is considered as Dev in Gan and Sattawic in Gun and both of these classifications are easy to understand through the working of this nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns the element of Ether to this nakshatra.

Himanshu Shangari