Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

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Uttarabhadrapada is taken as the twenty sixth nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras which are considered important in Vedic astrology for making calculations from horoscopes. The literal translation for the word Uttarabhadrapada is The Latter One with Lucky Feet and accordingly some Vedic astrologers believe that this nakshatra brings luck for the natives under its influence. Vedic astrology considers the main symbol of Uttarabhadrapada as the back part of a bed and some Vedic astrologers believe that this bed is not a simple bed but a funeral cot just like in the case of previous nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada and through this symbol of back part of funeral cot, Uttarabhadrapada relates to death as well as the time and state soon after death. Uttarabhadrapada forms a pair with Poorvabhadrapada just like Poorvaphalguni forms a pair with Uttaraphalguni and Poorvashada forms a pair with Uttarashada, but it is worth mentioning here that the working of Uttarabhadrapada is very much different from the working of Poorvabhadrapada and these two nakshatras share only a few things in common in actual practice. Some Vedic astrologers consider an alternate symbol of a Coiled serpent, to be associated with Uttarabhadrapada. This coiled snake is shown in the form of Kundlini which is a very powerful source of energy lying at the base of spine inside all the human beings and the awakening of the kundlini is known as a very important step when it comes to connecting to the super natural worlds. Therefore Uttarabhadarapada is considered to have some connection with the supernatural world and the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are likely to have normal to strong inclination towards the supernatural and paranormal faiths and practices and some of them can be actually seen engaging in such faiths and practice.

                                   Vedic astrology assigns Ahir Budhanya as the ruling deity of Uttarabhadarapada and the influence of Ahir Budhanya brings many good qualities and mysteries to this nakshatra. According to Vedic mythology, Ahir Budhanya is considered as a serpent god who lives far beneath the earth and some Vedic scholars believe that Ahir Budhanya lives deep down under the sea. Ahir Budhanya is considered to be wise and far more compassionate deity in comparison to Aja Ekapada, the ruling deity of Poorvabhadrapada and the influence of these two different natured deities on Poorvabhadarapada and Uttarabhadrapada is what makes these two nakshatras possess different natures though some of their characteristics are still similar to each other. For example, Uttarabhadrapada is also related to mysteries and the world of mysteries just like Poorvabhadrapada and it is difficult to judge the character or true intentions of Uttarabhadarapada natives just like Poorvabhadrapada natives but Uttarabhadrapada natives are most of the times likely to use the energy of this nakshatra in a positive way and for the benefit of the society whereas Poorvabhadrapada natives are likely to use the energy of the nakshatra for the purpose of violence and destruction. So there is a big difference in the working of these two nakshatras even though some of their characteristics are similar. Vedic astrology assigns Lord Shiva as the final presiding deity of Uttarabhadrapada and some Vedic astrologers believe that since this nakshatra has much to do with death and the worlds after death and Lord Shiva is the one among the Trinity who takes care of the affairs related to death, so he is seen as the final presiding deity of this nakshatra. It should be noted that Lord Shiva is also connected to the previous nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada through Aja Ekapada who is considered to be a guise of his Rudra form but Lord Shiva connects to this Uttarabhadrapada in his soft and benevolent form and not in his Rudra and violent form like in the case of Poorvabhadrapada. Hence Lord Shiva has different influences on these two nakshatras even though he is directly connected to both of these nakshatras.

                                      Vedic astrology assigns Saturn as the ruling planet of this nakshatra and the influence of Saturn on this nakshatra brings some of the best qualities of Saturn like wisdom, patience, perseverance and the ability to achieve and enjoy results, to this nakshatra. Saturn gives its best performance through this nakshatra though it also rules Pushya and Anuradha. Many Vedic astrologers believe that a soft and benevolent influence of Saturn is passed on to Uttarabhadrapada which makes this nakshatra very wise, practical and benevolent in most of the cases and accordingly the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are likely to work for their benefit as well as the benefit of the people around them instead of working and serving for their own selfish means and some Vedic astrologers believe that most of the natives under the influence of this nakshatra get benefitted while they are working for the welfare of the others. All four parts of Uttarabhadrapada fall in the sign of Pisces ruled by Jupiter and accordingly this nakshatra comes under the influence of Pisces and Jupiter. Jupiter is known as a wise and benevolent planet in Vedic astrology and Pisces is considered as a sign which represents devotion to good causes, death and life after death and the final enlightenment and most of these qualities of Jupiter and Pisces are relayed through Uttarabhadrapada which make it even more pleasant nakshatra. Hence the final nature of this nakshatra is decided by summing up all the influence of ruling deities and planets on this nakshatra and the working of this nakshatra may vary from horoscope to horoscope depending upon the strength and nature of the planets influencing its working and nature in a horoscope.

                                Uttarabhadrapada natives are generally wise to very wise in nature and they are good at adapting themselves according to the situations and circumstances just like Poorvabhadrapada natives. Many Vedic astrologers believe that it is very difficult to assess or judge the true nature and intentions of Uttarabhadrapada natives just like Poorvabhadrapada natives and the natives under the strong influence of Uttarabhadrapada are capable of behaving in a variety of different ways depending upon the need of the circumstances. Uttarabharapada natives are fixed towards their goals and they try their best to achieve all the goals and targets they set for themselves but is should be noted that unlike some other nakshatra types, Uttarashada natives are not in a hurry or under some kind of obsession to achieve their goals and instead they are wise and patient enough to see fruits of their efforts. These natives are in no hurry most of the times and they can be considered as one of the coolest people around who look very relaxed, calm and patient but at the same time they have a very good sense of their targets and goals and they keep on working towards these goals in a planned way, keeping their cool all along the way. Uttarabhadrapada natives earn a lot of respect and status in the society by virtue of their qualities like being wise, benevolent, patient and radiating a sense of safety for the others in their company and most of the people in their company turn to them for advise and help which these natives are able to provide most of the times and they do provide help and advice most of the times to their friends, relatives and associates.

                                 Uttarabhadrapada natives believe in order and planning and they like to do everything in an orderly and planned manner keeping even the smallest of the details in their minds and at the same time also keeping the bigger picture in their minds. Uttarabhadrapada natives are generally kind and considerate and they try to work for the benefit of the others by doing something creative or helpful for the society or some weaker section of the society and as result many Uttarabhadrapada natives are seen working with social and charitable organizations which work for the benefit of some particular weaker section of the society. Uttarabhadrapada natives do not usually keep deep feelings of revenge and jealousy inside them for long and they are good at forgiving others for the mistakes or misdeeds they have done and as a result they can be considered as saintly people. Uttarabhadrapada natives also have a tendency to take interest in the world of supernatural and paranormal and some of these natives can be seen engaged in such faiths and practices but it should be noted here that most of the Uttarabhadrapada natives are likely to engage in practices which are considered divine and clean by society and not in the practices which are considered as bad practices by a bigger section of society. For example, natives practicing in paranormal or supernatural fields under the influence of this nakshatra are likely to deal in astrology, numerology, palmistry, spiritual healing, yoga, meditation and other such practices which are considered divine and they are rarely seen practicing as black magicians, tantrics, aghoris and people dealing in other faiths which require some sacrifices of animals or even humans and for this reason Uttarabhadrapada natives are considered as saintly people as they have very little tendency to engage in practices which are illegal, immoral or harmful to any species.

                              Uttarabhadrapada natives are usually content in nature and they try to live happily in every kind of situation that life may bring to them instead of crying over small issues of day to day life and making their lives miserable. Uttarasbhadrapada natives, by virtue of their wisdom and sound judgment, are known as very good judges and mediators and most of the people around them go to them for some settling their disputes and most of the times Uttarabhadrapada natives come out with a decision which is just and fair and which keeps all the facts and arguments in mind. Uttarabhadrapada natives however have a tendency to forgive the mistakes of the wrong doers and even when they are judging some dispute, they are likely to suggest smaller punishments for the people found guilty by supplying the logic that even the guilty should be treated kindly and should be given one more chance to improve himself. By virtue of these qualities, Uttarabhadrapada natives are usually very popular and highly respected in the society and people around them try to obey every wish and command of such natives knowing the fact that Uttarabhadrapada natives initiate actions for the welfare of the people and society, most of the times. Many Vedic astrologers consider Uttarabhadrapada as a very lucky nakshatra and the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are likely to come across sudden benefits in the form of gifts, favours, favorable decisions, inheritance and other such things and these benefits come to them most of the times even without trying hard for them or sometimes not trying for them at all. Uttarabhadrapada natives possess a good, benevolent and calm aura which radiates friendliness and safety and accordingly most of the people getting in touch with them instantly start feeling safe in their company and some Vedic astrologers believe that the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are the safest kind of people to be around.

                                   Vedic astrology assigns various professional spheres to Uttarabhadrapada and accordingly the natives under the influence of this nakshatra can be seen practicing as yoga instructors, astrologers, numerologists, palmists, Vastu experts and other people dealing in similar fileds, saints, spiritual healers and spiritual teachers, people teaching the techniques of meditation and other people engaging in similar faiths and practices, teachers, preachers, counselors, advisors, financial consultants, general consultants and other people dealing in similar fields, people working with charitable organizations, judges, administrators requiring judgment in order to do their daily duty, political and religious leaders who are very popular among the people by virtue of their good deeds and their quality of serving people, bankers and other people working for financial organizations and many other kinds of people dealing in many other kinds of professional fields, faiths and practices. Uttarabhadrapada natives can be found practicing in a vast variety of fields and it is difficult to associate them to some particular fields. For example, some natives under the influence of Uttarabhadrapada can be seen practicing as reporters and journalists who primarily report for the field of religion, divination or some other field which offers knowledge and advice to the audience; writers and columnists who write educational and advisory material to help people learn and benefit from it.

                               Coming to some other facts associated with Uttarabhadrapada which are considered important for making calculations like gun Milan for the purpose of horoscope matching for marriage, Vedic astrology considers Uttarabhadrapada as a male nakshatra which comes as no surprise since both its ruling deities and its ruling planet is male. Some astrologers also explain this gender classification on the basis that the qualities like sound judgment and wisdom are generally possessed by males. Vedic jyotish considers Uttarabhadrapada as fixed in nature and balanced in functioning and both of these classifications are easy to understand after looking at the working of this nakshatra. Many astrologers assign the Varna of Kshatriya to this nakshatra which at first sight looks like a surprise as this nakshatra is portrayed as a saintly nakshatra by many astrologers but some learned Vedic astrologers believe that Uttarabhadrapada under the influence of benevolent form of Lord Shiva works as a true warrior like Lord Rama who is very kind at heart and who has the ability to forgive even his enemies but who at the same time can prove to be a very strong and fierce warrior when the time demands him to be so. Vedic astrology assigns the Tamasic gun to this nakshatra and some astrologers explain this classification on the basis of association of this nakshatra with Lord Shiva as Lord Shiva is known to possess Tamo Gun. Jyotish assigns the Gan of Manav to this nakshatra which is explained on the basis that this nakshatra tries to work for the welfare of the people and accordingly it is involved in materialistic affairs most of the times. The element of ether is assigned to this nakshatra.

Himanshu Shangari