Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 02

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-2’.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha nakshatra is 24th among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of Shatabhisha fall in Aquarius. The literal meaning of the word Shatabhisha is translated as ‘hundred doctors’ or ‘hundred medicines’.

These meanings indicate that Shatabhisha nakshatra is associated with remedies, medicines, treatments and cures. It also indicates that Shatabhisha is related to diseases and problems. This is because medicines or remedies are required only after diseases or problems have appeared. Hence Shatabhisha nakshatra deals with both aspects of this field; diseases as well as remedies.

The name of this nakshatra suggests hundred medicines or doctors. It implies many things at the same time. The first one is the fact that Shatabhisha is a resourceful nakshatra, since only resourceful people may afford hundred doctors. The second one tells that the problems Shatabhisha nakshatra may try to deal with may be complicated or very complicated. This is because hundred doctors or hundred medicines may be required for complicated problems only.

It means natives under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may face such problems in their lives; for which they may have to try a number of remedies or options, until they find the ones which work. Hundred doctors or medicines also indicate variety. It means natives under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may face various types of problems in their lives and they may have to try various types of approaches to solve these problems. One may only need many doctors specializing in different fields, when he suffers from many problems.

Let’s look at this meaning from the angle of a doctor, instead of looking at it from the angle of a patient. The name Shatabhisha suggests that natives under strong influence of this nakshatra may possess wisdom of hundred experts and they may have hundreds of resources to solve problems. The name also suggests that natives under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may be skilled in hundreds of fields, which means in many fields.

Hence Shatabhisha natives may possess great expertise in their respective fields and they may at the same time possess knowledge in many other fields. Whether a native under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may become a patient or doctor; depends on how the energy of this nakshatra is used in a horoscope.

Vedic astrology assigns an empty circle as the main symbol of Shatabhisha nakshatra and this symbol renders many characteristics to this nakshatra. A circle gives the idea of containing something, within its boundaries. A circle also indicates that things inside it are separated from things outside. Most things in universe work in circles and they are not linear. A circle is not open like a line and it is a closed body. It means what is outside may not get inside easily; and what is inside may not get outside easily.

Hence characteristics like secrecy, privacy, maintaining boundaries and being introvert are exhibited by Shatabhisha nakshatra. Therefore, Shatabhisha natives may not easily trust other people and they may keep maintaining certain boundaries, even after years of relationships with people. For this reason, Shatabhisha natives may prove some of the most difficult to understand natives. It means even after having years of close relationships with them, you may not claim to know them sufficiently.

There may still be many parts of their personalities which are hidden and you don’t know them. For this reason, you may often not be able to assign fixed patterns to them as they may surprise you with their actions, every now and then. In deeper sense, the need for secrecy rises from insecurity. It means you try to keep those things secret, which you believe may cause problems if revealed. This belief gives birth to insecurity as you sense problems if such things are revealed. Hence you try your best not to reveal such things. It means you try to conceal them or in other words, you try to keep them secret.

Therefore, the characteristic of insecurity is also exhibited by Shatabhisha nakshatra. Hence Shatabhisha natives may feel insecure about certain aspects of their lives. As a result, they may tend to keep such aspects secret. Such aspects may be different for different natives, depending on placements of various planets in Shatabhisha as well as on placement of this nakshatra in various houses of a horoscope.

An alternate name of Shatataraka is also mentioned for Shatabhisha nakshatra. The word Shatataraka literally translates into ‘hundred stars’. This name conveys the idea that Shatabhisha nakshatra may contain hundred stars within it. It means Shatabhisha natives may contain many mysteries within them. It also means that Shatabhisha natives may have qualities represented by hundred stars.

Vedic astrology assigns Varuna, the god of water as the ruling deity of Shatabhisha nakshatra. Influence of Varuna relates Shatabhisha to all types of water bodies, especially to the oceans. It is believed that a number of characteristics of Shatabhisha nakshatra are similar to those exhibited by an ocean. An ocean is known to hide hundreds of treasures and secrets inside it. Shatabhisha nakshatra also exhibits characteristics of holding hundreds of skills and secrets.

Vedic astrology assigns Rahu as the planetary ruler of Shatabhisha nakshatra. Rahu is known as a planet of illusions, secrets, mysteries and magical events. Influence of Rahu adds characteristics like hiding, curing, exploring and dealing with mysteries; to Shatabhisha nakshatra. All four quarters of Shatabhisha nakshatra fall in Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. Influences of Saturn and Aquarius add characteristics like analytical abilities, philosophical approach, patience and perseverance to Shatabhisha nakshatra. The most prominent characteristic of Shatabhisha nakshatra is its desire to deal with secrets and mysteries. Whether it gets lost in them or it is able to solve them; depends on the overall horoscope of the native under consideration.

Shatabhisha nakshatra is the master of secrets. Natives under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may achieve success through some hidden knowledge, faith, technique or something else which is not known to many people. Shatabhisha natives may be good at guarding secrets of other people along with their own secrets, just like an ocean guards hundreds and thousands of things, hidden deep inside it. Hence these natives may be considered trustworthy when it comes to share secrets with them.

Shatabhisha natives may know a lot many secrets of a number of people and it may not bother them. It means they may digest such secrets with ease, like the ocean. For this reason, natives under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may achieve more success in professional spheres where privacy of clients is of utmost importance.

Shatabhisha natives are generally fascinated by things which are hidden and mysterious. Hence they may love solving puzzles, enigmas and mysteries. Shatabhisha natives are generally suspicious in nature and they may not trust people easily. Hence it may take them long periods of time to trust people. Shatabhisha nakshatra has a natural tendency to guard and protect its boundaries like an ocean or a circle.

Accordingly, natives under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may guard themselves against anything that is new and foreign. Due to this characteristic, Shatabhisha natives may take long to get intimate, even with their lovers. These natives may not share their innermost feelings with their husbands or wives; even after years of marriages. Shatabhisha natives may develop natural resistance to changes. Hence it may not be easy for them to get accustomed to new people, places or circumstances.

Due to these characteristics, Shatabhisha natives may not be considered social. It may take a lot for other people to get inside their circles of trust, due to their highly guarded boundaries. Shatabhisha natives may like to stay alone instead of being in company of other people. This characteristic may help them connect to their inner strengths, when their overall horoscopes are supportive.

However, the same characteristic may make them suffer from depression and other psychological disorders, when their overall horoscopes are not supportive. Shatabhisha natives may be good at learning new languages and hidden or mysterious sciences like astrology. Hence some of them may be seen practicing as astrologers, tantrics, psychics, spiritual gurus and healers of various types.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Shatabhisha nakshatra may be seen practicing as consultants, advisors, psychics, astrologers, paranormal mediums, healers, magicians, black magicians, tantrics, spiritual gurus, astronomers, space researchers, scientists, analysts, astronauts, pilots, air force officers, ocean explorers, naval officers, treasure hunters, scuba divers, coast guards, doctors, physicians, surgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists, chemists, ayurvedic doctors, homeopathic doctors, engineers, software developers, architects, interior designers, politicians, lawyers, judges, writers, journalists, bloggers, professionals dealing in airline industry, shipping industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, media industry, movie industry, television industry; and many other types of professionals, depending on their overall horoscopes.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Shatabhisha is considered as an active and movable nakshatra. It is considered as neutral in gender. Vedic astrology assigns Shudra Varna and ether element to Shatabhisha nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Shatabhisha is Rakshasa and the Guna assigned to it is Tamasic. It is an upward nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is a female horse.


Himanshu Shangari