Poorvashada Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 02

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-2’.

Poorvashada Nakshatra

Poorvashada nakshatra is 20th among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of Poorvashada fall in Sagittarius. The literal translation of the word Poorvashada is ‘the former invincible one’ or ‘the former undefeated one’. Vedic astrology associates Poorvashada nakshatra with characteristics like being invincible or undefeated.

Poorvashada nakshatra has its influence on a number of people across the globe and not all of them are invincible. Therefore, the word invincibility is likely to be related to invincibility of mind more than anything else. It means natives under strong influence of Poorvashada nakshatra may be mentally very strong and they may not accept defeat even under the worst circumstances.

Poorvashada natives may keep trying to achieve their goals, whatever such goals may be. Poorvashada natives may work patiently for very long periods of time to achieve their goals. Poorvashada is capable of fighting for its goals, longer than most other nakshatra types. Even when all else around them has fallen, Poorvashada natives may keep marching forward.

Some literatures of Vedic astrology assign an alternate name Aparajita for Poorvashada nakshatra. The literal meaning of the word Aparajita is ‘the one who has never been defeated’, which means undefeated. Therefore, many Vedic astrologers associate Poorvashada nakshatra with the characteristic of being undefeated. Hence natives under strong influence of Poorvashada nakshatra may not accept defeat and they may not give up to failures. Instead, they may keep working hard towards their goals. Many times, Poorvashada natives may be able to achieve their goals, primarily due to this characteristic possessed by them.

Vedic astrology assigns the main symbol of Poorvashada nakshatra as a hand held fan. Such fan can be used for various purposes and accordingly it represents many characteristics of Poorvashada nakshatra. A handheld fan is used for cooling and providing relief when it is hot outside. It means Poorvashada nakshatra has the ability to keep its cools during hot or tough times; by virtue of its patience.

A handheld fan needs constant effort in order to achieve desired result. Hence Poorvashada natives may work constantly, in order to achieve their objectives. A handheld fan can be used to cool other people also. It means Poorvashada natives may be able to cheer up people around them, by virtue of characteristics possessed by them, even when circumstances look bad.

Some centuries ago, a type of handheld fan was used to fan up a fire. Since doing so is an act of aggression, Poorvashada natives may have their due share of aggression. This act also means that Poorvashada nakshatra has the ability to keep a fire burning by fanning it. This means Poorvashada natives may have the ability to keep the fire inside them alive for long periods of time. They may do so by fanning it with their strong will power and ambitions. These characteristics may help them put up longer and sustained efforts to achieve their goals. Sometimes, a handheld fan is also used to hide face or to conceal identity. Hence it is believed that Poorvashada nakshatra exhibits the characteristic of hiding things, when it finds necessary.

Vedic astrology assigns Apah, a goddess of water as the ruling deity of Poorvashada nakshatra. Apah is known as a mysterious and secretive goddess and these characteristics of Apah are relayed through Poorvashada nakshatra. This makes Poorvashada a secretive, mysterious and hiding type of nakshatra. Apah is also considered as a goddess who is kind at heart but who can be harsh and cruel in her actions when the circumstances demand so.

Therefore, Poorvashada natives can be harsh and cruel when the situation demands them to be so. Whether these characteristics are used positively or negatively; depends on placements of benefic or malefic planets in Poorvashada nakshatra in a horoscope.

Vedic astrology assigns Venus as the ruling deity of Poorvashada nakshatra. Many characteristics of Venus like beauty, glamour, enjoyment, fine taste, creativity and sharing are relayed through Poorvashada nakshatra. Influence of Venus on Poorvashada nakshatra adds desire and love for materialistic pursuits to it.

All four quarters of Poorvashada nakshatra fall in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. Characteristics of Jupiter and Sagittarius like hope, optimism, faith, intelligence, creativity, confidence and initiative are expressed through Poorvashada nakshatra. Jupiter and Venus are two of the most auspicious planets among navagraha and they have their own ways of living and enjoying life to the fullest. Poorvashada nakshatra may be seen as the peak expression of combination of energies of Jupiter and Venus.

Due to this combination of wide variety of characteristics, natives under strong influence of Poorvashada nakshatra may be found engaging in a wide variety of professions, some of which may seem opposite to each other. For example, one such native may be a religious head and another one may be a fashion model. Likewise, one such native may run a casino and another one may be a spiritual guru.

Poorvashada natives generally have strong will power. Such will power makes them mentally invincible and hence they may not be much bothered by failures and setbacks. Poorvashada natives may be determined to achieve their objectives and goals. Poorvashada natives are generally very patient and they can wait for long periods of time in order to achieve their goals. Due to characteristics like patience, perseverance, optimistic attitude and the ability to remain unshaken during adverse circumstances, they may achieve very good results in many spheres of their lives.

However, if Poorvashada nakshatra is occupied by unsuitable or malefic planets in a horoscope, characteristics like patience and optimism may turn negative. One such native may keep waiting for very long periods of time in order to achieve his goals, even when there may be little hope left to achieve them. It means the rational and practical chances of achieving such goals may be close to zero. Hence this diehard attitude of Poorvashada natives may at times go against them.

Due to undefeated mental buildup, they may keep sticking to some goals which may have already lost all chances of being achieved. The more difficult part is that Poorvashada natives may not listen to anyone who tells them to quit, as the game may have been over a long time ago. It may be difficult for Poorvashada natives to accept defeat or failure and move on to something else. Therefore, Poorvashada natives may suffer a lot in their lives due to these characteristics.

Poorvashada natives may not bear the idea of defeat. In extreme cases, some of these natives may go insane or even commit suicides when they realize that the goals they pursued for long periods of times are lost. Such Poorvashada natives may take extreme measures to fulfill their goals and they may become dangerous when they get the notion that their goals are slipping away from them. Therefore, Poorvashada is seen as an obsessive, cruel and harsh nakshatra by some Vedic astrologers.

However, such extremes may be witnessed only when Poorvashada nakshatra is occupied by malefic planets in a horoscope. On the other hand, when Poorvashada nakshatra is occupied by suitable benefic planets and the overall horoscope is supportive; the native may be wise enough to know, for how long to stick and when to move on.

Poorvashada natives know the art of living and they know how to suck delight out of life. Poorvashada natives are not bothered much by troubles and hurdles that come their way. As a result, they may be capable of enjoying their lives in better ways than many other nakshatra type natives. Poorvashada natives may keep trying to improve their materialistic lives due to influence of Venus on this nakshatra.

They may also be good at showing off their achievements to people around them. Characteristics like outward display of beauty come natural to Poorvashada natives due to strong influence of Venus on this nakshatra. Poorvashada natives may be energetic, creative and expressive. Hence they may achieve success in professional spheres like acting, singing, modelling, sports and other similar fields.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Poorvashada nakshatra may achieve success as actors, singers, musicians, dancers, writers, poets, painters, fashion models, beauticians, sportsmen, sailors, ocean explorers, divers, navy personnel, fishermen, professionals dealing in manufacturing, sales or operations of ships, boats, fairies, yachts and other similar machines; professionals dealing in movie industry, music industry, sports industry, television industry, hotel industry, airline industry, shipping industry, tour and travel industry, luxury vacations, beverage industry, liquor industry, fashion industry, event management industry, logistics industry, ecommerce, information and technology, software industry, real estate, religious places; engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, preachers, consultants, religious heads, spiritual heads, astrologers, healers, politicians, government officers and many other types of professionals; depending on their overall horoscopes.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Poorvashada is considered as a balanced and fierce nakshatra. It is considered as a female nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Brahman Varna and air element to Poorvashada nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Poorvashada is Manava and the Guna assigned to it is Rajasic. It is a downward nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is Monkey.


Himanshu Shangari