Jyeshtha Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 02

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-2’.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra

Jyeshtha nakshatra is 18th among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of Jyeshtha fall in Scorpio. It marks the completion of the second set of nine nakshatras from Magha to Jyeshtha.

The literal meaning of the word Jyeshtha is ‘elder’ and Vedic astrology associates the meanings like elder, mature and senior with Jyeshtha nakshatra. It is believed that natives under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra may mature early in their lives, both in physical as well as in mental sense. It means Jyeshtha natives may have better senses of social norms compared to many other nakshatra type natives. Hence they may easily understand what drives families, societies, cities and/or states, depending on their ages and circumstances.

Vedic astrology takes the main symbol of Jyeshtha nakshatra as a Round Talisman which is worn by people for protection from evil forces. Round talismans were also worn by people in authority, in old civilizations. Hence Jyeshtha nakshatra exhibits characteristics like protection and authority as indicated by its symbol. A talisman is also worn by people who deal in occult or paranormal practices. Hence Jyeshtha nakshatra also connects to the realms of paranormal and occult through this symbol.

A symbol of Umbrella is also assigned to Jyeshtha nakshatra. This symbol also associates characteristics like protection and authority with Jyeshtha. An umbrella is used by people to protect themselves from rain or sun. History tells that a kind of big umbrella called Chhatra was used frequently by Kings to convey the idea of protection as well as authority. It means Jyeshtha nakshatra has lot to do with characteristics like protection, maturity and authority of one type or another.

Vedic astrology assigns Indra, the king of gods as the ruling deity of Jyeshtha nakshatra. Hence many characteristics of Indra are relayed through Jyeshtha nakshatra. Indra is portrayed as a cunning, selfish, tricky and proud character in many stories of Vedic mythology. He is also known to misuse his power and authority to achieve his goals. Hence Indra comes across as a character having more negative shades in his personality than the positive ones.

However, Indra also has many good characteristics like protecting his subjects, taking care of them, maintaining law and order; and other characteristics. Many of these characteristics of Indra are exhibited through Jyeshtha nakshatra. Indra is also the ruling deity of Vishakha and many of his characteristics are relayed through Vishakha. Same is the case with Jyeshtha nakshatra which also exhibits many characteristics of Indra. Hence Jyeshtha may seem to work like Vishakha in many ways though it is different in reality.

It has been discussed in Poorvaphalguni that a king has two opposite looking sides. One side is there to rule, expand and protect; whereas the other side is there to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate. Vishakha relays the enjoyment side of Indra whereas Jyeshtha exhibits the ruler side of Indra. Since it is an essential job of the ruler to protect his subjects, Jyeshtha nakshatra features protection as its prominent characteristic. It should be noted that protection indicated by Jyeshtha has two aspects.

Looking at the first aspect; natives under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra may be protected by virtue of their characteristics, they may be protected by someone in authority or they may receive such protection through faiths like astrology.

This aspect of protection is indicated by the symbols of Jyeshtha nakshatra which are a round talisman and an umbrella. Both these symbols show that the native is protected, though in different ways. An umbrella shows protection through skills or authority, since kings used such umbrellas. A talisman indicates protection through some type of paranormal or occult faith, like astrology or tantra. Hence natives under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra may have interest in faiths like astrology and they may follow these faiths, in order to stay protected.

Looking at the second aspect of protection associated with Jyeshtha, it is the protection offered by Jyeshtha natives to a group of people. It is the job of a ruler to protect and provide. The name Jyeshtha translates into elder and the elders are supposed to protect the younger. Indra as a ruler fought a number of wars with demons, in order to maintain balance. He is also considered as the ruler of rain, and rain means provisions and prosperity.

Hence natives under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra may protect people dependent on them and they may also provide for them. It means if a family has five members, the one under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra is likely to assume the lead role in such family with time; even if he is the youngest member. On bigger levels, Jyeshtha natives may protect and provide for societies, cities, states and countries; operating from posts of authority. Therefore, Jyeshtha is quite different from Vishakha, though both of them are ruled by Indra.

Vedic astrology assigns Mercury as the ruling planet of Jyeshtha nakshatra. Mercury is known for characteristics like intellect, logic, mathematical skills and analytical abilities. Influence of Mercury on Jyeshtha adds these characteristics to Jyeshtha. These characteristics make Jyeshtha a much more stable and balanced nakshatra, compared to Vishakha. All quarters of Jyeshtha nakshatra fall in Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars exhibits characteristics like energy, initiative and courage. Scorpio displays characteristics like intensity, insight and high sense of perception. All these characteristic are also added to Jyeshtha nakshatra.

As a result, Jyeshtha becomes a very capable, gifted, courageous and special type of nakshatra, especially when it comes to supervise and manage materialistic affairs which demand administrative skills and authority. Hence Jyeshtha natives may be gifted with characteristics like administrative skills, management skills and diplomatic skills. They may achieve authority through these characteristics as well as through other characteristics of Jyeshtha nakshatra and they may use all these characteristics to protect and provide for groups of people; they are supposed to care for.

Jyeshtha natives generally mature earlier than many other nakshatra types. In many cases, this maturity is more of mental and psychic type, than physical type. Jyeshtha natives may be clever and they may be capable of making decisions based on facts and logics. Jyeshtha natives are generally very concerned about how they are perceived by other people. To maintain status and image in society may be important for them. Jyeshtha natives may try their best to ensure that their public images remain good, even if they are engaging in wrong deeds, due to overall negative horoscopes.

These natives may be good at hiding their inner feelings and intentions. They may also be good at acting or projecting themselves to be the ones they may not be. A number of politicians in present times may be under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra. Such politicians may be very well capable of keeping their public images clean. Such politicians may be perceived to have good characters, which they may or may not have. Even if such Jyeshtha type politicians actually have good characters, they may put a lot of effort to project and maintain good pubic images.

Jyeshtha natives are generally good at performing their duties. They believe in doing their duties in disciplined and timely manners. Jyeshtha natives may be good at helping other people and they may sometimes go out of way in order to help the needy.

Jyeshtha natives may have significant amount of faith in astrology and other paranormal phenomena. Many Jyeshtha natives may resort to such faiths, in order to grow more and stay protected. These natives also have tendency to choose some occult science as their field of profession. Hence some natives under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra may practice as astrologers, psychics, tantrics, healers and spiritual gurus. Jyeshtha nakshatra has a significant tendency to be associated with some element of mystery and occult. This is because all quarters of Jyeshtha nakshatra fall in Scorpio which is considered as the sign associated with mysteries and the occult.

Since they may have good or very good understanding of human psychology, they may also succeed as various types of consultants who may help people or groups of people resolve their issues. Psychiatrists under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra may be very good at understanding the root causes of the problems of their patients. Hence their success rates may be higher in comparison to many other nakshatra type psychiatrists.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Jyeshtha nakshatra may achieve success as politicians, diplomats, manipulators, power brokers and other such professionals practicing in similar fields; administrators, government officers, police offices, army officers, naval officers, astrologers, numerologists, psychics, palmists, black magicians, tantrics, healers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, judges, bankers, researchers, explorers, consultants, psychiatrists, managers, mediators, writers, singers, professionals dealing in event management industry, private security, media industry, ecommerce, weapon making industry, industries dealing in all types of security equipment, financial sector, real estate sector and many other types of professionals, depending on their overall horoscopes.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Jyeshtha is considered as an active and harsh nakshatra. It is considered as a female nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Servant Varna and air element to Jyeshtha nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Jyeshtha is Rakshasa and the Guna assigned to it is Sattwic. It is a level nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is male Deer.


Himanshu Shangari