Hasta Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 1

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-1’.

Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta nakshatra is thirteenth among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of Hasta fall in Virgo. The literal meaning of the word Hasta is ‘hand’. Accordingly, Vedic astrology associates Hasta nakshatra with many characteristics which are related to hand in one way or another.

According to prevalent beliefs of Vedic astrology, the main symbol of Hasta nakshatra is the palm of hand with all five fingers spread. An open hand is taken as a symbol of fate. This is because the palm of hand represents the lines which are supposed to interpret fate; according to Vedic beliefs and Palmistry. A hand is also taken as a symbol of the karma aspect of life, according to some Vedic beliefs.

It means that influence of this symbol on Hasta makes it a nakshatra which exhibits characteristics like indulging in hard work. Such work may especially include handy work or any work which requires hand-skills. Hasta nakshatra also deals with defining the fate with karmas done through hands. This symbol also indicates the characteristics of having faith in destiny and interest in sciences which are capable of telling the fate or future events.

A clenched fist is also taken as a symbol of Hasta nakshatra. This symbol associates different types of characteristics with Hasta nakshatra. As a closed fist is taken as a symbol of determination, secrecy and sometimes anger also, these characteristics may also find expression through Hasta nakshatra.

Vedic astrology assigns Savitar who is a solar deity, as the ruling deity of Hasta nakshatra. According to Vedic astrology, Savitar is a deity who supports and promotes creation of life and arts on various levels. All such characteristics of Savitar are exhibited through Hasta nakshatra. Savitar is considered as a playful and jovial type of deity. He is also considered as promoter of all types of fun, enjoyment, amusement and sports.

Savitar is considered to have special affection with such acts which are associated with some type of physical activity like physical sports; and some type of mental amusement like joking and playing games. Savitar is also associated with magic tricks, most of which include significant usage of gestures made with hands. Savitar is very good at the art of handicraft and everything else that requires skilled use of hands. Therefore, he is considered as promoter of all types of handicrafts and other such arts.

All these characteristics of Savitar are exhibited through Hasta nakshatra. Therefore, Hasta may be seen as a nakshatra of handymen, handicrafts men, sportsmen, actors, magicians and other such people who use hands, gestures or physical work on one level or another. Savitar is also considered to be an expert at lying, playing tricks and deceiving others. Accordingly, Hasta nakshatra exhibits characteristics like cheating, deceiving others, lying, playing tricks, gambling and other such characteristics.

Whether these characteristics may be used for benefic purposes or for malefic purposes depends on placements of benefic or malefic planets in Hasta nakshatra. Due to association of such characteristics with Hasta, some Vedic astrologers believe that Hasta natives should not be trusted at early stages of relationships as they may trick or cheat easily.

Vedic astrology assigns Moon as the planetary ruler of Hasta nakshatra. Since Moon is considered as a planet of emotions, family values and care; these characteristics of Moon are exhibited through Hasta nakshatra. These characteristics make Hasta worthy of being trusted by people who are family or close relatives to Hasta natives.

All quarters of Hasta nakshatra fall in Virgo ruled by Mercury. Therefore, the influence of Virgo and Mercury is also found on Hasta nakshatra. Combined influence of Virgo and Mercury on Hasta makes this nakshatra exhibit characteristics like hard work, analytical nature, ability to discriminate, sense of humor, trickery, deceit and other likewise characteristics.

Since Hasta deals with a wide variety of characteristics some of which may seem different than or opposite to others, it is a versatile nakshatra. Hence natives under strong influence of Hasta nakshatra may not only be difficult to trust; they may also be difficult to predict. Hasta natives may exhibit so many shades in their personalities and they may be so good at shifting from one shade to another; that it may become difficult to predict or define them as some particular types of natives.

There are a few nakshatras which are capable of exhibiting a wide variety of characteristics, some of which may cross each other; and Hasta is one of them. The beauty of Hasta is that it can embrace the seemingly opposite characteristics with ease; provided this nakshatra is occupied by supportive planets.

Hasta natives are generally family-oriented due to influence of Moon. They may do well in professions which demand skills of hand and other jobs which require use of characteristics of Hasta nakshatra. Hasta natives are good at making families and taking good care of their families. Hasta is a promoter of family values and strong influence of this nakshatra in a horoscope may also support childbirth. Accordingly, a native under strong influence of Hasta nakshatra is not likely to have major issues with continuation of his family, unless there are problems in his overall horoscope. Hasta natives may have good sense of humor. Hence they may be good at cracking jokes and amusing themselves as well as others around them.

Hasta natives generally have sharp brains. Hence they may be fast in calculating situations and responding accordingly. Hasta natives may not easily trust new people and such natives may take long time to trust them. On the other hand, such natives may be good at forming professional and social bonds with other people and working in association with them. However, they are not likely to trust even their closest of associates, even after working with them for a considerable period of time.

Hasta natives have natural tendency to suspect people around them, which is primarily due to various types of insecurities within them. Though they may seem to be mixing well, connecting well and working well with many people around them, it may be difficult for them to form secure bonds or relationships with most of these people.

In the present times; the trend of shaking hands is strong. People may shake hands with complete strangers as well as with their associates and friends whom they may have known for long periods of time. A handshake is a perfect example of energy of Hasta nakshatra in play. It conveys a connection between two people where trust may not be there and these people may be willing to work together without much trust; primarily in order to benefit from each other. Hence Hasta nakshatra is good at forming social bonds as well as alliances; and it may make them look like more than formal bonds.

Hasta natives may be very active and they may keep themselves engaged in one type of physical activity or another. Accordingly, many natives under strong influence of Hasta nakshatra may be found practicing in professional spheres which demand a lot of physical activity.

Hasta natives may also be good at many types of physical sports as well as mental sports and games. These natives are generally very calculated and disciplined in their actions and approach; and they may not like anything being done without paying attention to the details. Hasta natives may keep themselves busy with one thing or another. They may not generally need or want much rest or long periods of inactivity to refresh and recharge their energies.

Due to this characteristic, a number of Hasta natives may become obsessed with their professions and they may suffer from problems like anxiety, restlessness and difficulty in sleeping. Hasta natives are generally interested in faiths like palmistry, astrology and other such faiths which deal with predicting fate. Some of these natives may also engage in professions related to such faiths; when supported by their overall horoscopes.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Hasta nakshatra may achieve success as craftsmen, artists, gamblers, jugglers, stock market professionals, mechanics, magicians, jewellery makers, tailors, gardeners, barbers, hair stylists, jokers and other people playing different tricks in circus; stage artists and especially stand-up comedians, professionals dealing in beauty parlours, shopkeepers dealing in retail shops, professionals dealing in casinos; painters, actors, dancers, singers, writers, musicians, sportsmen, politicians, government officers, sculptors, carpenters, masons, typists, astrologers, palmists, tarot card readers, psychics, surgeons, physiotherapists, professionals working in massage parlours, professionals dealing in various types of businesses and trades; and many other types of professionals.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Hasta is considered as a passive and quick nakshatra. It is considered as a male nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Vaishya Varna and fire element to Hasta nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Hasta is Deva and the Guna assigned to it is Rajasic. It is a level nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is Buffalo.


Himanshu Shangari