Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

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Hasta is taken as the thirteenth nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras which are consider important in Vedic Jyotish for making calculations from horoscopes based on Vedic astrology. The literal meaning of the word Hasta is The Hand and accordingly Vedic astrology associates this nakshatra with many characteristics which are related to the Hand in one way or the other. According to the prevalent beliefs of Vedic astrology, the main symbol associated with this nakshatra is the symbol of palm of a hand with all five fingers spread. An open hand is taken as a symbol of fate as the palm of a hand represents the lines which are supposed to interpret our fate according to Vedic beliefs and according to Palmistry. A hand is also taken as a symbol of the karma aspect of life according to some Vedic beliefs which means that influence of this symbol on Hasta nakshatra makes it a nakshatra which exhibits the qualities like indulging in hard work and especially handy work or any work which requires the hand skills, defining the fate with the karmas done by the hand and at the same time having faith in the destiny and interest in the sciences which are capable of telling the fate or future events. Some Vedic astrologers take a clenched fist as the symbol of Hasta nakshatra which associates different types of characteristics to this nakshatra. As we know that a closed fist is taken as a symbol of determination, secrecy and sometimes anger also, so these characteristics also find expression through Hasta.

                                       Vedic astrology considers Savitar who is again a solar deity, as the ruling deity of Hasta nakshatra. According to Vedic astrology, Savitar is a deity who supports and promotes the creation of life and arts on various levels and accordingly these qualities of Savitar are relayed through Hasta. Savitar is considered as a playful and jovial kind of deity in Vedic astrology and he is also considered to be the promoter of all kinds of fun, enjoyment, amusement and sports, particularly the ones which are associated with some kind of physical activity like physical sports or some kind of mental amusement like joking, playing games and doing magic tricks etc. Vedic astrology believes that Savitar is very good with the art of handicrafts and everything else that requires the skilled use of hands and therefore he is considered as the promoter of all kinds of handicrafts and other such arts. All of these qualities of Savitar are relayed through Hasta and therefore Hasta can be seen as a nakshatra of the Handyman, handicrafts man, sportsman and other such people who are related to handicrafts or physical work on one level or the other. Savitar is also considered to be an expert at lying and playing tricks and deceiving others and accordingly this nakshatra also exhibits the qualities like cheating, deceiving others, lying, playing tricks, gambling and other such characteristics though these characteristics are exhibited on a pronounced level by this nakshatra only when it is working through its negative aspects. But still, some Vedic astrologers believe that Hasta natives should not be trusted at early stages of a relationship as they can trick or cheat easily.

                                     Vedic astrology considers Moon as the planetary ruler of this nakshatra and as Moon is considered as a planet of emotions, family values and care in Indian Jyotish, so these qualities of Moon are relayed through this nakshatra which make this nakshatra worthy of being trusted by the people who are family or close relations to this nakshatra type natives. All parts of this nakshatra fall in the sign of Virgo ruled by Mercury and therefore the influence of Virgo and Mercury is also found on this nakshatra. The combined influence of Virgo and Mercury on this nakshatra make this nakshatra exhibit qualities like hard work, analytical nature, ability to discriminate, sense of humor, trickery and deceit and other likewise qualities. Therefore the different kinds of influences by Savitar, Moon and Mercury make Hasta a nakshatra which can exhibit various kinds of characteristics depending upon and its negativity or positivity in a horoscope and depending upon which of the above mentioned three has the strongest influence on this nakshatra in a particular horoscope. In its positive aspects, the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are usually very family-oriented due the influence of Moon, skilled in professions which demand the skills of hand or some kind of handicraft and other jobs which include similar kind of skills. Hasta natives are good at making their families and then taking good care of their families. Hasta is a promoter of family values and the strong influence of this nakshatra in a horoscope also supports childbirth and accordingly the native is not likely to have any major issues with the continuation of his family. Hasta natives have good sense of humor and they are good at cracking jokes and amusing themselves as well as the others around them.

                                      Hasta natives usually have sharp brains and they are very fast in calculating the situations and responding accordingly. The natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra have a tendency of not easily trusting the people around them and such natives can take very long time to trust new people. On the other hand, people under the strong influence of this nakshatra are very good and forming professional and social bonds with the other people and working in association with them but they are not likely to trust even their closest of associates, even after working with them for a considerable amount of time. People under the strong influence of this nakshatra have a natural tendency to suspect the people around them, which is primarily due to some kind of feeling of insecurity residing inside them. So even though they may seem to be mixing well, connecting well and working well with many people around them, but it is difficult for them to form a secure bond or relation with most of these people. Hasta natives are usually very active and they keep themselves engaged in one kind of physical activity or the other and accordingly many natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are found practicing in professional spheres which demand much physical activity. Natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are also good at many kinds of physical sports as well as mental sports and games. Hasta natives are usually very calculated and disciplined in their works and approach and they do not like anything being done without paying attention to the details.

                                  The strong influence of negative energy of this nakshatra can make the native become a fraud, trickster, con man or any other such kind of a person who takes pleasure in deceiving others in order to make himself happy. Such Hasta natives can be very difficult to deal with even for the very smart people, as such natives keep on finding new and unique methods and techniques for deceiving the others. A strong and negative influence of this nakshatra can make the native a very good gambler who is very skilled with the playing cards or dices in particular as they directly have something to do with the skillfulness of the hands. Hasta natives of all kinds usually believe in keeping themselves busy with one thing or the other and they do not usually need or want much rest or a long period of inactivity to refresh and recharge their energies and due to this quality, many of Hasta natives can become obsessed with their work and can suffer from problem like anxiety, restlessness and difficulty in sleeping. The influence of Mercury on this nakshatra can make the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra, engage and be successful in various kinds of businesses and trades as Mercury is considered as a planet of business and trade by many Vedic astrologers. Natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra usually have some kind of interest in fields like palmistry, astrology and other such fields which deal with predicting the fate and some of these natives when supported by the other factors in their horoscopes can become professional practitioners in one of such fields.

                                  Vedic Jyotish assigns various kinds of professional spheres to this nakshatra and accordingly natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra can be seen practicing in various professional spheres. Hasta natives can be seen practicing as all kinds of people dealing in professions which demand physical labour or some physical skill, craftsmen, artists, gamblers, jugglers, stock market people, casino people, mechanics, magicians who play tricks which demand a great skill of their hands, jewellery makers and all other kinds of people who practice in a profession which requires the skill of the hands, tailors, gardeners, barbers and hair stylists, Jokers and other people playing different tricks in circus, stage artists and especially the stand-up comedians, people in beauty parlour business, shopkeepers dealing in small and retails shops, Painters, Sculptors, Carpenters, masons, typists, astrologers, palmists, tarot card readers, psychics and other such people, surgeons, physiotherapists, people working in massage parlours and many other kinds of people dealing in many other kinds of professions. In general, Vedic astrology assigns all kinds of jobs to this nakshatra which demand the skills of hand or other similar skills.

                                   Looking at some other facts associated with this nakshatra which are considered important when making calculations like gun Milan for the purpose of horoscope matching for marriage, Vedic astrology considers Hasta as a Male nakshatra which can be attributed to its association with Savitar who is considered as a male deity in Indian Jyotish. Hasta is considered as a nakshatra Quick in nature and this nakshatra is considered passive in functioning and whereas its quickness can be seen exhibiting from most of its qualities, there is no convincing explanation available for its passiveness in functioning though some Vedic astrologers believe that this passiveness is due to the association of this nakshatra with Moon. Vedic astrology assigns the Varna of Vaishya to this nakshatra which can be understood from the functioning of this nakshatra as well as the association of this nakshatra with Mercury which is seen as a planet of trade in Indian Jyotish. Rajasic is the Gun assigned to this nakshatra which can again be understood by looking at the fact the Hasta is all about engaging and indulging in materialistic affairs which are considered Rajasic. Indian Jyotish considers this nakshatra as Dev in Gan and this classification can be explained on the basis of association of Savitar and Moon with this nakshatra. The Element of Fire is assigned to this nakshatra which provides the quickness and the spark of energy to this nakshatra.

Himanshu Shangari