Ashlesha Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 1

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-1’.

Ashlesha Nakshatra

Ashlesha nakshatra is ninth among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of this nakshatra fall in Cancer. Ashlesha completes the first set of nine nakshatras where each one of these nakshatras is ruled by one planet among navagraha.

Vedic astrology assigns the planetary lordship of three nakshatras to each one of the nine planets. Starting from Ashwini, the first nakshatra and going till Revati, the final nakshatra, lordships of the nine planets over these 27 nakshatras follow a regular pattern. This pattern repeats itself at fixed intervals.

For example, Ketu is the planetary lord of the first nakshatra Ashwini, the tenth nakshatra Magha and the Nineteenth nakshatra Moola. It can be seen that all three nakshatras of Ketu are placed at an interval of 9 nakshatras. Same is the case with nakshatras assigned to the other eight planets. It means Venus is the planetary lord of second, eleventh and twentieth nakshatra and the same holds for all other planets, following in a cyclic pattern.

The meaning of the word Ashlesha as interpreted by Vedic astrology is ‘coiling’ or ‘entwining’ which will become clear by analyzing the symbol of this nakshatra. A coiled snake is taken as a symbol of Ashlesha nakshatra and hence the meaning of the term Ashlesha is found in the symbol of this nakshatra. Snakes are considered as some of the most fearful creatures since ancient times in many civilizations; and many people are scared of snakes.

Due to this symbol, a number of people as well as astrologers are afraid of Ashlesha nakshatra and they paint it in bad colors. These fears are further consolidated by the fact that Vedic astrology assigns Serpent Gods as ruling deities of Ashlesha nakshatra. These serpent gods include Nagas which are considered half serpent and half human type of creatures; according to the beliefs of Vedic mythology. Therefore, Ashlesha nakshatra represents a number of characteristics exhibited by snakes.

Mystery is the first characteristic which is associated with snakes in general. Snakes are considered as mysterious creatures and this is one of the reasons why most people are afraid of them. Snakes are also considered as deceptive, hypnotic and poisonous creatures. Most of these characteristics of snakes are relayed through Ashlesha nakshatra. Snakes can be very passive and patient most of the time but they can show surprising amount of alertness and agility when they need to. Snakes are cold blooded creatures, skilled at the art of manipulation.

Looking at some other characteristics, snakes store a lot of food inside them so that they don’t have to eat many times in order to survive. Snakes have keen sense of their surroundings and they can remain hidden or underground for long periods of time. Snakes are considered to have magical/mystical powers in many cultures and they are also said to protect the ones they care for. All these characteristics of snakes are exhibited by Ashlesha nakshatra and these characteristics make it a special and different type of nakshatra.

Vedic astrology assigns Mercury as the planetary ruler of Ashlesha nakshatra and Mercury adds characteristics like calculative abilities, intellect and analytical abilities to this nakshatra. Since all four quarters of Ashlesha nakshatra fall in Cancer, Moon is also connected to Ashlesha nakshatra. Moon renders its qualities like intuition, protection and care for the loved ones, to Ashlesha nakshatra.

Since Ashlesha nakshatra is a mixture of energies which are not compatible with one another and some of which are troublesome; it becomes a difficult to handle nakshatra. Natives under strong influence of Ashlesha nakshatra are supposed to deal with intellectual characteristics of Mercury, emotional characteristics of Moon and mysterious characteristics of serpents at the same time. Many natives may not be able to handle this nakshatra unless there are strong benefic planets in their horoscopes, which can control and channelize this energy.

Though Ashlesha nakshatra exhibits a number of characteristics, different natives may embrace different characteristics, depending on placements of various planets in this nakshatra as well as on their overall horoscopes. Moon may not do well or very well in Ashlesha nakshatra, unless there are strong benefic planets in horoscope, which can help Moon channelize the energy of this nakshatra.

Vedic astrology associates formation of Gandmool Dosh with placement of Moon in the fourth quarter of Ashlesha nakshatra. This defect can adversely affect the health and wellbeing of native and/or his mother. Since Ashlesha is a difficult nakshatra, a soft planet like Moon may not be comfortable with it in many cases.

Placements of malefic planets in Ashlesha nakshatra can cause various types of problems for the native as well as for society, depending on the overall horoscope of the native under consideration. Ashlesha nakshatra is loaded with potentially harmful characteristics; and malefic planets may make the natives use such characteristics against others or against themselves.

Ashlesha natives may achieve good or very good amount of professional success in their lives; when their overall horoscopes are supportive. Snakes can be passive and patient for long periods of time but they can show surprising amount of activeness and agility when they need to. Likewise, Ashlesha natives may wait patiently for opportunities to appear and when they do, they may act fast and grab them. Ashlesha natives may have tendency to be mysterious like snakes. Hence it may be difficult for people around them to judge as to what may be going on their minds at any given point in time.

Such natives may like to keep secrets and they may not share their inner feelings and many of their personal experiences even with their closest relatives and friends. Ashlesha natives may have strong sense of insecurity of one type or another. Hence they may be afraid of sharing their intimate feelings or experiences with other people, fearing that such secrets may be used against them. At the same time, Ashlesha natives may be good at digging other people’s secrets and they may use such secrets to their advantages, at suitable times. Hence the professional rise of Ashlesha natives may be achieved by hurting many people on the way; even when this nakshatra is occupied by benefic planets.

Due to such characteristics of Ashlesha nakshatra; it can prove very good for natives who don’t bother much about moral or ethical values and who wish to achieve success at any cost. For this reason, Ashlesha natives have good chances of achieving success in politics or in corporate world where most people may pretend to care for moral values but most of them actually may not.

Ashlesha natives may be good at fooling other people and their public images may be quite different from their actual characters. As a result, they may witness very good results through politics since politics is all about image and little attention is paid to real character which may be well hidden behind fake images, by natives under strong influence of Ashlesha nakshatra.

Ashlesha nakshatra can bless natives under its influence with characteristics like good business skills, the ability to sense danger before time and act in advance, analytical abilities and good insights. These abilities may help these natives achieve success in various types of professions as well as in other spheres of life. Specific influence of Ashlesha nakshatra can also bless the native with supernatural and paranormal powers or it can connect the native to such powers from time to time.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Ashlesha nakshatra may achieve success as people dealing in all types of mysterious professions like detectives, mystery novel writers, spies, secret agents and other such professionals; people dealing in fields which include snakes or poisons like snake charmers, drug dealers and other such professions; diplomats, government officers, doctors, manipulators, thieves, smugglers, con men, lawyers, judges, magicians, psychics, tantrics, healers, astrologers, spiritual gurus, politicians, consultants, actors, singers, musicians, writers, dancers, professionals dealing in liquor industry, tobacco industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, entertainment industry, hospitality industry, movie industry and many other types of professionals.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Ashlesha is considered as an active and harsh nakshatra. It is considered as a female nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Shudra Varna and water element to Ashlesha nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Ashlesha is Rakshasa and the Guna assigned to it is Sattwic. It is a downward nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is Cat.


Himanshu Shangari