Punarvasu Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 1

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-1’.

Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu nakshatra is seventh among 27 nakshatras. The first three quarters of this nakshatra fall in Gemini and the fourth quarter falls in Cancer.

The literal meaning of Punarvasu is ‘to become Vasu again’. Since the Vasus possess characteristics like goodness, prosperity and genuineness; these characteristics can also be assigned to Punarvasu nakshatra. Hence Punarvasu nakshatra promotes prosperity and goodness on all levels, when the energy of this nakshatra combines with those of positive and supportive planets.

Vedic astrology assigns an arrow as the main symbol to this nakshatra and this symbol conveys many meanings. An arrow is used to strike a target and hence this symbol adds the characteristic of focusing on a target and achieving it. Before an arrow is cast, the archer needs to have a desire to use such arrow which means the desire to strike a goal. Hence Punarvasu nakshatra represents the characteristic of desire. An arrow is made with great skill and the same skill is required to strike a target with it. Hence Punarvasu nakshatra exhibits the characteristic of skill. A native may need great amount of patience in order to aim properly and he may also have to cast more than one arrow in order to strike a target. Therefore, Punarvasu nakshatra exhibits characteristics like patience and perseverance.

Since ancient times, an arrow is used not only to fight and win wars; but also to protect oneself against various types of attacks and dangers. Hence Punarvasu nakshatra exhibits the characteristic of safety. Such safety is generally enjoyed by the natives under its strong influence by virtue of some qualities or skills they possess; just like possessing arrows. An arrow represents a journey from the time it leaves the bow till it strikes the target. Hence Punarvasu nakshatra is related to journeys and travels of various types, when supported by the planets placed in it.

Looking at other symbols associated with Punarvasu nakshatra, a quiver full of arrows and a house are also used as symbols of this nakshatra. A quiver full of arrows represents safety, journey and engagement in a mission. Accordingly, these characteristics reflect through Punarvasu nakshatra. A quiver full of arrows means your defense is strong and hence you may be safe; as long as the quiver is having arrows. Warriors fill their quivers with arrows when they choose to engage in missions and such missions often need them to undertake journeys. The symbol of house or home once again represents safety. Hence safety and protection seem to be the strongest characteristics associated with Punarvasu nakshatra, through its symbols.

Vedic astrology assigns Aditi as the ruling deity of Punarvasu nakshatra. Aditi is the mother of 12 Adityas who are considered as solar deities in Indian mythology. The influence of Aditi on Punarvasu adds characteristics like motherly care and safety. Aditi is considered as a very resourceful and benevolent deity according to Indian mythology and these characteristics are exhibited through Punarvasu nakshatra.

A quiver full of arrows also indicates that the warrior has a number of resources at his disposal. Due to influence of Aditi, natives under strong influence of Punarvasu nakshatra may be kind, benevolent, caring, emotional and resourceful.

Vedic astrology assigns Jupiter as the ruling planet of Punarvasu nakshatra. Jupiter exhibits characteristics like prosperity, ethics, contentedness and care for the wellbeing of the others through this nakshatra. The first three quarters of Punarvasu nakshatra fall in Gemini ruled by Mercury whereas the fourth and final quarter of Punarvasu nakshatra falls in Cancer ruled by Moon. The influence of Mercury brings qualities like mobility, trade, business skills and communication to Punarvasu nakshatra whereas the influence of Moon brings characteristics like maternal love, kindness and care.

The fourth quarter of Punarvasu nakshatra which falls in the sign of Cancer as well as in Cancer navamsha can make the natives under its strong influence possess characteristics like kindness, benevolence, care, contentedness and other such qualities; in significant amounts.

Like always is the case, though Punarvasu exhibits a number of characteristics; different natives may embrace different characteristics and they may use them in different ways; depending on placements of various planets in this nakshatra as well as on their overall horoscopes.

It should be noted that Punarvasu nakshatra may bless the natives under its influence with good results, only when benefic planets are placed in it or when it is rising in the ascendant. Placements of malefic planets in Punarvasu nakshatra can cause various types of problems for the natives under its influence; like in case of all other nakshatras.

When working positively, Punarvasu nakshatra supports life and harmony. Therefore, natives under strong influence of this nakshatra may exhibit positive characteristics like promotion of life and society, being happy and trying to make other people happy, leading moral and spiritual lives; and many other characteristics rendered by this nakshatra. Punarvasu natives may have definitive and strong sense of ethics and they may be skilled at separating right from wrong. Therefore, they may not let much negativity build inside them.

Punarvasu natives may have good sense of reasoning and they may use this quality to choose right paths throughout their lives. Punarvasu natives may be blessed with good power of imagination and creativity. Hence they may be seen making use of it in the fields like poetry, literature, painting and acting, as well as in other creative activities which require use of these characteristics.

Punarvasu natives may be patient by nature and they may be friendly towards people around them. For this reason, these natives may be some of the safest type of natives; among all native types belonging to various nakshatras; provided the energy of this nakshatra is used positively in a horoscope. On the other hand, if the energy of Punarvasu nakshatra is used by a negative planet in a horoscope, such planet may use its characteristics for selfish purposes or it may corrupt some characteristics.

Vedic astrology also assigns characteristics like simplicity, forgiveness and honesty to Punarvasu nakshatra. As a result, natives under strong influence of this nakshatra may be simple and honest in their approach. Many Punarvasu natives are content and happy with what they have in lives and they may not run after whatever materialistic pleasures they may not have. It is interesting to note that despite their simple and content approach towards life, many Punarvasu natives are actually very prosperous and resourceful; even if they do not want all such prosperity and resourcefulness.

This is due to the inherent characteristics of Punarvasu nakshatra which may bless the natives under its strong influence with wealth, resources, safety and simplicity at the same time. Punarvasu natives may have good interest for creative pursuits. Hence many of them may engage in creative fields. Some of them may become actors, some may become singers, some may become musicians and some others may become writers/poets. Some Punarvasu natives may also engage in sports and they may especially do well in sports where some type of aiming is required. It means they may do well in archery and various types of shooting sports.

Punarvasu natives may be fond of travel and at the same time; they may love staying at homes. Hence they may represent a mixture of both these tendencies. In general, the Gemini part of this nakshatra may be more interested in travelling whereas the Cancer part may be more interested in staying at home. This characteristic may also change due to placements of various planets in it.

Among all characteristics; the ones like contentedness, care, kindness and benevolence may have prominent influence on natives under strong influence of Punarvasu nakshatra. Hence these natives may take very good care of their loved ones and they may go to any lengths to protect them. They may also be kind and generous to people in general; and they may donate generously for humanitarian causes. Punarvasu may help the natives under its influence achieve spiritual growth and this tendency may increase when suitable benefic planets are placed in it.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Punarvasu nakshatra may achieve success as astrologers, spiritual gurus, healers, psychics, tantrics, consultants, doctors, religious gurus, advisers of all kinds, poets, writers, actors, musicians, singers, teachers, preachers, sportsmen, archers, shooters, defense professionals, government officers, professionals dealing in fields like television and media, movie industry, music industry, book publishing industry, travel industry, hotel industry, aviation industry, ecommerce, social media, entertainment industry, hospitality industry and many other types of professionals.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Punarvasu is considered as a passive and movable nakshatra. It is considered as a male nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Vaishya Varna and water element to Punarvasu nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Punarvasu is Deva and the Guna assigned to it is Sattwic. It is a level nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is Cat.


Himanshu Shangari