Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Ardra is taken as the sixth nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras which are considered important by Vedic Jyotish for making astrological calculations from horoscopes based on Vedic Jyotish. The literal meaning of Ardra is moist and another close meaning of Ardra is fresh. The main symbols assigned to Ardra are a teardrop and a diamond. Some astrologers practicing in Vedic Jyotish believe that a tear drop is the main symbol for this nakshatra as it goes with the literal meaning of this nakshatra whereas some other astrologers practicing in Vedic Jyotish take diamond as the main symbol of this nakshatra. Ardra is the nakshatra which signifies change and renewal of one kind or the other and many times this change can come across as a result of some seemingly unwanted event. For example, the most fertile lands are the ones which are formed when the Lava erupted from a volcano cools down and solidifies itself as lands, but the formation of such lands is associated with the phenomenon of eruption of a volcano which itself is seen as a feared concept as it also brings some kind of destruction along with it. So Ardra can be seen as a nakshatra of change according to Vedic Jyotish where this change can happen as a result of some unwanted or feared phenomenon.

                                       According to Vedic Jyotish, Rudra is the ruling deity of Ardra. Rudra is the fierce form of Lord Shiva and according to Vedic mythology, whenever Lord Shiva changes into Rudra, some kind of destruction or seemingly destructive and fearsome events are going to take place. But when we look at this concept closely, it can be found that the destruction or fierce actions performed by Rudra almost always end up in the welfare of mankind. So on a deeper note, it can be seen that Lord Shiva adopts the Rudra form only when some change is inevitable though the process through which that change takes place may be destructive or fierce and accordingly the Rudra form of Lord Shiva is more suitable to perform that action. Lordship of Rudra form of Lord Shiva over Ardra nakshatra imparts some qualities of Rudra to this nakshatra and as a result the natives under strong influence of this nakshatra are likely to exhibit qualities like being fierce yet decisive in their actions, not assigning much value to money or other materialistic pleasures which is one of the primary qualities of Lord Shiva as well as Rudra. Influence of Rudra also imparts qualities like anger, bravery, absentmindedness from the worldly or materialistic affairs and destructive nature.

                                      Vedic Jyotish assigns Rahu as the planetary ruler of Ardra and as Rahu is a planet of Maya or illusions, intellect, curiosity and wander thirst, these qualities are also imparted to Ardra by Rahu. Going further, all parts of Ardra fall in the sign of Gemini which is an airy sign ruled by Mercury, so Ardra also witnesses the qualities of Gemini and Mercury like intellect, wisdom, the ability to analyze and dissect and some other qualities. The influences of ruling deity like fierce Rudra, ruling planet like mysterious and illusionary Rahu and analytical and wise planet Mercury on Ardra make this nakshatra one of its own kind among all the 27 nakshatras and accordingly natives under the influence of Ardra can exhibit a different variety of qualities, can walk in various different professional fields and can posses altogether different natures. For example, in a horoscope under the influence of Ardra and having a strong influence of Rahu, the Rahu like qualities of Ardra are more likely to be relayed whereas in a horoscope under the influence of Ardra and having a strong influence of Mercury, the Mercurial qualities of Ardra are more likely to be relayed. Similarly, in a horoscope under the strong influence of Ardra, where the influence of Rahu and Mercury is not strong, the Rudra like qualities of Ardra are more likely to be displayed. Therefore different natives under the strong influence of Ardra can have altogether different personalities depending upon which side of Ardra finds expression in their horoscopes.

                                  Many natives under the strong influence of Ardra are curious and analytical by nature and they like to get to the root of the matter and know everything in details. Ardra natives have a tendency to shift from one state of mind to another in a matter of seconds and accordingly these natives can be very unpredictable at times. They can burst out in anger very easily and can try to scare or harm the other person at times. Natives under the strong influence of Ardra are brave and they are not afraid of confrontations, arguments, disputes, fights or wars. In fact, some of them are very quick at leaving the logic behind in an argument and trying to get physical. Natives under the influence or Ardra are keen to explore and observe and in fact many of them are very good observers having deep probing eyes which try to scan the people around them and find out what lies inside those people. Ardra natives do not pay much attention to social courtesies and formalities and they usually keep on doing what they like regardless of the fact whether the people around them like it or not. Natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra do not bother much about what kind of opinion do the people around them have about them and they stay unaffected of the public opinion most of the times. Ardra natives can make opponents and enemies due to their argumentative nature and non-bothering attitude towards the others, but these natives do not bother to change themselves and try to make peace with their opponents and enemies.

As Ardra can exhibit a wide variety of characteristics depending upon different factors, accordingly they can be seen in various professional fields. Ardra natives can be seen practicing as Lawyers, Scientists, Analysts, thinkers, Revolutionaries, engineers, electricians, people dealing in computer industry and all related fields, writers, doctors, surgeons, detectives, spies, warriors, military persons, gangsters, weapon dealers, astrologers and other people dealing in paranormal sciences, Politicians, diplomats and manipulators and many other professionals. The range of professions assigned to Ardra is very wide according to Vedic Jyotish and this nakshatra simply cannot be limited to a small number of professions.

                                       For doing some other specific astrological calculations like gun Milan, Ardra is taken as a female nakshatra in Vedic Jyotish and it is considered to be Harsh in nature and balanced in functioning owing to the fact that the actions of Rudra are harsh but they are initiated to restore balance in nature, most of the times. Vedic Jyotish assigns shudra Varna to Ardra and this nakshatra is considered tamasic in Gun whereas Vedic astrology assigns Manav Gan to Ardra and associates water element with this nakshatra.

Himanshu Shangari