Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Mrigashira is taken as the fifth nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras which are considered important for making astrological calculations from horoscopes based on Vedic Jyotish. The literal translation for the name Mrigashira is The Head of a Deer and accordingly the main symbol assigned by Vedic Jyotish to this nakshatra is a deer or sometimes, only the head of a deer is also depicted as a symbol of this nakshatra called Mrighashira. From the name of this nakshatra and from the symbol assigned to this nakshatra, it is easy to conclude that Mrigashira possesses many qualities like the qualities possessed by deer. These qualities include shyness, timidity, playfulness, romantic behavior, fickleness, wandering and gentleness etc. Deer have a strong urge to wander here and there and to search for new things and accordingly Mrigashira also possesses this quality of Search where this search can be a search for physical or materialistic pursuits or it can be a search for one’s true self or soul and the search for the path to liberation.

                                         The main ruling deity of this nakshatra is god Moon according to Vedic Jyotish and it will be interesting to see the difference between qualities possessed by Mrigashira and Rohini as Moon is the planetary ruler for Rohini whereas it is the ruling deity in case of Mrigashira. And though Moon is a common factor between both these nakshatras, their behaviors are quite different from each other as Moon relays different set of qualities through Rohini and Mrigashira. The Moon relays qualities like charm, magnetism, benevolence and prosperity through Rohini whereas it relays qualities like Moon’s well known changeability and inconsistency which is one of the main qualities exhibited by Mrigashira. The tendency of the Moon to get involved in romantic encounters every now and then is also relayed through Mrigashira and some other qualities of Moon like tenderness, gentleness and sensuality are also exhibited through Mrigashira.

                                       Vedic Jyotish assigns the planetary lordship of Mrigashira to Mars which is a fiery planet and which brings sufficient energy to Mrigashira in order for it to carry on with its search for one thing or the other. The influence of Mars on Mrigashira also introduces the qualities like argumentative nature and disaccord to this nakshatra as Mars is considered to be a planet initiating arguments and disaccords according to some beliefs of Vedic Jyotish. The first half of Mrigashira falls in the sign Taurus ruled by Venus whereas the second half of this nakshatra falls in the sign Gemini ruled by Mercury. Therefore both the signs Taurus as well as Gemini and both the planets Venus as well as Mercury have their influences on Mrigashira. The first half of Mrigashira falling in Taurus exhibits qualities like creativity and social skills due to influence of Venus whereas the second half of this nakshatra exhibits qualities like practical skills, calculative nature and humor due to the influence of Mercury on this half of Mrigashira.

                                     According to Vedic Jyotish, natives under the strong influence of Mrigashira are beautiful and they have good sense of humor. Such natives are usually good at social skills and they like to make new friends and extend their social circle due to the influence of Venus on this nakshatra as Venus is a planet known for its social nature and interaction with people. Mrigashira natives have good communication skills and they do well in conveying their point across to the other person as well as debating in a discussion due to the combined effect of Venus and Mercury on this nakshatra though such natives can sometimes be argumentative if the effect of Mars is strong on Mrigashira in their horoscopes. Mrigashira natives are usually shy in nature and take some time to open up to new people or relations but once they start opening up, they are usually very good at holding interesting and long conversations and keeping their company interesting. Natives under the strong influence of Mrigashira love life and beauty in all its forms and many of them are fond of music, singing, poetry and other such things.

                                      Mrigashira natives have a strong desire for wandering and searching and thus they are fond of travels of all kinds. They have a tendency to search and explore many different things and fields throughout their life. Strong and particular influence of Mrigashira on a native can make him have doubtful nature and such a native can doubt the people or things around him for no solid reason. This characteristic of Mrigashira natives is particularly very bad for their love life and marital life and the natives suffering from this negative aspect of Mrigashira have a tendency to doubt their partners every now and then and for no obvious reasons or solid grounds. Such natives keep on asking for explanations from their partners like where were they, with whom, what were they doing, and many other such questions which clearly show that they are suspicious about the activities and loyalty of their partner and most of the times without any solid reason or facts. Due to this doubtful and suspicious nature, Mrigashira natives can have difficult times when it comes to marriage and marital life or love life as their partners may find their suspicious nature too much to tolerate and therefore some Mrigashira natives may have to face serious problems in their love life and marital life by virtue of their suspicious nature. The strong influence of Mrigashira in a horoscope can raise an alarm for the marital life of the native and the problem can become severe when supported by some other negative aspects in the horoscope.

                                      It is however interesting to note that in many cases where the natives under strong influence of Mrigashira develop a suspicious nature and they keep on checking the loyalty of their partner from time to time, they are themselves not the ones to stay loyal always and many of such natives can in fact get romantically involved with people other than their partners. This aspect of Mrigashira natives is primarily due to the influence of its ruling deity Moon on this nakshatra as Moon is known for his romantic alliances with different women from time to time in Vedic Mythology. A strong influence of Mrigashira combined with a strong influence of a negative Moon can make the native easily cheat on his or her partners and such a native can have romantic relations with many persons throughout his life. And in spite of being disloyal to their partners, such natives can still raise suspicion when it comes to the loyalty of their partner towards them and some of these natives can actually separate from their partners under the suspicion that their partners are disloyal to them when all they are themselves doing is cheating on their partners.

                                     When it comes to professional spheres, natives under the strong influence of Mrigashira can be seen practicing as, people dealing in all kinds of professions related to travel and exploration, poets, romantic novelists, theatre artists, singers, musicians, models, actors, fashion designers and other such fields which require beauty or creative skills, professions dealing with Leisure and luxury and many other professions. Natives under the strong influence of Mrigashira usually witness good professional gains whereas they are likely to face some kind of problem in their personal life.

                                     For some other specific calculations like gun Milan based on Vedic Jyotish, Mrigashira is considered as a tender nakshatra in nature and its functioning is taken as passive according to Vedic Jyotish. The tenderness of Mrigashira can be attributed to its ruling deity Moon which shows the qualities like tenderness and softness. Vedic Jyotish assigns a neutral gender to Mrigashira and this nakshatra is considered as a Dev nakshatra by virtue of its Gan in Vedic Jyotish. Earth is the element assigned to Mrigashira and Shudra is the Varna assigned to this nakshatra. Vedic astrology considers Mrigashira Tamasic in Gun.

Himanshu Shangari