Rohini Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 1

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-1’.

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini nakshatra is fourth among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of Rohini fall in Taurus. The literal meaning of the word Rohini is ‘reddish’ or ‘growing’. Vedic astrology takes the symbol of Rohini nakshatra as a cart driven by two oxen.

Lord Brahma is assigned as the ruling deity of this nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Moon as the ruling planet of Rohini nakshatra. The meaning ‘reddish’ here is used to convey passion and warmth since the colour red represents these characteristics. The second meaning ‘growing’ associates Rohini nakshatra with all types of growth and creativity. The cart and the oxen add characteristics like trade, growth and strength to this nakshatra. The influence of Lord Brahma on Rohini nakshatra adds characteristics like creativity or creation of all types to this nakshatra.

The influence of Moon combined with the influence of Taurus adds characteristics like beauty, charm, magnetism, charisma, fine taste and other traits to Rohini nakshatra. Apart from these, Rohini nakshatra exhibits characteristics like good business skills, romance, easy going nature, the ability to easily understand usefulness of material things, sexual expertise, the ability to attract opposite sex without much effort; and other characteristics. Hence Rohini nakshatra promotes creation, growth and prosperity on various levels.

It is easy to understand from these characteristics that Rohini should be a beneficial nakshatra; and so it is. Apart from that, Rohini is an easy going nakshatra which means most planets can handle and use the energy of this nakshatra, when they are benefic. Though such planets can also easily use this energy even when they are malefic; its characteristics may be used for selfish motives, and to create negativity in such cases.

Hindu mythology mentions that god Moon is married to 27 girls who rule or represent these 27 nakshatras. As the marriages happened, Moon was supposed to stay with each one of his wives for one day in a cyclic pattern. However, when Moon spent time with Rohini, he was so captivated and mesmerized by her beauty, charm and romantic as well as sexual skills that he refused to go to any other wife and he decided to stay with Rohini only. This created an imbalance in marriages as well as in the system of nakshatras.

Therefore, after the intervention of trinity, Moon agreed to visit all 27 nakshatra wives, turn by turn. However, Rohini still remains his favourite wife and that is why it is not only ruled by Moon; but Moon also finds maximum exaltation in Rohini, within the sign of Taurus. Here also, the second quarter of Rohini nakshatra, falling in Taurus navamsha renders maximum strength to Moon; and the fourth quarter falling in Cancer navamsha is also very good for Moon.

Another story says when Lord Brahma created Rohini, she was so charming and luring that the lord himself got attracted to her. Lord Brahma’s affection for Rohini reflects through the fact that he is the ruling deity of this nakshatra.

Though Rohini nakshatra is loaded with wonderful characteristics, not all the planets are able to use all these characteristics and different planets may use different characteristics, as always is the case. Placement of Sun in Rohini nakshatra may promote characteristics like creativity and trade whereas it may reduce some finer qualities of Rohini nakshatra like romance and easy going nature.

Moon may utilize most characteristics of Rohini. Hence natives under strong influence of Moon in Rohini nakshatra in the first house may be beautiful, charismatic, magnetic; skilled in business and trade, romantic, pleasure loving as well as pleasure spreading; and experts in matters of sexual arts.

When it comes to benefit from characteristic of Rohini nakshatra like beauty, charm, charisma, magnetism, romance and sexual expertise; female natives are likely to benefit from them more than male natives. This is because females are naturally capable of handling such finer characteristics. Female natives under strong influence of Rohini nakshatra may often find it easier to achieve success through beauty, charm, magnetism, charisma and creativity; especially when suitable planets team up with this nakshatra.

Rohini is generally a balanced nakshatra and it doesn’t tend to go to extremes in any sphere of life; unless this characteristic is disturbed or corrupted by the energy of an opposite type of planet or that of a negative planet. As a result, Rohini natives are generally good at drawing fine lines between different spheres of their lives and then respecting those lines. The phrase, ‘I don’t mix business with pleasure’ was very like introduced by someone under strong influence of Rohini nakshatra.

Such natives may be very good at doing business while they are at it and they may completely forget about it when they are engaged in entertainment, romance or other things. Due to this characteristic; Rohini natives may be good at maintaining relationships and they tend to do well in the field of marriage. Even when such natives may be very busy with their professions; they may find time and ways to connect to their husbands or wives; as they may value them and they may not want to lose them for money or success.

When it comes to financial matters, Rohini natives may be good at spending money to enjoy finer or the finest things in their lives. However, they may not spend too much too often as they tend to maintain balance between earnings and expenditures. Hence they may often be capable of saving money and building assets; despite being good at spending money. This element of balance may reflect in different spheres of their lives or in most spheres of their lives; depending on placements of various planets in Rohini nakshatra; as well as on the placement of one such combination in different houses of horoscope.

Placements of malefic planets in Rohini nakshatra can cause a number of problems for the native, depending on his overall horoscope. Taking an example, suppose a malefic combination of Venus and Mercury is placed in the eighth house of a horoscope in Taurus in Rohini nakshatra; and a malefic combination of retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Saturn is placed in the twelfth house in Virgo.

Among other issues, such native may face issues related to sexual orientation. The native may not be able to decide whether he or she is straight or homosexual, since the native may find both these tendencies present inside him or her. If the rest of the horoscope is also not supportive, the native may swing between being straight and homosexual till the age of 35 years or more.

Looking at professions; natives under strong influence of Rohini nakshatra may achieve success as actors, fashion models, musicians, writers, singers, dancers, directors, producers, politicians, government officers, astrologers, doctors, nutritionists, health experts, lifestyle coaches, consultants, orators, marriage consultants; businessmen or professionals dealing in hotel industry, travel industry, airline industry, fashion industry, movie industry, television industry, radio industry, media industry, music industry, matrimonial services, event management industry, agriculture field, food industry, restaurant industry, teaching, coaching, designing or training industry; and many other types of professionals.

The type of profession chosen by one such native as well as the quantum of success achieved by such native depends on the placements of various planets in Rohini nakshatra in various houses; and on his overall horoscope. For example, a native blessed by a benefic combination of exalted Moon, Venus and Saturn in the eighth house of his horoscope in Taurus, with Moon and Saturn in Rohini nakshatra and Venus in Krittika; may become a successful or very successful sex therapist or a marriage counselor; provided his overall horoscope is supportive.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Rohini is considered as a balanced and fixed nakshatra. It is considered as a female nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Shudra Varna and earth element to Rohini nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Rohini is Manava and the Guna assigned to it is Rajasic. It is an upward nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is snake.


Himanshu Shangari