Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Rohini is considered as one of the most benevolent, charismatic, charming and pleasant nakshatras among all the nakshatras. Rohini is taken as the fourth nakshatra in Vedic Jyotish among the 27 nakshatras which are considered important for making astrological calculation from horoscopes based on Vedic Jyotish.  Rohini is a nakshatra of beauty, warmth, passion and desires.  Rohini falls under the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus and the main symbol associated by Vedic Jyotish with Rohini is a cart driven by two oxen.  The symbol associated with the Taurus sign is bull or ox which shows similarity to the symbol of Rohini nakshatra. According to Vedic Jyotish, Lord Brahma is the ruling deity of Rohini nakshatra and as most of us know that Lord Brahma is the creator among the Tridevas or Trinity, so Rohini is also associated with creation or creativity on one level or the other.

                                         A strong and particular influence of Rohini can make the native very beautiful and charming and his charms may be very difficult for the others to resist. There is a story in Vedic mythology to support this fact. When Lord Brahma created Rohini, she was so beautiful and charming that Lord Brahma himself could not resist her charms and started following her to fulfill his desires. Lord Shiva then came to the rescue of Rohini and stopped Lord Brahma from pursuing Rohini with materialistic intentions. Lord Brahma was then assigned as the ruler of this nakshatra and it can be easily concluded from this story that when Rohini is exhibiting its most charming energies, it can make the native so beautiful and charming that even the gods find difficult to resist. The influence of Lord Brahma on Rohini blesses this nakshatra with the ability to create very good things and Rohini is considered as a symbol of prosperity and fruitfulness.

                                        Moon is the planetary ruler of this nakshatra and it is a very well known fact that out of all 27 nakshatras, Rohini is the favorite one for the Moon. According to Vedic mythology, all the 27 nakshatras were born as girls to one father named Prajapati Daksh who himself was the Manas son of Lord Brahma. All of these 27 nakshatra girls were married to god Moon on the directions of Lord Brahma and god Moon was supposed to spend same amount of time with each nakshatra girl, one after the other. But god Moon was so mesmerized by the charms and love making skills of Rohini that he refused to leave the place of Rohini at one point of time. And as god Moon stopped visiting the other 26 nakshatras, the whole system was disturbed and then Lord Shiva had to intervene to set things in order. From the above story, it is very obvious that Rohini is the favorite nakshatra of Moon and this is the reason that Moon finds its maximum exaltation in this nakshatra. A strong and positive moon placed in Rohini can bless the native with charm, charisma, magnetism, prosperity and many other things. According to Vedic mythology, Lord Krishna was born with Moon in Rohini and his charm and charisma is a very well known fact.

                                       The natives under the strong influence of Rohini are usually very charming and beautiful with very well defined and refined features. They attract other people very easily and particularly the people from the opposite sex. It is very difficult to resist the charm of such natives as charm and charisma are the foremost qualities of Rohini. Such natives are usually very charismatic and popular in their social spheres and they are very skilled at using their charms to get favors from the people around them. According to Vedic Jyotish, Rohini natives are sexually very attractive and they are usually very skilled in performing sexual acts which again makes them more and more desirable by the opposite sex. A strong influence of Rohini also blesses the native with very good manners and style of speech and such natives can influence the masses easily with their charisma and speech.

                                        Rohini also blesses the native very good business and trade skills and people under strong influence of this nakshatra can be seen successful in a variety of trades and businesses according to Vedic Jyotish. Rohini is also associated with agriculture of all kinds as it is represented by Oxen and it falls in the sign Taurus which is a sign ruled by Venus and which signifies agriculture and productiveness. So Rohini supports all kinds of agriculture, vegetation and all kinds of growth. Natives under the strong influence of Rohini can be seen practicing in the fields like modeling, beauty pageants, movie industry and other such fields which require the participant to be attractive and charismatic, trades and business of many kinds like people dealing in Fashion industry, cosmetic industry, entertainment and relaxation related businesses like luxury hotels and spas and other such businesses, farming and agriculture of all kinds, people dealing with growing of vegetables, fruits, herbs and any other kind of vegetation and in many more fields. People with strong influence of Rohini in their horoscope are usually capable of being successful in their respective professions as Rohini is a very fruitful nakshatra and it tries to ensure that the efforts done by the natives under its influence bring good and strong positive results.

                                          According to Vedic Jyotish, Rohini also promotes materialistic desires and the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are likely to have more than an average level of physical, sexual as well as other materialistic desires and though this nakshatra also promises the fulfillment of such desires most of the times, but such fulfillment will depend on the overall tone of the horoscope in question. Rohini natives are usually found deeply in love with life and all the good things that life has to offer. Such natives believe in enjoying their lives to the fullest and most of the times they are able to do so due to the charismatic influence of this nakshatra. Some people under the influence of Rohini also pursue their interests in the fields like arts and science and they can be seen practicing as musicians, painters and fields related to the application of science.

                                           Taking a look at some other facts which are considered important when making some specific calculations like gun Milan, Rohini is considered as a fixed natured nakshatra which means that the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are very focused and fixed on the goals they are pursuing and they achieve such goals most of the times due to this quality possessed by Rohini nakshatra. The functioning of Rohini is considered to be a balanced nakshatra which means that people under the influence of this nakshatra usually take balanced measures and avoid extremes of all kinds. Vedic Jyotish assigns Female gender to Rohini which can be attributed to the association of this nakshatra with Moon and Venus, both of which are considered as female planets according to Vedic astrology. The Varna assigned to this nakshatra is Shudra. Rohini is taken as Rajasic in Gun and the element of Earth is assigned to this nakshatra. The Gan assigned to Rohini according to Vedic astrology is Manav which can be attributed to the association of this nakshatra with earth and the products of earth like agriculture and vegetation.

Himanshu Shangari