Krittika Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 1

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-1’.

Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika nakshatra is third among 27 nakshatras. The first quarter of Krittika falls in Aries whereas the last three quarters of this nakshatra fall in Taurus.

The literal meaning of the word Krittika is ‘one who cuts’. Its symbol is a type of sharp tool like knife, razor or axe. The ruling planet of Krittika nakshatra is Sun and the ruling deity of this nakshatra is god Agni (god of fire). Lord Kartikeya is also considered as the ruling deity of Krittika nakshatra. As represented by its name and symbol which is a sharp edged object, Krittika nakshatra possesses characteristics like sharpness, skill, expertise and the ability to cut whatever it doesn’t find useful.

The influence of god Agni adds characteristics like fire, intelligence and initiative to Krittika nakshatra. Due to a combination of characteristics like sharpness and being fiery; Krittika nakshatra can prove difficult to handle at times. Therefore, only the natives with strong and positive horoscopes are generally able to use the energies of Krittika nakshatra in the best possible manner. In case of natives with weaker or negative horoscopes; Krittika nakshatra may often become cause of concern for such natives as well as for the others. Let’s try to look into the meanings conveyed by the symbol and fire element attached to Krittika nakshatra.

Any type of sharp edged tool like knife, razor or axe is not born this way and it needs to be prepared with skill and expertise. Once such tool is prepared, significant amount of caution and skill is needed to use it as even a small mistake in its use can prove troublesome. Most sharp objects are used to remove the unwanted or waste part of something or to cut something bigger into smaller pieces so that they may prove useful in better ways.

Just like such sharp objects, caution and skill is needed in order to handle or use fire, since a small mistake with fire can result in a disaster. Combining these characteristics; it can be understood that Krittika nakshatra is a difficult to handle energy. Hence only some specific planets among navagraha may be able to make proper use of this energy, that too when such planets are benefic in horoscope as well as supported by the overall horoscope.

Natives under strong influence of Sun or Mars in Aries in Krittika nakshatra may often choose to join defense forces and they may do well or very well in them. It should be noted that lord Kartikeya was the commander of the army of gods which fought against the army of demons lead by Tarakasura. Lord Kartikeya led the gods to victory by killing Tarakasura.

Hence Krittika nakshatra has deep connection with the act of war as well as with winning wars. In the first quarter of Krittika that falls in Aries; this war is often fought on some type of physical plane, if planets supportive for such war are placed in it. However, in the remaining three quarters of Krittika nakshatra which fall in Taurus, most of these wars are generally not fought on physical planes, even if planets like Sun or Mars are present in these quarters of this nakshatra.

This happens because Aries provides perfect atmosphere for Krittika nakshatra to exhibit its warrior skills on physical plane whereas Taurus is a much subtler sign, compared to Aries. Accordingly, Taurus adds characteristics like refinement, subtleness, enjoyment, charm, elegance and many other such qualities to the quarters of Krittika nakshatra, which fall in it. Hence Krittika nakshatra in Aries is like the hot shining Sun on a hot summer day whereas Krittika nakshatra in Taurus is like the softer Sun on a cold winter day. Though the Sun is still fiery in both the cases; it becomes easier to handle and enjoy in the second case. Hence planets placed in Taurus part of Krittika nakshatra are relatively less intense whereas planets placed in Aries part of Krittika nakshatra may often become difficult to handle.

Moving on, since Sun is the planetary lord of Krittika nakshatra, it adds characteristics like intelligence, magnificence, independence, confidence and majesty to this nakshatra. Here again, different natives may benefit from different characteristics, depending on the planets placed in Krittika nakshatra, the placement of Krittika nakshatra in Aries or Taurus and depending on their overall horoscopes.

Natives under strong influence of Krittika nakshatra are generally skilled at looking through lies and weaknesses. Hence they may be natural critics. Since Krittika is a difficult to handle nakshatra; a number of such natives may end up being over-critical.

Since Krittika is a difficult to handle nakshatra, placements of malefic planets in this nakshatra can cause a number of problems for the native as well as for the mankind; depending on the overall horoscope in question. For example, if a malefic combination of Mars and Rahu forms Angarak Yoga in the first house of a horoscope in Aries where one of these planets is placed in Krittika nakshatra and another one is placed in Bharani; such combination may prove troublesome. If the planetary energies of Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are malefic, weak or corrupted; the native may become a criminal and there also; he may become a terrorist; who may kill many people during his lifetime.

For instance, if Jupiter is placed in the sixth house in Virgo, a malefic combination of Sun and retrograde Mercury is placed in the eighth house in Scorpio, Saturn is placed in the third house in Gemini in Ardra and Moon is placed in the seventh house in Libra in Chitra with Ketu, forming Grahan Yoga; the native may become a terrorist. Such native may become a terrorist or a gangster whose primary job may be to kill people for money; like a professional hitman.

The energies of Krittika and Bharani may be seriously misused in this case. The native may be skilled at the use of weapons as well as at the art of combat due to influence of Krittika nakshatra. At the same time, he may be fearless, disciplined, dutiful and unafraid of the outcomes; due to characteristics added by Bharani. Add to these, the fire given by Mars as well as Aries; and the element of corruption added by Rahu which can make the native enjoy a lot when he kills people; we have the formula for a perfect hitman or terrorist.

Since no other planetary energy in this horoscope is capable of stopping this combination; such planetary energies may rather be controlled and used by Angarak Yoga formed in the first house. The first house is the core of a horoscope and the impact of strong benefic or malefic energies in this house can dominate or even control the entire horoscope. In this case; the fire and knife given by Krittika nakshatra have fallen into wrong hands and they may be used for destructive purposes; just like the characteristics of Bharani may be misused.

This brings us to an important fact that in most cases; the energies of various nakshatras provide the abilities and these energies in themselves may be neither good nor bad. In most cases, it depends on the planets placed in such nakshatras; whether such abilities may be used for constructive purposes or for destructive purposes. In the present example, characteristics like dutifulness, discipline and fearlessness may be used by a criminal.

Hence he may be true to his duty, which means once he undertakes a mission; he is bound to accomplish it in a disciplined manner. Since he may be fearless; he may not be moved by fear of punishment or death. The same characteristics rendered to a defense personnel may serve as a blessing for society whereas they may serve as a curse when rendered to a terrorist or gangster who takes joy in killing people.

Moving on, due to their critical abilities, Krittika natives may achieve success as writers, journalists, critics, editors, teachers, coaches, judges in various types of reality shows, moderators on various platforms, actors, singers and other such professionals. The writers under strong influence of Krittika nakshatra tend to point out flaws of some systems or people whereas the singers under strong influence of Krittika nakshatra tend to sing songs which feature complaints, grudges and/or mockery of some type.

Due to characteristics like use of sharp tools; Krittika natives may achieve success as doctors, dress designers, tailors, hair stylists, chefs and many other such professionals who use sharp tools to do their jobs. Due to the fire element, Krittika natives may achieve success as defense professionals, fire fighters, chefs, welders, goldsmiths, ironsmiths, IT professionals, engineers and many other types of professionals.

Looking at professions; natives under strong influence of Krittika nakshatra may be seen practicing as police officers, army officers and other defense officers; engineers, doctors, researchers, analysts, firefighters, chefs, goldsmiths, sportsmen, singers, actors, dancers, musicians, architects, designers, beauticians, hair dressers, writers, journalists, columnists, bloggers, editors, critics, moderators, politicians, government officers, judges, administrative officers, revenue officers, teachers, coaches, trainers, businessmen dealing in food industry, hotel industry, travel industry, hospitality industry, restaurant industry, pharmaceutical industry, movie industry, fashion industry; and many other types of professionals; depending on their overall horoscopes.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Krittika is considered as an active and mixed nakshatra. It is considered as a female nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Brahman Varna and earth element to Krittika nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Krittika is Rakshasa and the Guna assigned to it is Rajasic. It is a downward nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is sheep.


Himanshu Shangari