Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Krittika is taken as the third Nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras which are considered to be important for making astrological calculations from horoscopes based on Vedic Jyotish. The symbols used in Vedic Jyotish to represent Krittika are sharp edged instruments like an Axe, Knife and any other sharp instrument which possesses sharp edges and cutting qualities. Fire is also used as a symbol of Krittika nakshatra in Vedic Jyotish as this nakshatra has a lot to do with fire owing to the facts that a part of this nakshatra lies in Aries which is a fiery sign ruled by a fiery planet Mars, Sun is the planetary ruler of Krittika and Sun is again the most fiery planet and finally Agni, the fire god is also one of the ruling deities of this nakshatra according to Vedic Jyotish though the main presiding deity of this nakshatra is Lord Karttikeya, the son of Lord Shiva himself.

                                        It is not very difficult to conclude from the above mentioned facts that Krittika exhibits qualities like sharp cutting instruments and fire, both of which can be used for constructive purposes as well as destructive purposes. For example, a knife can be used to cut vegetables or fruit for constructive purposes and the same knife can be used to hurt or kill someone. Likewise, fire can be used to cook food in a constructive way or it can be used in a destructive way to burn the whole world down. But whether this nakshatra works in a constructive way in a horoscope or in a destructive way, one thing is sure that the native under strong influence of this nakshatra is very likely to posses fiery and sharp qualities of this nakshatra which can make him a very good army commander, a very good critic when Krittika is working positively in a horoscope and which can make the native a ruthless killer or over critical about everything and this criticism is not based on any facts most of the times when Krittika is working negatively in a horoscope.

                                      According to Vedic Jyotish, Lord Karttikeya is the main ruling deity of this nakshatra which very much resembles his name. It should be noted here that Lord Karttikeya was the commander of the army of the gods which fought against Tarkasur, the most powerful demon of his time. The gods had lost many battles against Tarkasur in the absence of Lord Karttikeya and in the final battle against Tarkasur, Lord Karttikeya was appointed as the commander of the celestial army of gods which fought the final battle against Tarkasur and Lord Karttikeya killed Tarkasur in this battle. So it can be concluded from here that a strong influence of this nakshatra in a horoscope, blesses the native with good to very good military skills or fighting skills and this aspect enhances further in the first part of this nakshatra which falls under the sign Aries compared to the other three parts of this nakshatra which fall under the sign Taurus due to the fact that Aries is ruled by the fiery and fighter planet Mars. So the natives under the strong influence of the first part of Krittika can be seen successful in professions like Military forces, paramilitary forces and other such professions which require the native to indulge in fights or battles at times.

                                            Krittika also takes many of its qualities from its planetary ruler Sun. The influence of the Sun on Krittika makes this nakshatra active and energetic, powerful and independent, Magnificent and Majestic like the Sun and at the same time the Sun imparts qualities like piercing intelligence and deep insight to this nakshatra. Natives under the strong influence of Krittika are very straight forward with their approach just like a sharp knife or the burning Sun and they do not like to beat about bush but rather say what they want to say in a straight forward way. Krittika’s ability to bless the natives under its strong influence with sharp intelligence, deep insight into most of the matters and straight forward communication skills produces very good critics as all of the above mentioned qualities are essential for being good critics. Natives under the strong influence of Krittika can be seen successful in professions like, critics, judges, lawyers and other such professions, all professions related to military and paramilitary forces, police forces, all professions which make use of sharp edged instruments like surgeons, tailors, barbers and other such professionals, all professions which make use of fire like fire fighters, all kinds of cooks and chefs, goldsmiths, jewelers and other such professions.

                                           The natives under strong influence of Krittika strive for perfection according to Vedic Jyotish as they have most of the qualities to attain perfection and they do not usually settle for anything less than perfect. Such natives can be called perfectionists and they have a very sharp eye even for the smallest details of the matters. Krittika makes such natives disciplined and focused on their goals and they usually do not tolerate diversions or nonsense and they can use blunt manners and harsh language at times when their quality standards are not met. For this reason, people around such natives are usually seen scared of them as Krittika natives are very quick to spot imperfections and most of the times they do not tolerate them which makes it difficult for many people around them who may not have such good qualities to do things in a perfect way as a Krittika native can do. But Krittika natives usually do not bother about what others feel or think when it comes to attaining perfection and they keep on driving the people around them to reach perfection.

                                         And finally considering some other facts about Krittika which are taken into account when making some specific calculations like gun Milan, Krittika is considered as an active nakshatra according to Vedic Jyotish which is evident from its symbols like knife and fire and its ruling deity and planetary rulers like Fire and the Sun. Vedic Jyotish considers Krittika as a mixed natured nakshatra which can be explained on the basis of many of its dual qualities like the fire being used for both constructive as well as destructive purposes. Krittika is considered as a female nakshatra and the Varna of this nakshatra is taken as Brahmin. The Brahmin Varna or caste is considered to be the highest among all and thus this nakshatra ranks highest in case of Varna. Krittika is considered to be Rajasic in Gun which can be attributed to its planetary ruler Sun. Vedic Jyotish assigns the earth element to krittika and Rakshas is the Gan assigned to this nakshatra. The Rakshas Gan assigned to this nakshatra can be attributed to the tendency of this nakshatra to indulge in wars and fights.

Himanshu Shangari