Bharani Nakshatra

Nakshatras The Journey of Soul Part 1

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Nakshatras – The Journey of Soul Part-1’.

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani nakshatra is second among 27 nakshatras. All four quarters of Bharani fall in Aries. The literal meaning of the word Bharani is ‘bearing’ or ‘one who bears’. Vedic astrology assigns vagina as the main symbol of Bharani nakshatra.

The symbol helps in finding relevant meanings of the name given to Bharani. A female bears a child and this process begins from vagina. The female then holds and nurtures the child till she gives birth to it. The process of birth brings the child from the inside world to the outside world.

Vedic astrology assigns god Yama as the ruling deity of Bharani nakshatra. Yama deals with the affairs related to death and he assigns us new life forms, based on our karmas. It means a soul stays at places assigned by Yama, after it leaves a body and before it enters a new body. Hence Yama deals with such transitional phases of each soul. One such soul then enters the womb at an appropriate time and it embraces a new body. The child stays inside its mother for some time and it then comes out in the outer world, through her vagina. Hence this soul goes through one more transition from womb to the outer world.

It means Bharani nakshatra has a lot to do with transition. People recognize and interact with a child after it is born and they are not able to see the transitions it has gone through, before coming to their world. Hence Bharani nakshatra deals with all such phenomena where some processes go on for long periods of time, hidden from the world and they then suddenly become visible. More and more lava is built inside a volcano and one day, it erupts. We are not able to see the phase when lava is built and we only see it once it erupts.

A seed is hidden inside earth in the dark for long periods of time. It undergoes many changes and then one day, it erupts. Here again, we are able to see the plant and we are not able to see the seed growing into a plant. Hence Bharani nakshatra is associated with hidden processes and mysteries. All such processes not only represent transitions but they are also extreme. The birth of a child is an extreme event as a new life has emerged. Hence people celebrate. The eruption of a volcano is also an extreme event, though people may suffer due to this extreme.

Therefore, extreme is another characteristic associated with Bharani nakshatra. In fact, characteristics like being extreme and going through transitions form the core of Bharani nakshatra. Such extremes may be good or bad, like the birth of a child or eruption of a volcano. Through these extremes, some type of balance is likely to be achieved or restored, though this balance may not be permanent. A child brings balance in the sense that with people dying every day, we need more life to maintain the balance between life and death.

However, the balance provided by this child is temporary as it too will die after some years. A new plant tries to maintain balance in the ecosystem though for a short period of time. A volcano erupts so that some balance may be achieved inside. However, more lava is built over years and the balance is disturbed again. Hence the balance represented by Bharani nakshatra is not the final balance and it is more like a temporary one. This is where it connects to the word transition.

It means Bharani tries to balance out through transitions, though the ultimate balance may not be achieved by this nakshatra. Hence Bharani should be seen as a nakshatra which tries to achieve balance through transitions and not as a nakshatra which actually achieves such balance. In other words, Bharani nakshatra represents the acts of achieving or restoring balance.

Vedic astrology assigns Venus as the planetary ruler of Bharani nakshatra. All four quarters of this nakshatra fall in Aries. The influences of Venus and Mars add characteristics like creativity, an urge to reproduce, appreciation for beautiful things, attraction towards the opposite sex, attraction from the opposite sex, loads of energy and some other characteristics to Bharani nakshatra. The influence of Yama adds characteristics like dutifulness, discipline, harshness, ferocity, cruelty, the ability to keep moving during adverse circumstances and some other characteristics to Bharani nakshatra. Yama has to be disciplined, harsh, fierce and cruel at times; in order to do justice to his duty.

Due to impact of Venus, Bharani natives may be creative and they may be found engaging in various types of creative fields, depending on their overall horoscopes. Bharani nakshatra also adds characteristics like discipline, intensity, strong headedness, honesty, outspokenness, bravery, fearlessness and strong sense of duty to natives under its strong influence.

Bharani nakshatra also renders characteristics like the ability to stay unaffected by adverse circumstances, to do whatever it takes to finish the job at hand and to keep moving despite hurdles or difficult circumstances. Due to these characteristics, Bharani natives may prove more dependable than Ashwini natives, since the latter type has a marked tendency to leave jobs unfinished.

Bharani nakshatra exhibits a number of characteristics. However, different natives may embrace different characteristics, depending on placements of various planets in this nakshatra, as well as on their overall horoscopes. Looking at planets among navagraha; Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Ketu may perform very well in Bharani nakshatra, when supported by overall horoscope. Moon, Venus, Mercury and Rahu may perform well in Bharani nakshatra, when supported by overall horoscope. Saturn is debilitated in Aries. However, it may perform better in Bharani nakshatra, compared to its performance in Ashwini. Placements of malefic planets in Bharani nakshatra may cause a number of problems for the native, depending on his overall horoscope.

Looking at professions, natives under strong influence of Bharani nakshatra may be seen practicing as police officers, army officers, naval officers, air force officers, private security guards; doctors, engineers, lawyers, IT professionals, software developers, fire fighters, actors, singers, dancers, writers, musicians, sportsmen, athletes, politicians, professionals dealing in match making services, matrimonial services, dating services, travel industry, tobacco industry, liquor industry, aviation industry, hotel industry, movie industry, music industry, media industry, financial sector, life insurance agencies, private security providing agencies and many other types of professionals; depending on their overall horoscopes.

Let’s look at some other facts associated with this nakshatra. Bharani is considered as a balanced and fierce nakshatra. It is considered as a female nakshatra. Vedic astrology assigns Shudra Varna and earth element to Bharani nakshatra. The Gana assigned to Bharani is Manava and the Guna assigned to it is Rajasic. It is a downward nakshatra and its Yoni or animal symbol is Elephant.

Himanshu Shangari