Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Bharani is taken as the second nakshatra or constellation among the 27 nakshatras which are considered to be important for making astrological calculations from a horoscope based on Vedic Jyotish. The main symbol of this nakshatra is taken as Vagina in Vedic Jyotish and there is much deeper meaning attached to this symbol of Bharani nakshatra than meets the eye at the first glance. Since vagina is directly related to the birth of human beings and many other species and their transformation from some other form of energy to this word, Bharani is directly related to the matters of birth as well as the matters related to death according to Vedic Jyotish as Yama also known as YamRaaj is one of the presiding deities of this nakshatra along with the other deity known as Goddess Kaali who again is considered to be the deity of destruction and is feared by many people. Venus is the planetary ruler of this nakshatra called Bharani and since Venus also signifies the reproductive organs and the power to reproduce in females according to Vedic Jyotish, the planetary Lordship of Venus over Bharani also makes sense and goes in harmony with its main symbol which again is related to some form of birth.

                                          It is interesting to note here that on the one hand, the symbol of Bharani represents something related to birth of some kind and the same is supported by its planetary ruler Venus while on the other hand Yama, the ruling deity of Bharani is directly related to death and the affairs related to the life after death according to Vedic Jyotish. So this big contrast between different significance shown by the symbol, the planetary ruler and the ruling deities of Bharani, makes this nakshatra a very complicated nakshatra which tries to achieve some sort of balance while swinging rapidly between birth and death which are two extremes of the spectrum of life and accordingly Bharani signifies extremes of some kind, most of the times. And as a result, natives under the strong influence of Bharani can be seen to take extreme measures many times in their lives where one action can be totally in contradiction to the other and at the same time these action can be the different extremes of the same spectrum of something.

                                           Analyzing the working of Bharani further, it should be noted that Yama the ruling deity of this nakshatra is not only the signifier of death, but it is also his duty to assign the afterlife transit places to the souls in questions and then assign them with a fresh birth afterwards based on their past life karmas, so that they can take part in the process of life and liberation once again. And as this theory can be complicated for many people, likewise the working of this nakshatra called Bharani can also be quite complicated, confusing and unpredictable for many people. For example, one native under the strong influence of Bharani can be full of life and supportive of life in all its forms whereas another native under the strong influence of this nakshatra can show the other extreme of Bharani by indulging in all kind of destructive and life threatening activities affecting him as well as the other living beings. Likewise two different natives under the strong influence of Bharani can exhibit other entirely different extremes like being totally mature or being totally immature, being very wise or having no wisdom at all, being very materialistic or forsaking all the material pleasures altogether.

                                         Due to this seeking balance between two extremes kind of nature of Bharani, many natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra can be seen to undergo big changes and transformations many times in their lives. Such natives can experience extreme rises and falls, successes and setbacks on physical, material as well as emotional level, multiple times in their lives. So there is always some kind of uncertainty attached to the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra. The natives under the strong influence of Bharani are also blessed with creativity of some kind or the other which can be attributed to its planetary ruler Venus as well as its main symbol vagina since both of them signify creation and creativity in general according to Vedic Jyotish.  Natives under the strong influence of Bharani are likely to be engaged in professions which deal with birth, death and creativity on one level or the other. For example, the nurses, the midwives, gynaecologists, doctors treating issues related to infertility, dancers, actors, models, photographers and other people dealing in creative fields, people dealing in professions which are connected to after death ceremonies like coffin makers, all people dealing with funeral management, people dealing with maintenance of death as well as birth records and many other fields.

                                          Natives under the strong influence of Bharani usually have strong personalities and they can move on with their life very fast even after the biggest of setbacks. Such natives do not take long to get up and start moving and running, after falling. They can work hard to achieve one goal for a long period of time and upon failing to reach this goal, they can quickly set some new goal and move on to pursuing that new goal, forgetting all the pain and efforts that they had to put in to achieve their previous goal. This is a very positive quality generated by natives under the strong influence of Bharani natives as it blesses them with a very good fighting spirit and a very good tendency to absorb the failures and setbacks which leads them to success in one pursuit or the other depending upon the overall nature of their horoscope. To summarize, when seen under the light of Vedic Jyotish, Bharani can be considered to be a nakshatra dealing with the extremes in different spheres of life and accordingly the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are likely to exhibit one or the other extreme set of qualities.

                                        Considering some other facts about Bharani which are taken into account while making some specific calculations like gun Milan, Bharani is considered as a balanced nakshatra in Vedic Jyotish which can be attributed to the tendency of this nakshatra to achieve balance between two extremes in many different spheres. Bharani is considered as a fierce nakshatra in Vedic Jyotish which can be explained on the basis of its ruling deity Yama and Goddess Kaali, both of which show up in fierce forms and indulge in fierce actions. Bharani is taken as a female nakshatra, owing to its planetary ruler Venus and its main symbol Vagina. Vedic Jyotish assigns Shudra Varna to Bharani and this nakshatra is related to the earth element. Bharani is considered as a Manav nakshatra for Gan calculations and the Gun assigned to this nakshatra is Rajasic.

Himanshu Shangari