Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Ashvini is considered to be the first Nakshatra or Constellation among the 27 Nakshatras which are considered for making astrological calculations based on Vedic Jyotish. The symbol of this Nakshatra is taken as a horse’s head in Vedic Jyotish which conveys many things about the nature of this nakshatra. Ashvini kumaras are considered to be the ruling deities of this nakshatra whereas ketu is considered to be the planetary ruler of this nakshatra and as this nakshatra falls under the sign Aries, so Mars also has influence on this nakshatra as per Vedic Jyotish. Therefore all of these ruling deities and planets make their contribution in deciding the final nature of this nakshatra.

                                         Starting with its symbol, Ashvini is considered to be a quick nakshatra as horses are among the quickest of the creatures. It also indicates the starting of a journey or the beginning of new things and events and in fact this nakshatra is the quickest to be involved in the beginning of new things and events and that is probably why it has been taken as the first nakshatra. Natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are very quick at starting new things which can make them pioneer in many professional spheres. Such natives don’t like to waste any time beating around the bush and they are usually very straight forward with their approach and most of the times they speak out whatever they think in a very straight forward manner which sometimes may not sound very pleasant to the listener and therefore they can sometime be considered as harsh or rude but they hardly care about it and continue with their attitude.

                                       Ashvini natives do not like to waste time on anything and they want to finish everything very quickly and so they can be seen in a hurry most of the times which can sometimes cause problems for them but at the same time they are very quick to grasp things and are very good at learning things and are usually more intelligent compared to the natives under the influence of some other nakshatras. Ashvini kumaras are considered as two young brothers riding horses and travelling here and there and solving the problems of people and at the same time they posses very good knowledge of Medicine and other healing sciences. Therefore the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra can be seen practicing as Physicians, Therapists, Chemists, Counsellors, Surgeons, Gym trainers, Fitness Trainers, horse trainers and other kinds of professions relating to horses, pioneers in many professional spheres and some other similar fields.

                                      Ashvini natives usually look younger than their age owing to the effect of their ruling deities on this nakshatra as the Ashvini kumars are considered to be eternally young. Ashvini natives are intelligent, full of life, charming and stylish. They have a great taste for adventures and adventurous sports and they can be seen engaging in many of the so called dare devil acts which can make them very good stunt men also. They are not afraid of taking risks and are usually very keen to take on new challenges and adventures without bothering about the risks involved in them which can sometimes put them in danger also but they usually don’t care about it and continue with their dare devil attitude. They generally have good sense of humor and so they can prove to be an interesting company.

                                      According to Vedic Jyotish, the negative aspect of the Asvini natives lies in the fact that they are most of the times in a hurry and therefore they are usually not good at most of the jobs and activities which require patience and perseverance. Ashvini natives want quick results and they get restless when they don’t see quick results for something they have started and thus they tend to leave such activity incomplete and start something new. Due to this negative trait, Ashvini natives can start many jobs and activities throughout their lives and then change or leave them without completing them. This is why the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are seen to be changing jobs and professions much more often than the natives under the effect of the other nakshatras. Ashvini natives who have learnt the art of patience and perseverance can be very successful in many spheres of their lives. 

                                    Some other negative qualities that Ashvini natives can exhibit according to Vedic Jyotish is that they can be stubborn to very stubborn and it can be very difficult to convince them and make them change their mind once they have made it, even if they are wrong. This quality of Ashvini natives directly comes from the horse symbol as the horses themselves are very stubborn kind of animals and it is comparatively difficult to tame them or train them and same is the case with many Ashvini natives. Due to this habit, Ashvini natives can ignore good advice from their well wishers, many times in their lives and face problems or losses later by sticking to some wrong decision made by them. But most of Ashvini natives hardly learn from these mistakes and keep on repeating the same pattern and this in fact is the single most problematic area for Ashvini natives in most of the cases as per Vedic Jyotish. It is very difficult for many Ashvini natives to learn from their mistakes and therefore they can keep on repeating their mistakes again and again and suffer losses due to this negative quality. Ashvini natives who can practice to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them can be very successful in their lives depending upon the other factors of their horoscope.

                                   Looking at some other facts related to Ashvini which are used to make certain specific calculations like Gun Milan, Ashvini is considered to be an active nakshatra in Vedic Jyotish which means that a strong presence of Ashvini in a horoscope is capable of initiating effects without the help of other factors. The gender assigned to Ashvini is Male. Ashvini is quick in nature and the Varna or Caste assigned to this nakshatra is Vaishya. Ashvini is considered as a Dev nakshatra for Gan calculations and it is considered as Sattwic in nature. Ashvini represents the Earth element according to Vedic Jyotish.

Himanshu Shangari