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इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ्ने के लिए यहॉ किल्क करें

In the previous article of this section, we discussed some misconceptions related to the placement of some malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu in some specific houses related to marriage and married life in a horoscope and we found out some interesting facts about the actual impact of the above mentioned malefic planets on the marriage and married life of a native. Moving on with the same concept, there is another side of this theory which is considered exactly opposite to the first set of belief and which interestingly brings to light, some more misconceptions related to this theory.

Some astrologers and many people interested in astrology believe in this theory and according to this theory, the placement of the natural benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus in some specific houses related to marriage in a horoscope blesses the native with very good marriage and married life. People strongly believing in this theory will even overlook a couple of other defects present in the horoscope if they find such placement of Jupiter or Venus in some specific houses related to marriage due to the reason that they believe that the mere presence of these natural benefic planets in certain specific houses of a horoscope is more than sufficient to bring about very good results related to marriage and married life and the native is likely to have a very good married life even if the presence of one or two defects is witnessed in the same horoscope.

And though the results of such placements of Jupiter and Venus in a horoscope are very pleasant to read and hear, they are not found to be true many times in actual practice and the situation can be quite the opposite in some of the cases which again means that like the previous theory of placement of Malefic Planets, this theory is also incomplete and impractical if taken exactly according to its prevalent definition and it needs modifications and application of certain conditions in order to hold good.

For example, the placement of Jupiter or Venus in the 7th house of a horoscope is considered to be the best for marriage and married life according to the astrologers and people believing in this theory and such a placement according to them is an ultimate bliss for the married life of the native having such placement in his horoscope and his married life is not likely to be disturbed much even if there is something otherwise wrong in their horoscope. But this picture is not so rosy in actual practice and the placement of Jupiter or Venus in the 7th house or any of the houses related to marriage is also capable of causing mild to very serious problems in the married life of the native having such placement of Jupiter or Venus in his horoscope. In my practice and experience with my clients, I have seen the marriages collapsing, people getting married twice or more than twice and divorces being filed in courts and many other kinds of litigations being filed against each other primarily because of the placement of one of these two planets in the 7th house or other important houses related to marriage and married life in the horoscope of one of the partners.

And the reason for such bad things happening to the natives having such placements of so called benefic planets is that these planets were working strongly negatively and were making some kind of serious defects with their houses of placement and as a result of which the natives suffered many kinds of problems in their married life, a few of which have been mentioned above. Quoting one of the cases here, one of my clients approached me for horoscope consultation about six months back and the first thing I asked him after analyzing his horoscope was, “ Are you married?”. The client answered in a yes and told me that he had got married just about 6 months ago and the next question I asked him was, “ Is your marriage surviving or has it broken already, as your horoscope is showing serious concerns related to your married life and the presently running time is also indicating some serious problems related to your marriage”.

The client again replied in affirmative and told me that his marriage has been going through turmoil right from the first day and his wife has filed a police case against him, which has affected the reputation of the entire family very badly and he is now trying to find some remedy which can help him get a peaceful divorce. As this client had already shown his horoscope to 3-4 astrologers and most of them blamed his situation on the placement of Saturn in the eighth house of his horoscope, so he asked me as to what was the astrological reason for his suffering in the marriage as I was the only astrologer according to him, who had told him straight away that he must be going through serious problems related to his married life. So he believed that I must know the actual cause of his suffering.

And he was shocked to hear me when I told him that the placement of a strongly negative Jupiter in the 7th house of his horoscope is making a serious defect and this defect is causing serious problems in his married life which are very likely to lead to a divorce taking the presently running time in to account. He instantly said that most of the astrologers who analyzed my horoscope before marriage told me that I would lead a very happy married life due to the placement of Jupiter in the 7th house of my horoscope and he was surprised again when I told him that the placement of Saturn had nothing to do with the problems in his marriage and Saturn is keeping silence in the whole affair. By God’s grace and with the help of certain guided remedies and gemstones, this client has now got a divorce and is looking to marry again in the coming future.

So it is again of prime importance to study the true nature and strength of a planet placed in any particular house related to marriage, and to analyze the overall tone of the horoscope which includes the formation of other good or bad yogas or defects in the horoscope that can affect the native in a positive or negative way.

Himanshu Shangari