Gun Milaan and Misconceptions

Match Making and Manglik Dosh

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Every day in my astrology practice, I come across horoscopes which are submitted for the purpose of Match Making or Horoscope Matching in order to check compatibility in different spheres for marriage and long lasting love relationships. As I have interacted with thousands of my clients for doing these match makings, I have also come across many doubts and apprehensions that they were having mostly due to the reason that such doubts had been passed on to them by some of their elders who believed in those concepts.

The other reasons for people having such doubts about various concepts of horoscope matching included, reading some doubt arising or confusing things in some books, reading such material over the internet which tells that a particular aspect of one or both of the horoscopes can affect the marriage adversely or in some cases such people had these doubts as they had been passed on to them directly by some astrologers they had consulted for their horoscope matching and due to such doubts many of the possible marriages or unions that may have taken place absolutely fine, were either put on hold for long times for consultation with some experts on the topic or they were simply cancelled in some cases, which is a very sorry state of affairs as it is not a good thing to cancel your marriage merely based on some doubts which may actually not be true and in fact many of them may not have any ground at all in actual practice. I will discuss some of the commonly prevalent misconceptions or doubts which are affecting a large number of people who are trying to match their horoscopes for marriage purpose or love compatibility purpose.

 Let’s start the discussion with some doubts that arise out of the traditional theory of Gun Milaan which is still used by a large number of Indians living in India as well as living in other countries of the world. Let’s first have a look at this system called Gun Milaan Which is still adopted for match making by many astrologers in India.In this system the natal placement of the Moon in a particular Nakshatra and in a particular sign is seen in both the Horoscopes and then points known as Gunas are assigned on the basis of matching of the following eight descriptions called Ashtakoot in the Horoscopes under consideration for match making  :

1.    Varan
2.    Vasya
3.    Tara
4.    Yoni
5.    Graha Maitri
6.    Gan
7.    Bhakut
8.    Nadi

 The points or Gunas are assigned out of a maximum of 36 and a score below 18 is not considered good for Match Making whereas the Match is considered better and better as the Gunas increase in number. 36 out of 36 would be a complete match according to this system, and then the Gunas from 35 to 30 are considered very very good, 30-25 is very good to good and then 25-20 is considered acceptable. The system works this way and if the Gunas are a higher number, the Match is said to be a good Match and if the Gunas are a lower number, the Match is not considered a good Match.

 Out of the eight Koots that are matched in this system also called AshtaKoot Milaan, Graha Maitri ( Planetary Friendship ), Gan, Bhakut and Nadi carry the maximum importance and accordingly they carry maximum points. People are usually scared of the Match Making if any of these four do not match, not knowing the fact that in more than 80% of the horoscopes, one or more than one of these is not matching and making a defect which leads to a lower overall score according to the theory of Gun Milaan which means that more than 80% of the people who are not getting any horoscope matching done for their marriages are randomly having one or more defects due to non matching of one or more than one of the above mentioned four important Koots. Which further implies that the marriages of more than 80% of the people not doing horoscope matching should end up in big problems, separations or even loss of partners in some cases, which is simply not the case if you look around yourself. This means that these koots do not carry so much importance as they have been assigned according to the system of Gun Milaan.

Analyzing a few of these koots in further details, Bhakut and Nadi are considered to be the most important koots in Gun Milaan and if any of these koots do not match they form defects named Bhakut Dosh and Nadi Dosh which is dealt with in details in my other article named Nadi Dosh, Bhakut Dosh. Most of the people getting their Match Making done through the system of Gun Milaan get very scared when they find a Nadi Dosh or a Bhakut Dosh in their horoscopes not knowing the fact that Nadi Dosh is formed in about 30% of the horoscopes considered for Match Making whereas Bhakut Dosh is formed in about 40% of the horoscopes considered for horoscope matching which simply means that at least one of these defects is going to be present in more than 60% of the cases which is a very high percentage and it is not practical to give them much importance as the bad results associated with the presence of these defects are of great quantum like, not being able to produce children after marriage, living a life of extreme poverty, a separation or a divorce and in some cases the death of one or both the partners.

 As none of these things is happening in this high percentage to the people who marry without matching their horoscopes with this system of Gun Milaan, so it rules out the possibilities that these defects alone can cause the kind of damage associated with them to the marriage or union of two people. So in my opinion, great importance should not be attached to either of these defects if they are seen formed in horoscope matching done with Gun Milaan as they are found in common practice and I have not witnessed them doing any potential harms or damages on their own in my experience and practice which extends well over a thousand match makings.

 Giving some thought to the two other important koots named Gan and Graha Maitri, the match is not considered good according to Gun Milaan if one of the partners belongs to Dev Gan and the other one belongs to Rakshas Gan or if one of the partners belongs to Manav Gan and the other one belongs to Rakshas Gan which again indicates that about 33% of the horoscopes submitted for match making will show this defect as there are only six combinations of Gan matching and two out of them are prohibited. In case of Graha Maitri, it is considered that if the Lords of the signs where the Moon is placed in both the charts are not friendly with each other, a defect in Graha Maitri is formed which again does not make much sense because considering the importance and percentage of formation of all of these defects independently and then proceeding towards a collective figure, it can be found that more than 80% of the horoscopes are likely to have one or more of these four defects discussed above which simply means that almost all of the marriages done without match making should fail or see even worse problems.

And as this is not happening at all, it means that none of these defects carry the importance attributed to them and so the natives submitting their horoscopes for match making should not bother much if one or two defects out of these four are showing in the Gun Milaan chart as it is absolutely normal that one or more than one of these four defects will come up in Gun Milaan. So just don’t pay much attention to these defects if your horoscopes are otherwise matching well based on an overall matching of the horoscopes which is done by considering all the planets and other combinations in both the horoscopes unlike the theory of Gun Milaan which only considers Moon for match making and the other eight equally important planets are not given any attention or importance at all.

 In my personal experience and practice, I have witnessed matches where a score of more than 28 was established through the process of Gun Milaan, but the marriages or the relationships went through great problems right from the start and finally ended on very disturbing notes due to the presence of some serious defects made by one or more of the other eight important planets in one or both of the horoscopes under consideration for match making. And on the other hand I have also witnessed matches where the Gun Milaan score was as low as 5 to 10 but the marriages or the unions were still going on very well due to the presence of some very good yogas supporting the conjugal life in both of the horoscopes. Many of my clients have proceeded forward with marriage even when the Gun Milaan scores were less than 18 after my assurance that their horoscopes are otherwise matching very well and they should not be worried by virtue of a low score in Gun Milaan alone and most of these couple are happily married for a period ranging from 3 months to 6 years with occasional and usual problems in their married lives which almost every couple faces at one time or the other in their relationship and none of which can be considered as unusual or considerable problem.

 So the whole point of the above discussion is not to attach undue importance to the system of Gun Milaan when you are going for a match making and both the horoscopes should be thoroughly matched with each other on the basis of all the combinations made by all the planets and houses in both the horoscopes under consideration for match making.

Himanshu Shangari