Know Your Signs – Aquarius

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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In Vedic Astrology, Aquarius is taken as the eleventh zodiac sign among the twelve zodiac signs which are taken into consideration for making astrological calculations based on Vedic Astrology. The last two padas of the Dhanishtha Nakshatra, all four padas of Shatabhisha Nakshatra and the first three padas of Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra are ruled by this sign called Aquarius.

                                                                   Aquarius is considered as an airy sign in Vedic Astrology and it is ruled by Saturn and whereas the tenth zodiac sign Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn, there is a difference in the nature and influence of these two signs. For example, Capricorn is more likely to impart certain specific characteristics to the planets placed in it in a horoscope which are likely to help the native with attaining materialistic successes and achievements whereas Aquarius on the other hand imparts certain specific characteristics to some specific planets placed in it in a horoscope which are more likely to help the native with spiritual progress, meditation and other such paranormal and supernatural phenomenon, but at the same time Aquarius is capable of blessing the planets placed in it with materialistic advantages also though the native may still tend towards the spiritualistic aspect more than the materialistic aspect.

                                                                    Saturn placed in Aquarius gains great strength and a positive Saturn placed in Aquarius in a horoscope can bless the native with high positions in government sector like a Judge, high social status, very good analytical power which can help him make the right decisions and at the same time it can bless the native with a spiritualistic approach due to which the native might have a tendency to indulge in Meditation and other spiritual practices though he may not disclose it to the world and may like to keep it as a secret. In this way such a native can look like complete materialistic from the outside but he can actually be very spiritual from the inside depending upon the other important factors of the horoscope.

                                                                  Aquarius rules the calves, ankles and the parts of body in this region. A strongly placed Aquarius in a horoscope blesses the native with good strength of the body parts and organ ruled by this sign whereas the afflictions to this sign from one or more negative planet by virtue of their placement in this sign or by virtue of their aspect to this sign can make the native suffer from problems and diseases in the parts of the body ruled by this sign. Afflictions to Aquarius from some specific negative planets in a horoscope can also make the native suffer from cancerous diseases which may prove fatal for the native depending upon the other important factors present in his horoscope.

Himanshu Shangari