Know Your Signs – Sagittarius

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Book Your Consultation at AstrologerPanditji.comIn Vedic Astrology, Sagittarius is considered as the ninth zodiac sign among all the twelve zodiac signs which are taken into consideration for making astrological calculations based on Vedic Astrology. All four padas of the Nakshatra Moola and Poorvashada and the first pada of the Nakshatra Uttarashada is ruled by this sign called Sagittarius. As this sign rules the first pada of Moola Nakshatra, so it also contributes to the formation of Gandmool Dosh as the placement of the Moon in the first pada of Moola Nakshatra in a horoscope leads to the formation of Gandmool Dosh in that horoscope and as the Gandmool Dosh formed by placement of the Moon in Moola Nakshatra is considered to be the most prominent in Vedic Astrology compared to the formation of this defect by virtue of placement of the Moon in the other 5 Nakshatras named, Revati, Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha and Jyeshtha, so this sign carries special significance when it comes to studying a horoscope.

                                                                    Sagittarius is considered as a fiery sign in Vedic Astrology and it is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is a strong sign and it provides good strength to many planets when placed in this sign. The strengths of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are particularly considered very good when they are placed in this sign and if one or more of the above mentioned planets are positively placed in this sign in a horoscope, they can bless the native with very good things like a very good reputation, finances, properties and social status which is many times passed on to the native by his Ancestors or in other words the native may inherit good fortunes or a some position of good to great status from his Ancestors, depending upon the other important factors influencing his horoscope. The native may also enhance the reputation and status passed over to him by his Ancestors by doing very good deeds which can uplift the social and moral status of his entire family line if a couple of strong planets are placed in this sign in his horoscope. Apart from these things, a lot more can be predicted by studying the influence of this sign in a particular horoscope.

                                                                     On the other hand, placement of one or more strong negative planets in this sign in a horoscope can trouble the native a lot, particularly with the issues related to his parental family or Ancestors, like the native may have to work very hard for a big part of his life for the well being of his family and he may have to bear many responsibilities from his family side from time to time. The strong negative effect of the certain specific planets on this sign can also make the native engage in bad Karmas which can bring bad name to the entire family line. Such natives can ruin and destroy an entire fortune and good named earned by their Ancestors.

                                                                        Sagittarius Rules the hips, thighs, nerves and arteries and some other parts and organs in the body. A strongly placed Sagittarius sign in a horoscope generally blesses the native with good health related to nerves and arterial system whereas weakness of this sign in a horoscope or serious afflictions to this sign from one or more negative planets can make the native suffer from diseases related to the parts and organs of the body ruled by Sagittarius. Such diseases may include the problems related to the hips and thighs, the problems related to the nerves and arterial system of the body, Diabetes and some other diseases and problems related to the parts and organs of the body ruled by this sign.

Himanshu Shangari