Know Your Signs – Leo

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Leo is undoubtedly one of the most important signs among all the zodiac signs and it demands great attention while studying a horoscope. In Vedic Astrology, Leo is considered as the fifth sign among the twelve zodiac signs which are considered for making astrological calculations on the basis of Vedic Astrology. Leo rules all four padas of the Nakshatra Magha and Poorvaphalguni and the first pada of the Nakshatra Uttraphalguni and as this sign rules the first pada of Nakshatra Magha, it becomes important to study as the placement of the Moon in the first pada of Magha Nakshatra leads to the formation of Gandmool dosh in a horoscope.


Apart from the formation of Gandmool dosh, the study of this sign called Leo becomes very important as it is involved in the formation of one of the most important, feared and troublesome defects of Vedic Astrology called Pitru Dosha. As Leo is ruled by the Ruler of all the planets and the source of energy and life for all the living beings, the Sun itself, so any serious affliction to this sign by one or more negative planets in a horoscope leads to the formation of Pitru Dosha in that horoscope because the Sun itself gets afflicted and weak if Leo gets afflicted and weak by virtue of placement or aspect of one or more negative planets.  And a Pitru Dosha if formed in a horoscope can bring great miseries and misfortunes to the native and can even cause the early death of the native depending upon the other important aspects of his horoscope. So the study of this sign in a horoscope becomes very important.

                                                  Leo is a fiery sign ruled by the Sun and the planets like the Sun and Mars become strong when placed in this sign as the nature of this sign and the nature of its Lord suits them. The placement of positive Sun, Mars, Jupiter or Mercury in Leo sign in a horoscope can bless the native with all around happiness, success and a very good health and many more things depending upon the other aspects of his horoscope. Natives with Leo sign rising as ascendant at the time of their birth are usually energetic, confidant and intelligent and they are generally able to influence the people around them, depending upon the other aspect of their horoscopes. On the other hand the placement of one or more negative planets in this sign or the afflictions of one or more negative planets on this sign and particularly the afflictions caused by Rahu and Saturn can cause very serious concerns for the native and can make the native suffer from many kind of diseases, debts, misfortunes and many other problems.

                                                   Leo represents upper stomach, spinal cord and spine, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and some other organs in this region and the natives with a strong Leo sign and a strong Sun in their horoscope usually enjoy good health whereas the weakness of Leo or afflictions to this sign by one or more negative planets in a horoscope can make the native suffer from ailments and diseases of spine, pancreas, heart, bones gall bladder and some other parts ruled by Leo. Afflictions to this sign can also make the native suffer from weak eyesight and problem of back pain among some other problems arising out of a weak digestive system. The weakness of this sign in a horoscope also affects the will power of the native in a negative way as the Lord of this sign is the ruler of all kinds of life energy, immune system and will power. Therefore this sign demands great attention while studying a horoscope.

Himanshu Shangari