Know Your Signs – Gemini

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Book Your Consultation at AstrologerPanditji.comIn Vedic Astrology, Gemini is considered as the third zodiac sign among the twelve zodiac signs which are taken into consideration for calculations based on Vedic Astrology. The last two padas of Mrigashira Nakshatra, all four padas of Ardra Nakshatra and the first three padas of Punarvasu Nakshatra are ruled by this sign called Gemini ruled by the planet which governs the wisdom and the power of speech and is called Mercury.

                                                          Gemini is an airy sign ruled by Mercury and the kind of impact or effect it can have on the planets placed in it and on the native having such placement of planets in his horoscope can be understood by analyzing the symbol of this sign called Gemini. The symbol of Gemini is a shown as a combination of a Man and a Woman which indicates that this sign represents the quality of adaptability and at the same time it represents the dual nature by virtue of a combination of Male and Female nature which are usually very different from each other, as the male nature is generally driven by logic whereas the female nature is generally driven by instincts coming from their heart.

                                                        Therefore the natives having Gemini as their ascendants are likely to be more adaptive and at the same time they can sometime get stuck between this dual personality complex which can confuse them with some important decisions of their lives. The placement of some planets like the Sun and the Moon in Gemini can also render this quality of adaptability and dual nature to these planets and accordingly the general as well as specific significances ruled by these planets in a horoscope will be affected.

                                                          Gemini represents the respiratory system and the nervous system in the human body and it also represents the lower neck and shoulders among some other parts of the body. The natives with a strong Gemini sign well placed in their horoscope as well as a strong Mercury usually enjoy a strong respiratory system and a strong nervous system depending upon the other important aspects of the horoscope, whereas the weakness of Gemini or serious afflictions of negative planets to Gemini in a horoscope can make the native suffer from problems and diseases related to respiratory system or nervous system and the other parts of the body represented by this sign. Such problems may include difficulty in breathing commonly known as Asthma, problems related to nervous system which may lead to depressions and paralysis and many other problems of this kind depending upon the other important factors of the horoscope.

Himanshu Shangari