Know Your Signs – Aries

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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In Vedic Astrology, Aries is considered as the first sign among the twelve zodiac signs and this sign is ruled by Mars. All four parts or padas of Nakshatras Ashvini and Bharani are ruled by this sign and the first pada of Krittika Nakshatra is also ruled by this sign and as this sign rules the first pada of Ashwini Nakshatra, so it becomes very important to study in case of Gandmool dosh formed by the placement of the Moon in the first pada of Ashwini Nakshatra.

                                              Aries is a considered as a fiery sign in astrology and it generally represents a great deal of energy and fire element in it and perhaps that is why the Sun which is also considered as a source of energy, life and fire, gets exalted in Aries which means that out of all the twelve zodiac signs, the Sun is considered as the strongest in Aries as the fiery and energetic nature of the Sun is complemented by the similar nature of this sign as well as the lord of this sign which is Mars and which also represents energy and fire element. The placement of Sun in Aries in a horoscope renders some very unique qualities to the bearer of the horoscope and such natives are likely to be very confidant and full of energy and posses many other positive qualities depending upon the other important factors present in the horoscope.

                                        And whereas the Sun becomes exalted in Aries, Saturn which is considered as the planet which represents lethargy and is associated with slow motions and slow results becomes debilitated in Aries which means that out of all the twelve signs, Saturn is considered as the weakest in strength when it is placed in Aries. The natives with Saturn placed in Aries in their horoscope are likely to suffer from problems arising from the debilitation of Saturn which may vary from native to native depending upon the other important factors of their horoscopes.

                                               Apart from the Sun, most of the other planets except Saturn gain good strength in Aries and accordingly they are capable of showing strong positive or negative results depending upon their nature in a particular horoscope. The natives having Aries as their ascendant are likely to be strong and aggressive in many cases depending upon the other important factors of their horoscopes. This sign represents head and brain in the parts of the body and weakness of Aries or Mars which is the Lord of this sign, in a horoscope can cause many kinds of physical problems for the native which would generally be related to the head and brain of the native. Such problems may include headaches, migraines, quick mood swings, getting irritated or angry very soon and some serious medical problems in the head and brain region.

                                                  The placement of some good positive planets like the Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Aries in a horoscope can do very good things to the native. Such placements usually bless the native with very good position, respect and status in society and at the same time such placements can bless the native with qualities like being very energetic, intelligent, courageous and can make them very good leaders depending upon the other important aspects of the horoscope. On the other hand the placement of strong negative planets in Aries or the afflictions of strong negative planets to Aries sign in a horoscope can make the native suffer from reputation loss and have low status as well as many physical and mental problems.

Himanshu Shangari