Know Your Planets – Ketu

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Ketu is the planet which can bless a native with very good spiritual progress and powers and other paranormal and occult powers. And though Jupiter is also very much capable of blessing a native with spiritual progress and powers, there is a difference in the way these two planets influence a native and accordingly the behavior or the path chosen by the native and the targets set by the native for his spiritual progress may be very different depending upon whether the spiritual progress is primarily due to Jupiter or Ketu. People interested in spiritualism by virtue of a strong and blessing Jupiter can make spiritual progress very quietly, comfortably and with peace while enjoying the materialistic pleasures of this world at the same time whereas a strong and specific influence of Ketu on a native is likely to bless him with spiritual progress which would most likely mean passing through many difficulties in materialistic life and seeing many bad things and bad events happening around him. Such natives finally make an opinion that this materialistic world is not worth living in and doing efforts for and should be left for making spiritual progress.

                                                             In short people blessed with spiritual progress by Ketu usually cut off from their surroundings and tend to focus on their spiritual progress alone and it is usually not easy for them to manage both these aspects of their life at the same time, which are Spiritualism and Materialistic pursuits of this world While on the other hand people blessed with spiritual progress by Jupiter are comparatively very comfortable with living in this world, leading their normal lives, doing their day to day duties and make considerable spiritual progress at the same time. And even after reaching the advance stages of spiritualism, the people influenced by these two planets will behave differently and set different goals for them.

                                                             For example, spiritually advanced people who are under the strong influence of Ketu would usually like to stay away from the world and keep on making their spiritual progress without sharing much with the others or they are likely to tell their followers that this world is not worth living in and spiritualism is the only way out. On the other hand, spiritually advanced people who are under the strong influence of a beneficial Jupiter remain connected to the world right from the start and stay connected with ordinary people even after making great spiritual progresses. Such people usually believe and preach that great spiritual progress can be made even while living in this world and doing your day to day duties and staying in touch with the world. So the people blessed by Jupiter would usually preach their followers to manage their duties and spiritual progress at the same time whereas people blessed by Ketu would usually preach their followers not to waste time and effort for this world and concentrate on spiritual progress alone. And though the ends reached by both types of people are the same, but there is a considerable difference in the approach and paths followed by the two kinds.

                                                            Ketu is considered as a male planet by many astrologers and neutral by some astrologers for astrological purposes. It is also a shadow planet like Rahu and it primarily represents the Pitta or Fire element in the body though it also represents the Vata or Air element in the body to some extent. It is a fierce planet and behaves very much like Mars and accordingly it signifies many people, fields and things signified by Mars. Apart from the significances shared with Mars, Ketu primarily signifies spiritual progress and spiritual people, people dealing in paranormal and occult fields, people dealing in diets and nutrition, chemists, pharmacists, people doing researches and people very much interested in the history of the mankind and civilizations, people serving for orphanages and people doing services for organizations which work for the benefit of old and needy persons, people working for organizations which work for development of religion and spirituality, priests, investigators, detectives, historians, archaeologists, geologists, people working in fields where the application of quick and good mathematics are required, people working in computers field and so many other things and people. Ketu also represents male children after they are born whereas the ability to produce healthy male children in a Male person is represented by the Sun. It also signifies disciples, orphans, dogs, court cases, litigations, travels, mentally retarded people, old people, people suffering from fears and phobias and many other things places and people. It represents ear and feet in the body.

                                                            Weakness of this planet by placement in some particular houses of the horoscope or by afflictions from negative planets can make the native suffer from mental diseases, fears and phobias, operations and surgeries which may bother the native many times during his lifetime, pain or problems in ears and feet, assault by sharp weapons, wounds and amputation of some part of body, disgrace due to bad deeds done by male children or no considerable recognition and support from male children,  and extreme mental pains and tortures among many other things. Many people with afflicted and disturbed Ketu in their horoscope keep on wandering from one city to another, from one country to another and from one place to another without settling anywhere for a long duration of time. Such people spend most of their lives traveling, shifting and wandering.

Himanshu Shangari